We thought he had all the raw potential and ability, that if you're going to invest time in a quarterback, he had all those attributes that would be very good to work with."

-- GM Mike Maccagnan on project QB Bryce Petty

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?John Toner?s decision to leave his New England neighbors and move Connecticut into the Big East Conference changed UConn Athletics forever. John was a transformational figure on the national collegiate stage, including being a driving force in the late 1970s and early 1980s to add women?s athletics under the NCAA umbrella. Personally, John gave me a great start as head basketball coach at Connecticut and through the years he was always available to me for wise counsel and friendship.?
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?Obviously this is a really sad day for the college community, the University of Connecticut and me personally. I owe a debt of gratitude to John that can never be repaid. We become friends. I looked up to him and admired him and he'll always have a special place in my heart and in my family's heart. Everyone in the University of Connecticut, in the state of Connecticut and every single person in amateur sports owes him a debt of gratitude.

?Even more so, the growth of women's sports in this country can be directly related to the work that John Toner did to help push forward the Title IX bill. So, I just can't put into words ? words at some point lose their factor, their meaning when you're describing someone who was a giant in the world of amateur sports. My thoughts and prayers are with Claire and the rest of the family.?

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He's a first-ballot hall of famer"

- Jets offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg on running back Chris Johnson (Source: ESPN)

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I?d just retire and not play anymore if I didn?t feel like I was still capable of being a 2,000-yard back. I know I have the ability"

- Jets RB Chris Johnson (Source: New York Daily News)

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We have to do more to get where we've got to be. I've got to do more to get where I've got to be."

- Muhammad Wilkerson (Source: Randy Lange on twitter)

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It?s a little early to label him as a bust. When I think of bust, I don?t think of him that way. I have seen players who are higher picks that were busts because of their own laziness. Those are busts ... I have a hard time labeling a guy a bust when he?s done everything in his power. Luck in terms of injuries hasn?t been on his side. Therefore, he hasn?t produced consistently. And he?s still only 23 years old.?

- Jets wide receivers coach Sanjay Lal on third-year receiver Stephen Hill (Source: Daily News)

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(Last year) was a huge building year for me. It got better toward the end of year, but it?s nowhere near where I want to be [...] Obviously, it?s going to take some time. People that go in and do amazing, that?s great. But me, it took a little more time for the transition. But next year is going to be a whole different story [...] I thought I played well. There were some times when I could have done things differently. That?s just being a rookie and having your growing pains. Next year, I don?t really have an excuse for it.?

Jets left guard Brian Winters (Source - Star Ledger).

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You've got to have two quarterbacks who can win you games. It'll be up to Geno and to Michael to make sure that quarterback room is right and correct and that they're supporting each other, no matter who's playing. They can certainly be successful, there's no question."

- Chad Pennington on the Jets having two viable starting options at quarterback (Source: Star Ledger)

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Great competitor. Really fierce. A really smart player. Tough. Great finisher. Physical. He's legit. We hated losing Breno. We would've liked to (have kept him), but we couldn't do it. We had no intention of wanting to lose him, but he's one of the guys we had to transition out of the organization. He's worth it (for the Jets). He got paid well and he deserves it."

- Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll, talking to ESPN's Rich Cimini about new Jets right tackle Breno Giacomini at last week's owners' meetings in Orlando (Source: ESPN)

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John is approaching it very much like we did in Tampa. You?re not using free agency to build your team. You?re using it to fill in. You want to build for the long haul and take in the short run just little steps that are going to help you. I think John has a great plan I?m looking forward to seeing it unfold with the Jets. I hope people don?t become impatient because I really do believe building through the draft in the long run is the way to go."

- Tony Dungy on John Idzik's plan (Source: Jets Official Site)

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I'll still criticize the media. I never had a problem with the media. I just didn't appreciate the way I was being covered, or the way the Jets were being covered. This is a different media market, different from any other place. It wasn't like this when I was in Baltimore."

- Bart Scott, who was named as a panelist on CBS' The NFL Today pregame show earlier this week (Source: Star Ledger)

Bonus Link: More from Scott on the subject of the 2013 Jets, their chances this season, his distaste for the Patriots and thoughts on Rex Ryan, Calvin Pace and Ed Reed.

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?You're a quarterback in the NFL. ?So that?s enough. I understand what my job entails. I understand what comes with it. So it?s not a big deal. I?ve just got to continue to do the things that got me here, which is be myself. I?m not a troublemaker. I?m not a bad person. I don?t do things to get in trouble.?

-- Geno Smith to the Newark Star-Ledger on being in the public spotlight
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Let's not anoint this kid the next best thing since sliced bread yet [...] He's not that highly skilled of a pass rusher [...] If you're highly skilled, you should be able to rush the passer, right?... Was he defensive player of the year in college? Was he an All-American? You're comparing him to a first-ballot of Hall of Famer? ... [He's] a run stuffer in a pass-first league."

- Warren Sapp on Jets rookie Sheldon Richardson (Source: New York Daily News)

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I think I should be in the Pro Bowl, but I'm going to use it as motivation for next year. I definitely know I'll be there for sure next year, in the Pro Bowl playing next year, for sure."

- Mo Wilkerson, speaking on WFAN's "Joe and Evan" show via ESPN New York.

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"This place is electric. I had to stop looking in the crowd. It was a huge distraction, but it was beautiful. Obviously, I'm coming from Beantown, but big ups to Brooklyn. It's going to be a pleasure playing here."
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"That's a lesson to young people that old people can still play, still got some gas in the tank."
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"We're not very fast. We're not very athletic. But our basketball IQ is very high. We all understand how to play. We're playing for letters, in the sense of wins and losses, not for money. It's about championships. Everybody wants to say you have a window. Well, our window is now. And we all understand that in that locker room."
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"I'm a big fan. I saw Johnny play in junior hockey. He was putting up threefour-five points a game, the games I watched. I thought, if this guy ever gets a right winger who can put the puck in the net, boy, wouldn't that be fun. Wouldn't it be fun to have Mike Bossy on his side? He's just a fun player to watch, very creative and he works like a dog. I wish him well because he's a great kid. He's gracious and respectful. He's just awesome."
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"I went in the locker room at halftime and he was lying on the table and his eye was completely closed. There was a question about not only could he play, but could he play later on [in the series]? They stitched it up and he went out and played. I remember we had a day off between the next game, and his eye was so swollen he could barely see. By the time game time came, he decided to play, played great and we won [Game 4 and went on to win the series]."

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"Who? Who are we talking about? Exactly."
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"Honestly, I don't even know who's on their team. I'm not gonna lie."
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I learned from the best as far as trash-talking and trying to get under the opponents' skin. But it's all in fun. None of this translates into fighting or anything like that. It's more like a competitive edge. I'm one of the guys -- myself, KG -- that if you allow us to get underneath you, we'll be there all night."
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"We all know from the Jackie Robinson days, that was the last time [the people of Brooklyn] actually had something to believe in. Now, with the young kids that are coming up these days, that's their team. They grow up under the Brooklyn Nets and that's their team [...]?That is going to be the best rivalry in basketball for a long, long time."
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I don't think the Jets team or the receivers are even worthy of him coming out for this game ... He coulda had the bad knee and covered these guys ... He should sit out this game and wait to make a real splash ... He is absolutely the best and wants to play the best and I think you're gonna get the best out of him if he respects the other guy. I don't think he respect anybody on the Jets and then you never know, what are they even playing for? I mean, they're the type of team that might wanna get [him] hurt or try to take him out or something like that. So, I wouldn't even play him because they're not worthy.

Former Jets and Patriots CB Ty Law on Darrelle Revis (Source: SI Now)

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I have more to show ... [Watching] Peterman and Will, that definitely helped me. Just seeing how they play, how they approach practice, that makes me say, you know what? I can take my game to the next level.

- Vladimir Ducasse (Source: Newsday)

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Nothing good to say, so I?m not going to say nothing."

-- 2012 Jets WR Chaz Schilens on Mark Sanchez winning back trust in New York

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I think guys are responding to me. ?I think that?s a part of them just realizing that I?m a hard worker. That?s something I try to prove to those guys daily. I think they respect a guy who works hard and brings it every day to the film room and to the practice field. It?s something that comes along as you build a rapport with those guys.?

-- Jets QB Geno Smith on if veterans are responding to him

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The one thing about the regular season you can?t hide from the fact that you are what you are and nobody runs from it."

-- Rex Ryan on the media's poor predictions for the 2013 Jets

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[This team needs to] show up on Sunday and punch a lot of people in the mouth and wake them up.

- Willie Colon (Source: Fox Sports)

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Amazing, right? The guy?s like 280 (pounds) and he?s running step-for-step with me. That?s a good sign. I can?t wait until he?s chasing down other guys on Sundays."

-- Geno Smith on his attempted broken contain on roll out play, which was then foiled by Quinton Coples

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If we played tomorrow, we'd go with Sanchez, but we're not.

- Rex Ryan (Source: WSJ)

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I can?t wait [to go to camp]. It?s about time. It?s going to be great being around my team again, especially Rex. He?s a defensive guy, like me. He knows our scheme like the back of his hand and is going to be more involved on that side of the ball this season."

-- Antonio Cromatie on getting into training camp, via TDDaily.com

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Yawin Smallwood made his fourth watch list on Friday being named to the Walter Camp list.

It's safe the say that people will be watching what junior linebacker Yawin Smallwood will be doing this season.

He's on another preseason watch list as the junior all-conference middle linebacker is on the Walter Camp preseason watch list for Player of the Year.

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Oh man, if I?m the starter -- you have to look at it from that perspective -- if I?m the starter I at least want to have seven picks, more than two touchdowns, I don?t know how many tackles, a gang of tackles, at least seven or eight tackles for a loss, couple fumble [recoveries]. Everything. I want to stack the board up.

- Antonio Allen (Source: NY Daily News)

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Jets will play stout D & run the ball. Teams like that always exceed expectations. Said it before, but Jets will be better than [people] think.

- Evan Silva (Source: Twitter)

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And then the guy on defense I?m really excited about is Mo Wilkerson. I think he?s going to do a fantastic job this year.

- Nick Mangold (Source: Star Ledger)

Tags: NYJets, Quote, Bent Double

I agree New York will struggle. The Jets are in a rebuilding year and have major questions at quarterback. However, Rex Ryan is a top-notch defensive coach. If he can get at least one side of the ball playing well, the Jets can win a few games -- at least enough to avoid the No. 1 overall pick in 2014.

- James Walker (Source: ESPN AFC East Blog)

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On paper at this very second, I believe the New York Jets are one of the three worst teams in the NFL.

- Adam Schein (Source: NFL.com).

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I think it should be a big year for Kenrick. He?s starting to get everything now, and you can see it in his play.

- Damon Harrison (Source: Star Ledger)

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The great ones, the unusual ones, will try to take it to a level even higher, and I see that out of him ... I'm always reminded about what Walter Payton said. As great as he was, he was a legendary worker in the offseason, similar to a Jerry Rice ... They [asked], 'If you had to do it all over again, what would you do differently?' He said, 'I would?ve worked harder.' That's unbelievable because I don't know if I've ever seen a guy work harder than Walter Payton. But that talks about the unusual guys. There are stars, and then there are guys that can play even at a higher level.

- Rex Ryan on Antonio Cromartie (Source: ESPN)

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This is a West Coast offense, and really Mark Sanchez has that type of DNA in him because he played at USC in a West Coast offense. ?And so I think early on, we probably will see Sanchez take the snaps at the starting spot. But here?s the thing: in preseason, if Mark Sanchez doesn?t show the ability to improve from turning the football over and that race is close between the two, Geno Smith will be the starter."

NFLTA's LaDainian Tomlinson on the opening day starter for the Jets

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That I was not just a big guy...?I can move, I can pass rush, and I can be a factor out there. With the schemes that they?ve got now, they?ve got me basically playing what I was in college ? a little end, a little inside, so pretty much everywhere on the line. I?m just learning all the positions and the plays.
Tags: 2013 New York Giants, Jonathan Hankins, New York Giants, Quote

The guy was a quality player in college. We think he has what it takes to be a quality player in the NFL. To me, it was an obvious choice for us. He was so high on our board that we expected him to be gone on the first or second day, and we were shocked that he was still there on the third day.
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I?m looking forward to just coming in and learning from the best in the game. There are so many talented people there. I just want to come in closed-mouth and open-minded and let everything soak in because they have such a successful history and so many talented people there.

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We want Victor Cruz to be proud to be a New York Giant, be proud of his contract...The New York Giants want him back as badly as we've ever wanted anybody.
We'd like this thing to be settled and over with...
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