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The new CBA, unanimously ratified this past Monday by the players and owners, has resulted in a flurry of free agent signings and trades that have created an unprecedented onslaught of movement the NFL has never experienced. Across the board, general managers have been forced to part ways with veterans previously deemed inexposable, in an effort to shrink salary cap space and rapidly prepare their teams for the upcoming season via this shortened offseason.

For the Giants, locker room favorites Shaun O'Hara and Rich Seubert found themselves on the wrong end of this movement, as the Giants were forced to cut cap space in an effort to try and retain young talent while also evaluating the deep free agent pool created by the new labor agreement. (..more)

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With the?lockout deadline less than 24 hours away, much of the public does not understand what will happen once the deadline passes.

The two sides will continue to negotiate, but a physical lockout of players may never come to pass. The two sides can agree to extend the current deal until a new one is reached and hammer out the differences behind the scenes.

That seems unlikely, but?Colts' owner?Jim Irsay (right) said yesterday that?the owners have yet to vote on whether to lock the players out on March 4th. That, along with the escalated negotiations, is a positive sign.

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Giants Football Blog is continuing its effort to expand our coverage to meet the needs of our readers.

This fall, in addition to being on the beat with the Giants, we are adding several features that we believe you will enjoy:

Rich Resch, a long-time contributor, will be writing a fantasy football column several days per week.  I, above all people, will enjoy this feature since I have been playing fantasy since the mid-'80's and am personally responsible for many of the elements you see in today's versions of the game.

GFB staff will participate in a radio program on Blog Talk Radio beginning Wednesday, Aug 18th.  The show - Pro Football NYC - is being produced by the good folks over at Football Reporters Online and will include several top Jets bloggers as well.  The combination of the fan bases and experts on both teams, with a few high=profile guests thrown in will make for an extremely interesting and entertaining show....

We will also begin to provide feedback and updates on video games (such as Madden 11), TV, radio and Media analysis and the best post-game analysis of any blog on the net.

I know you will enjoy these new features.

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