Some quotes of note coming out of Giants' camp on Thursday...

"I think just being in these halls for a long time you get the urge, get the sense and everybody that comes in, the longer they stay, the more they understand it. Having a lot of new guys around here adds an increased role I have to play in terms of letting people know about the history. It?s not just a mystique thing from the outside. It?s a true way we approach the game and life, myself and a lot of other guys who have been here have taken the lead and just going out there and showing people how to work. The majority of the guys we brought in here, I?d say like 99%, they?re workers. They understand how to play the game. They did a good job of bringing in pieces and good quality guys also." - DE Mathias Kiwanuka, on taking on a larger leadership role this season.

"Is this the fastest offense I?ve ever played? Yeah, the tempo is upbeat. It comes down to taking development from the inside of the classroom and putting it on the field. It is fast-paced but we have the guys and the personnel to get it done." - RB Rashad Jennings

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"I'm no youngster, but I know I could [return to coaching]. I didn't like the way it ended up [in 2012]. ?But I'm very happy with what I'm doing, my decision to retire. ?I'm not looking to get back into coaching, but I'll always look at everything. I'll never say 'never.'"

-- Former Jets coordinator Mike Westhoff?to ESPN NY on returning to the Jets
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"When Bill Belichick leaves and Tom Brady leaves, y'all team is going to (expletive) suck ... You take it for granted. You do take it for granted. You're like, 'We have to win the Super Bowl, or our season sucks.'"

-- Charles Barkley, on Patriots fans Saturday night in Patriots locker room
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"I am that. Even if I don?t win it, I am that. You can?t tell me anything different."

- Sheldon Richardson on whether he is the 2013 Defensive Rookie of the Year
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"He's pretty good. ?He's a great young player and should be good for a long time in this league. The more experience he gets, the better he will be and offenses will not attack him as much. ?As a rookie DB, teams are going to go after you every week."

-- Browns WR Josh Gordon on Jets CB Dee Milliner
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?I?m not going to say anything about coaches or players regarding contracts.?

-- Woody Johnson while leaving Metlife Stadium Sunday night to the NY Daily News
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"I'm not happy. I think we shot ourselves in the foot in some games, but we can't dwell on that. This offseason, we have to find ourselves and find out what went wrong, learn from them and get ready for next year."

-- Muhammad Wilkerson responding to ESPN NY's Rich Cimini whether he is happy with the Jets season
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"I was with Cleveland in training camp, so I know [Josh Gordon] very well. ?He presents so many different problems it makes it difficult. The only downside on him is he?s so raw and young. He?s still got learning and experience to gain from playing in the NFL. So Cro can use his veteran savvy and experience to his advantage and I think that?ll work."

-- Jets WR?David Nelson on the NFL's leader in reception yardage?WR Josh Gordon
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I will stand on a soap box and say it: Rex is my coach. ?He?s one of the main reasons I came here [and] I love the guy to death. I love his passion, I love his heart. I think if he doesn?t come back it will be a step back for us.?

-- RG Willie Colon on head coach Rex Ryan's job status
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With what Santonio said?earlier in the week, we had to come out and shut him up. I think we did a good job of that.?

-- Panthers safety Quintin Mikell on Holmes assessment of Carolina's secondary
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"No, I?m not Mark. ?I don?t think it?s fair to compare his season to mine. It?s two different seasons, two different guys, two different players, two different styles, two different systems. I know you guys want to compare every single thing, but it doesn?t make a difference."

-- Geno Smith on being compared to Jets 2009 rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez
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?There?s a line for making a guy earn his rite of passage and then there?s another line of harassing a guy or making him feel degraded. ?I think we?re all men. We?re all professionals. We all come from different walks of life. I was always taught [to] respect the practice squad guy to the star guy ? treat them all the same. Anytime a guy feels disrespected and feels like he can?t go to work and feel comfortable, you can?t have that in the locker room. At the end of the day, he?s playing for you. You?ve got to take care of each other.?

-- Willie Colon on rookie hazing/abuse in the NFL
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"He has got to go get back and start working; That?s the only way you get better. You have to work. He?s a prideful guy. It?s got to get better and it should get better. That?s probably not the opponent you want to try and get better against, but we have to. If we go out, and we do our assignments and we play with our technique and our passion, we?ll be okay.

You would?ve loved if he would?ve been there for the minicamps and training camp (to experience mistakes), but the fact is, he wasn?t. So he has to do it now. He?s had his moments. He?s played well at times, and then he?s had some other ones when, quite honestly, he?s played like a rookie. I?m expecting this young man to bounce back."

- Rex Ryan on Dee Milliner (Source: Star Ledger)
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?Thirty-four years being a member of the New York Jets organization has been very special. So I stand here today to thank you for making me the person I am today [...] It is truly an honor and a privilege for me to represent each and every one of you as we get inducted into the New York Jets Ring of Honor. My name will always be your name and we will be united forever for one.?

- Marty Lyons on his induction to the Jets Ring of Honor
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?I have investigated all possible sources since learning of the positive test, including possible medical causes, but frustratingly, I do not know the source.

"I do not take supplements that list any banned ingredients, but the NFL policy is very strict, so I am accountable for the results.

?I sincerely apologize to my teammates, coaches and Jets fans for this situation. I will work extremely hard during this time away from the field and look forward to contributing to the team as soon as the suspension ends.?

-Kellen Winslow on his suspension for PEDs
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"You can try to discredit us all you want. That?s fine. It?s no big deal to us. We know what we have in our building and that?s it. You can take any stance you want on it. [...] We really don?t care though, to be honest with you."

- Rex Ryan on only beating teams with losing records
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"All we care about is the Jets fans, and what's inside our walls."

--Rex Ryan on the public perception of the win against Atlanta
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"I still feel like a rookie. I'm still learning. I'm still just going out there and playing hard, trying to go out there and take care of my team by not turning the ball over and making silly mistakes. It's just great to come away with a victory tonight."

-- Geno Smith on if he feels like a veteran?on NFL Network after the Jets 30-28 win over the Falcons
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?We?re on a national stage coming off a tough loss. We can prove a lot of people wrong, prove ourselves to a national audience. It?s a big game for us.?

-- Dawan Landry to the Star-Ledger on tonight's game
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?John Idzik has had my back throughout this whole thing. ?Whenever I needed to talk to someone or needed any advice I would go to him. He was almost like a big brother or father figure to me. Those guys gave me a new beginning. [..] Those guys looked out for me, those guys stuck their necks out for me and I felt like, ?Whoa, what are you going to do to pay them back for showing their faith?"

- Mike Goodson, via the NY Post, on his appreciation to the Jets after his arrest last spring
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"That was last year. ?We?re talking about the 2013 season now and we?re 2-1 and we?ve got the opportunity to be 3-1 through the first quarter of the season."

-- Antonio Cromartie to the Record on Jets-Titans game last year

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?Rex is still calling their defenses and he?s still in control. ?They?re still very similar with the style of defense that they are. There?s some different faces over there for sure but they?re doing a lot of the same things. They show you a lot of different looks. They will bring pressure, but a lot of times they?re trying to get you to focus on what?s going on at the line of scrimmage and get you consumed with that.?

-- Titans QB Jake Locker on preparing for the Jets defense.
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?He?s a monster, you can?t let a guy like that get going. You gotta make sure that there?s an outside pressure, [and] he?s going to feel a little chip. Once he gets going, once he gets his arms on you, it is over. So you have to get him within the first couple steps, then it will slow him down. It was a group effort.?

-- Kellen Winslow to Metro on how the Jets slowed down Mario Williams
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"Rex wanted to cool me off. ?Everyone was just telling me that I needed to have a short memory. I play physical out there, but Rex just wanted to cool me off."

-- Jets CB Kyle Wilson to the Record on his benching by Rex Ryan in the fourth quarter
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?I?ve been past it. ?When something like that happens and you have a game like that, you?ve got to be itching to come out the following day or the following week, just to better yourself, focus better, see what you did wrong and fix it.?

- Jets WR Clyde Gates to ESPN NY on his game against the Patriots

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"To be compared to EJ, I?ll take it. EJ?s a great guy. He?s accomplished a bunch in his career and I think the world of him. He?s also my good friend, so it?s good to compete against a guy like that. But when it comes down to?Sunday, there are no friends on the field. We?re out there competing for our teams and that?s all there really is to it."

-- Geno Smith on being compared to EJ Manuel
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"I think our defense played extremely well. ?Anytime you can force New England to punt more than they had first downs, I think, even though I understand most of the [fault] is going elsewhere, I think some of the credit should be going to our team."

-- Rex Ryan on the defensive performance against the Patriots
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"Personally, I?m tired of us being considered as jokes. We?ve got a lot of great ballplayers and a lot of guys with pride on this team. It?s time for us to start knocking people?s doors down, one by one."

- Willie Colon to the NY Post on the Jets being a media punchline
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"We never ranked ourselves 32nd ... Outside? It is what it is ... maybe we'll be 31st this week."

- Head Coach Rex Ryan on how the Jets are perceived beyond Florham Park
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"Technically I wasn?t really supposed to throw that ... Ryan [Spadola] did a great job catching in the back window like that. That was one of those things, it was either going to be a great throw or a really bad decision. So, I?m happy it worked out well.?

-Matt Simms, on his touchdown Saturday night -- [Newsday]
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I think guys are responding to me. ?I think that?s a part of them just realizing that I?m a hard worker. That?s something I try to prove to those guys daily. I think they respect a guy who works hard and brings it every day to the film room and to the practice field. It?s something that comes along as you build a rapport with those guys.?

-- Jets QB Geno Smith on if veterans are responding to him

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The one thing about the regular season you can?t hide from the fact that you are what you are and nobody runs from it."

-- Rex Ryan on the media's poor predictions for the 2013 Jets

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"Every day he earns my respect. I hope I?m earning his. We compete. He?s going to be one of the premier guys out there soon if not this year. I definitely believe it. Best of luck to him and glad he?s on our team."

--Willie Colon on Jets DL Mo Wilkerson
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"I just think Mark will either play better or Geno will start. That's just my opinion. I don't know how legitimate it is but that's my thought ... either Mark will outperform Geno or Geno will outperform Mark."


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"We're trying to win games and do the right thing. Truth, justice and the American way. We live by it ... we really do. We have a strong credo, very proud people, very intelligent people that work in our building. We want to avoid the avoidable and I think we do a good job."

[/sny-box]-- Woody Johnson on the recent arrest of Mike Goodson
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[Rex Ryan] said he had a plan for me. I talked to the offensive coordinator (Marty Mornhinweg), and they said they like players like me who can bring big-play ability there."

-- Tavon Austin on his discussion with the Jets

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[sny-box]"I've?been sitting around?for the last hour trying to figure out what to say to the Jet Nation and I came up with this.

The six years I played for?the New York Jets were unbelievable. I put my body on the line everyday and did everything could to help the team win. I experienced a lot and learned a lot. The memories I had in New York I will keep dearly [in] my heart. I want to thank all the Jets fans for making me feel welcome."[/sny-box]

-- Darrelle Revis on Twitter, thanking Jets fans for their support

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A trade is certainly a viable option. We will definitely look at any trade possibilities and see if it benefits the Jets. We?ll have open discussion on potential trades, and a lot of them may be our own what-if scenarios, but we?ll explore all avenues to try to better our roster, to increase the competition on our roster.?
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It?s nothing I can control, and like I?ve said ever since I was at Nease High School, I really try not to worry about what I can?t control. Just try to have the best attitude, have the best effort, a great work ethic, and so far this offseason has been a lot of fun. Been my best yet.?

-- Tim Tebow on his future with the Jets

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He forced some things, he had some games that were really, really bad ? even by his standards. But I do believe that he has the potential to lead a football team if you get the right pieces around him. But the problem is that they?ve got a long way to go here in New York to get the right pieces around him.?

-- Kurt Warner on Jets QB Mark Sanchez

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What?s up, fat ass??

-- Antonio Cromartie greeting his former teammate Antonio Garay to New York (via Metro)

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The first snap, [Mark Sanchez will] be the guy running out there first. ?But there's going to be competition at that spot, there's no question about it. We need to get better at the quarterback position."

-- Rex Ryan on who will take the first snaps of the offseason (via ESPN NY)

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?Josh is an experienced, proven kicker in this league....Just like we try to do at every position, we expect great competition for the placekicking job, and that will only make us better.?
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Right now at this stage of my career I?m looking to be with a team that?s on the cusp of a championship, a team that?s a piece (away) here and there. ?That?s what I?m really playing for ...?time is precious. You understand what the important goals are.?

-- Brandon Moore on SiriusXM NFL Radio this week

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I never talked to an NFL guy, an evaluator, a scout, a GM, that had him [as a top ten pick]. ?Going into that Alabama game, I had him in the late first round. Coming out of that game, I had him in the late first round. Girlfriend or no girlfriend, he's late first round."

-- NFLN's Daniel Jeremiah on Manti Te'o's draft stock

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I think at times they?ve created somewhat of their own distractions, the distractions that lead to them not being as successful as they should be. ?Maybe [Ryan] wants them to feel that pressure of being in the big city, playing under the big lights in New York and being able to deal with that in a week-in, week-out basis. I don?t know what his strategy is, but I know having played there, having played in Dallas, some of the bigger cities where the lights are brighter, you still need to eliminate as many distractions as you can.?

-- Vinny Testaverde on the Jets media attention

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"John Idzik was a big part of our success in Tampa and I believe he'll do a great job in New York. ?He is extremely bright and he knows talent. He's been around football all his life and he understands what it takes to win the NFL. From a coach's perspective he was great to work with because he was so knowledgeable but was also a good listener. John is a high quality person and the Jets are very fortunate to have him."

-- Tony Dungy on the Jets hiring John Idzik
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In my opinion, I underachieved and didn't play the way I'm capable of playing. ?Unfortunately, that led to some losses and things like that. We just have to get better and take some time and get away from the game a little bit and come back strong next year. ?I just had a good talk with Rex [Ryan], and I know we're destined for great stuff here. I know we can be successful here. That's what I'm focused on. I'm excited to come back next year and do my best.

-- Mark Sanchez on his future with the team

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