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SNYGiants Insider, Ralph Vacchiano, relays some of the early developments out of the New York Giants Training Camp thus far.


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Giants insider Ralph Vacchiano joins the Daily News Live crew to discuss Big Blue's first preseason game and the pressing issues thus far in camp.


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We may never know whether or not the Giants were shopping Osi Umenyiora during the recently completed NFL Draft, but what we do know is that Osi is not--by any stretch--guaranteed to return next season. Jerry Reese addressed the trade speculation over the weekend:

"Our first choice with respect to Osi is that he will play for the Giants and retire a Giant," Reese said. "That is what we would like to happen. Osi has been offered an extension two years in a row now, so we would still like to make it work. Hopefully, it will work out.?

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Ralph Vacchiano of the NY Daily News gives his keys for a Giants' Victory in Green Bay..

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SNY Giants Insiders Mike Garafolo of the Star Ledger and Ralph Vacchiano of the Daily News were both in the studio Thursday afternoon to give their slants on the Giants' ?upcoming playoff game against Atlanta:

Mike joined the Loud Mouths for their Run and Shoot segment:

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SNY Insider Ralph Vacchiano of the NY Daily News reiterated what I said tenfold today in his spot on Daily News Live this afternoon. Everyone knows the obvious with the Giants now.....they just have to put hats on hats and get it done....

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The Giants went through the motion of tendering their eligible restricted free agents this afternoon.

Keep in mind, these tenders are in accordance with the rules of the expiring CBA. ?It's anyone's guess if these offers will be applicable, binding or worthless once a new CBA is reached.

from SNY contributor Mike Garafolo....

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While many teams around the league continue place franchise tags on players, the Giants remain steadfast in their strategy to steer clear of that route.

As I have been saying for weeks now with so many variables still to be determined, it makes no sense for teams to make any financial commitments that may be rendered null and void under the new CBA.

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How many people want to talk Giants football today??? I am very confident that half the tri-state area would love to talk, listen and debate NY Giants football. ? But that isn't going to happen.

If you use WFAN in New York as a barometer...the on air hosts and the PD have decided that baseball is more important.?? Losing Cliff Lee will dominate sports talk radio in the New York market up until the talking heads are forced to discuss Giants vs. Eagles this upcoming Sunday.? This morning I even heard one host ask a caller how he could possibly stay awake during last nights Giants game.


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What's been the turning point of the Giants' season so far? The Daily News' Ralph Vacchiano shares his thoughts:

When Antonio Pierce sounded the air horn in 2007, nobody thought of it as a seminal moment. And especially when Michael Strahan lashed out at the media later that day, it looked like nothing more than the start of a meltdown for a crumbling, 0-2 team.

The fact that it turned into something much, much more is probably why Antrel Rolle is getting so much credit these days for igniting the resurgent Giants. The safety?s harsh words about leadership and the organization in a radio interview three weeks ago sure seems like it was the flashpoint for the Giants? first two-game winning streak in almost a year.

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Ralph Vacchiano, Daily News: This really isn?t a much easier spot for the Giants than the Colts game was three weeks ago - - with the only differences being that the Texans aren?t as battle tested as Indy and they aren?t angry and desperate to avoid a slow start. But the Texans are good and they?ve got all the ingredients to make a long run this season - - the pass rush, the running game, the quarterback, the receivers. The Giants ? well, they?re just not clicking. I know what they did to the Bears, but here?s the part I can?t get out of my head: As dominant as they looked in that game, it was 10-3 in the fourth quarter when Ahmad Bradshaw lost the ball en route to what should?ve been a game-sealing touchdown. They came closer to losing that game most people remember. Plus, that overwhelming defensive performance had a lot to do with the Bears? bad, injured line, Mike Martz?s dumb coaching mistakes, and a shell-shocked Jay Cutler. Also, teams learn. Remember the 12-sack game the Giants had against the Eagles in 2007? They had a total of one the following week. If this game were home, maybe I?d have more faith that the Giants could put it all together. But with their turnover issues, with a slew of injuries, a long road trip, and a talented Texans offense? They won?t be blown out like they were in Indy, but winning this game might be just a little too much to ask. TEXANS 31, GIANTS 21

Paul Schwartz, New York Post: This is the most balanced team the Giants have faced thus far, and they will have to be at their very best to leave Texas with a victory. Don?t like how hobbled Bradshaw seems to be, still too many elements (special teams, turnovers) lacking consistency and return of linebacker Brian Cushing should inspire home team. TEXANS 24, GIANTS 20

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Strahan: Tuck Should Takes Reins As Giants' Leader

Former Giants' DE Michael Strahan believes DE Justin Tuck can step up to fill the void as the Giants' leader.? According to Paul Schwartz of the NY Post......

"At some point somebody has to stand up and be vocal and not worry about hurting feelings, only worry about getting results and maintaining respect from the guys," Strahan yesterday told The Post. "That's what a leader does. They have to find somebody."

Strahan suspects he already knows the perfect candidate.

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According to Ralph Vacchiano the Giants have put S Kenny Phillips on IR, losing him for the year. The Giants have claimed Aaron Rouse off of waivers. Rouse, who is 6'4'' 227, started in 11 games for the Packers since being drafted in the 3rd round in 2007. He had 9 nine tackles this past Sunday against Cincinnati. Still the news here is the loss of a young emerging star:

?I really feel for Kenny because he had worked so hard during the offseason to prepare himself for the ?09 season,? Giants GM Jerry Reese said in a statement released by the team. ?He had a great camp and was just beginning to come into his own and showed flashes of being one of the premier safeties in the NFL. We expect him to recover from this setback and come back stronger than ever. This league is about making adjustments and we will do that.?

The term "microfracture" surgery has been thrown around. A procedure that can trake up to a full year to recover from. Phillips was stunned by the news :

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According to Ralph Vacchiano?Chris Canty will not be playing Sunday against his former team the Dallas Cowboys. Canty is suffering from a calf injury.

Well that's what depth is for, expect to see more snaps for Robbins, Bernard and Cofield. Thanks to Giantmetfan for the heads up.

Meanwhile Michael Boley?participated in full practice, while Kevin Dockery, Kenny Phillips and Clint Sintim were all in pads but participated in a limited capacity.

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Here's a Vlog, or video blog from NY Daily News reporter Ralph Vacchiano. Ralph justifies the current Eli Manning contract situation (on which I tend to agree with). You also get a few nice clips of some nice throws from the young franchise quarterback:

You can check out Vacchiano's The Blue Screen here..

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Ok we get it, Hakeem Nicks may or may not be Michael Irvin esq. ?Ralph Vacchiano?of the Daily News takes a look at Hakeem Nicks and what to you ?know, the comparison to Michael Irvin is made once again, but this time the source is notable.??Nicks's former head coach Butch Davis, who has coached?Irvin, Andre Johnson,??Santana?Moss and Reggie Wayne,??goes on to say Nicks has "as good a set of hands catching the ball as anybody I've ever been around."

The Concern all Giant fans have is did they just draft another number 2 to add to a collection of number 2's. If Davis is right, and Nicks is in fact as good as Irvin, this most certainly is not the case.? Nicks certainly seems to like the big game, as did Irvin, ?in the Meineke Car Care Bowl Nicks had eight catches, 217 yards and three touchdowns, not to mention a behind the back catch that has become a youtube sensation.

Oh and?shame on you?manny, ok back to you football . ?

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According to Ralph?Vacchiano of?the Daily News the Giants are high on this years linebacker class, especially the?kids coming out of USC.? The Trojans expect to have four linebackers drafted, ?Ray Maualuga, Brian Cushing, Clay Matthews, and Kaluka Maiava. The Giants strongest need is at strong side linebacker, assuming Michael Boleyslides in at weakside. The Giants are high on Bryan Kehl but he is still very young and raw. Meanwhile the combination of Zak DeOssie, Jonathan Goff, Danny Clark,?Gerris Wilkinson?and Chase Blackburn leaves a lot to be desired.

It's impossible to figure out what the Gmen will do in the draft, what with extra picks and ?a legal issue pending, but there is no doubt receiver and linebacker will be two areas of need.

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For an in depth look at the Giants plan for free agency check out Ralph Vacchiano's article "Giants Free Agent Plan: Bargain Shopping."

Ralph?'s number one point is, with teams locking up their best players, there are fewer big name guys on the market. With 32 teams all vying for one or two major players at each position the prices get jacked up beyond a players value. So while TJ Houshmandzadeh is a good player, he is not a 9 million dollar a year player although he may get that kind of a contract.

Jerry Reese added this: ?It would be great to get all the big guys, but it?s not reality,? . ?A lot of the big guys were franchised, so now you have 32 teams shopping for a couple of big guys and it drives the cost up. We try to be smart with our money here. But we won?t shy away.?

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In the forward to Ralph Vacchiano's book, Ernie Accorsi, the former Giants general manager shares some advice that his lifelong friend and Colts scout Milt Davis gave him about evaluating quarterbacks.

"Ernie, listen to me. You evaluate the great quarterbacks on one element alone: Can they take their team down the field, with the championship on the line, and into the end zone? That's how you evaluate a great quarterback."
In "Eli Manning, The Making of a Quarterback," Vacchiano takes us on the journey that led Accorsi and Manning to the Lombardi trophy last season. He takes us behind the scenes to how the team came to make Eli Manning their franchise quarterback. We follow Archie Manning, too nervous to watch Eli perform at the combine, choosing to drive his car aimlessly around the parking lot instead.

Vacchiano takes us back to Ole Miss, to draft day, to the tough seasons before the championship when so many doubted Eli would ever be the player that Accorsi believed he was. The book details how so many in the front office, including Wellington Mara, were not convinced Manning was the right player. We get a better understanding of the true relationship between Eli, his brother Peyton, and his father Archie. We learn that Eli formed a strong friendship with Plaxico Burress and how he dealt with criticism from all sides, including former teammate Tiki Barber.

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In today's Daily News, Ralph Vacchiano reports on the current status of Michael Strahan's possible return to the Giants.

"According to a source close to the future Hall of Famer, all it would take to get the 37-year-old Strahan to end his 77-day retirement would be $8 million and a few kind words," reports Vacchiano.
The source goes on to say that Strahan would have?to 'take into consideration the money and his contract with FOX.'
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Recently, I spoke to Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News regarding the 2008 NFL Draft. Ralph and I discuss the Giants draft as well as some other teams.

Jared Blank, GiantsFootballBlog: What was your take on the Giants drafting S Kenny Phillips in the first round?

Ralph Vacchiano: I thought it was a great pick -- and not just because I predicted it. The truth is, we all knew they were targeting him for quite a while, and it always made a lot of sense. He was the best safety on the board and anytime you can get the best guy at one position with the 31st pick in the draft, it's a great move. Plus, when is the last time the Giants had a top safety? Gibril Wilson never really lived up to what he showed as a rookie. Before that ... Shaun Williams? He never really lived up to expectations either. Now think of what Brian Dawkins did in Philly's defense all those years. That's what Steve Spagnuolo envisions with Phillips.

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