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Dylan Hernandez, in a report for the Los Angeles Times, expects that Manny Ramirez will exercise his $20 million option with the Dodgers.

In addition, Hernandez believes that second baseman Orlando Hudson and pitcher Randy Wolf will not return to Los Angeles and will leave as free agents.

...Hudson's name is obviously going to be mentioned, but once again the Mets are handcuffed with Luis Castillo and the $12 million remaining on his contract...prior to signing with Los Angeles last winter, Hudson did express interest in coming to New York but the Mets were unable to deal Castillo...if they can somehow unload his contract or pay a portion of it in some sort of trade, then I think the Mets will intensely pursue him...

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After this afternoon's proclamation by GM Omar Minaya that the Mets were satisfied with their offense heading into the season and would not be spending significant money on free agents the rest of this off-season, Jon Heyman addressed a number of free agents that have been linked to the team during his appearance on the MLB Network's Hot Stove Live tonight.

Regarding OF Manny Ramirez, who earlier in the day rejected a one-year $25 million contract from the Dodgers, Heyman said that Los Angeles could soon choose to move on from their hopes of signing the slugging outfielder.

In that case, their plan B could be signing some combination of OF's Bobby Abreu and Adam Dunn, LHP Randy Wolf and?2B Orlando Hudson, whom Ken Rosenthal of FoxSports.com reports is waiting to see whether one of the New York teams can make room for him.

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In a video for ESPN.com, Buster Olney says, “If the Mets do not sign Oliver Perez, if they sign a cheaper starting pitcher, they’ll have money available, and, at that point, they may go look at Bobby Abreu.”

According to Olney, GMs have told him they would not be surprised to see Abreu accept a one-year, worth less than $7 million deal.

the buzz from around baseball suggests LHP Randy Wolf could end up accepting a deal similar to Jon Garland, i.e., one year and $8 million…

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According Joe DeMayo of NY Baseball Digest, “If the Mets do not have Oliver Perez either locked up, or having made huge strides in negotiations by the end of this coming weekend, they are likely to move on to other options,” according to a league source with knowledge of the team’s plans.

early last week i mentioned there had been a bit of buzz suggesting the Mets had given perez a weekend deadline… i was skeptical of this, because it’s not typically Omar Minaya’s style… either way, i am sure the Mets want an answer soon, because this is getting a little ridiculous now

DeMayo believes the Mets prefer Randy Wolf to Ben Sheets, “by a small margin,” because of concerns about his medical records.

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Mets GM Omar Minaya told the Associated Press yesterday that he is still interested in re-signing Pedro Martinez.

According to the report, “Martinez said over the weekend he had not received offers from any Major League teams, but he said he was training hard for the 2009 season.”

Yesterday, in a report for SI.com, Jon Heyman said Minaya will look to re-sign Martinez, ‘once the Oliver Perez situation is resolved.’

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Free agent pitcher Randy Wolf is still in talks with the Dodgers, Mets and 'other clubs' according to Ken Rosenthal at FOX Sports.

On Wednesday, Rosenthal wrote that Wolf was close to signing with the Dodgers.

Rosenthal notes that Wolf was briefly offered a three-year, $28.5 million offer from the Astros before they pulled it due to cost-cutting caused by the tough economic conditions, and may now have to settle on a one-year deal worth less money.

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Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports notes that 'according to major league sources', free-agent pitcher Randy Wolf may soon sign with the Dodgers.

Wolf has been rumored to be part of the Mets' contingency plan, should they fail to sign Oliver Perez.

...so if all the rumors are correct, and with the signing of garcia, it could soon be down to perez, sheets, and garland...oh, and some guy named pedro...

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In today's edition of Daily Scoop, Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated discusses the teams that will still make moves this off-season, including the Dodgers, Brewers and Braves.

Of the Mets, Heyman writes:

"They are hoping to land Perez after missing out on Lowe. While they have been looked at as the favorites for Perez, there's still quite a discrepancy in where the sides stand (Perez seeks about $60 million over five years, while the Mets have been thinking more like $30 million over three). "

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Yesterday, the Nick Piecoro of the Arizona Republic said free-agent LHP Randy Wolf rejected a contract offer from the D’Backs.

Last week, Piecoro said free-agent RHP Jon Garland also rejected a contract offer from the D’Backs.

According to Piecoro, “The Diamondbacks are believed to have about $4 million left to spend for 2009,” and offered a one-year deal to Garland with two option years.

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In a report for FoxSports.com, Ken Rosenthal says rival executives list the following problems for Oliver Perez:

“He had the lowest groundball percentage in the National League last season… His walk rate was the third highest in the league after Barry Zito and Ian Snell… And he has yet to pitch 200 innings in a season.”

Last night, on SNY’s Mets Hot Stove, Mets GM Omar Minaya had the following to say, when asked if Perez was his number one target from the current free-agent pitcher’s market:

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Instead of signing Oliver Perez to what could end up being a four-year deal, possibly worth as much as $12 million per season, I suggest the Mets use a ‘Basket Solution.’

Yesterday, I asked readers of MetsBlog.com what Perez was worth, and the more-than 4,400 people who voted essentially said he should get a four-year deal, which pays him roughly $13 million per season.

“He's possibly one of those guys who can win the Cy Young award every year,” Billy Wagner told New York Post yesterday, when asked about Perez.  “It's just, which Ollie is going to show up?”

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Update, 6:19 pm:

Andrew Marchand of ESPN 1050 Radio reports the deal is done.

Update, 3:47 pm:

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Marty Noble of MLB.com believes the Mets will make offers this week to at least two starting pitchers, if not three, from a group consisting of Derek Lowe, Oliver Perez and Randy Wolf.

According to Noble, ‘the Mets still view Wolf as a fall back alternate to the other two,’ with Lowe still the team’s top priority.

Noble also reports on the team’s plan for the bullpen, which does not include Joe Beimel, and may not include an additional left-handed reliever, according to Omar Minaya.

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