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  • Tortorella says that it is the dog days of the season and that the team needs to be ready to be ready for the grind.
  • He adds that one of the tougher things to do now is handle the normalcy of a regular routine after all the distractions they had in the first half of the season.
  • On the Alumni Game, Keenan says that there were 10 more players on the Flyers bench and that is why the Rangers lost.
  • Torts says that he is "deeply, emotionally involved in the game" and that he wants to protect his hockey club and he was being sarcastic when he made his comments after the Winter Classic about the referees. He says that he can't detach himself emotionally right after the game and has gotten in trouble because of it.
  • Keenan says he was emotionally invested coach as well and what he did was nothing compared to what Keenan did in the past. He says he tried to run across the ice to yell at the time keeper once and it cost him more than Torts' fine did.
  • On 24/7, Torts says that hasn't watched them all yet. He says that the biggest thing for him was not trying to embarrass players. He says that they want to teach and help players get better and that having an uncomfortable situation is all part of the game.
  • Torts says that he would like to have open practices because he thinks that it would bring out the best in players since they like to perform in front of a crowd.
  • On Marc Staal, Torts says that he is getting better and more comfortable in each game.
  • MDZ says that he wants to get involved physically as soon as the game starts. Torts says that MDZ answered the call of what he had to do and says that he isn't getting too far ahead of himself and that is the biggest change for him.
  • Mike Rupp says that he likes to keep it loose during practice because it is suppose to be fun.
  • As a coach, Torts says that his job is to remind the players of what they need to do to be successful
  • Torts says that he LOVES Mike Rupp
  • On pointing out mistakes, Torts says that if players don't understand that they are supposed to learn from their mistakes, they won't understand the coaching staff. He says there are are no issues like that on this team.
  • On the media, Torts says that they think they are entitled to every bit of information and like to tell you how to coach.
  • Torts says that he would be a carpenter if he wasn't a coach. He LOVES working with wood and banging nails. He likes framing up houses and things.
  • Keenan says he also likes working with wood
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