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At Hockeybuzz, Julie Robenhymer spoke with the Rangers 2009 first round pick Chris Kreider who told her that he doesn't want to enter the NHL until he is ready to make an impact and has learned everything he can at Boston College.

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Kreider doesn't want to just make the NHL, he wants to make an impact on the NHL and I don't think he'll make the jump until he's in a good position to do just that. In his mind, if he waits to turn pro, he'll be in a better position to be an integral part of an NHL team, a difference maker, someone who can show you what he's capable of every single night instead of a prospect plugged into the lineup who only shows flashes of brilliance every now and then.
Earlier this week Kreider was named MVP of the Beanpot Tournament and John Tortorella said that he wanted him to turn pro.

...Interesting stuff. I think Kreider is ready to play in the NHL but he isn't ready to make the kind of impact he seems to want to make. He could probably have the same type of season that Derek Stepan is having, but he may want more of an impact when he turns pro. We may think that Kreider has done enough in college hockey but he may feel differently and think he can still learn more at BC. It's his choice but John Tortorella is going to try and get him to come out.

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