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Update: 6:46PM: In a tweet responding to a question, Larry Brooks wrote that Brandon Dubinsky would get at least $5 million a year if he was an unrestricted free agent, "no questions about it."

He goes on to tweet that Villie Leino is getting $4.5 million per season and that Dubinsky would likely eclipse that if he were able to sign anywhere.

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In the NY Post, Larry Brooks says that the sticking point between Brandon Dubinsky and the Rangers is the money he will get per season.

Brooks says that Dubinsky is believed to be asking for a deal that pays him between $5 million and $5.25 million and that he Rangers are believed to be offering $500,000 less per season.

The length of the deal is believed to be five or six years. It was reported yesterday that the length and not the money was the sticking point in the negotiation.

He believes that if the Rangers and Dubinsky head to arbitration tomorrow, he will  get between $3.8 million and $4.4 million.

Brooks is right when he says that Jeff Gorton, who will present the case for the Rangers, shouldn't attack Dubinsky but instead list player comparison and salaries from others around the league. That would hopefully limit the amount of bad blood that could turn up from these hearings.

If the Rangers want to lock up Dubinsky for that long of a term, they may need to give him $5 million per season. They can cave a little to get him locked up at a bit higher of a salary, or they can get him cheaper in the short-term and either do this negotiation again, where he could ask for more, or lose him to free agency. It's entirely possible that a deal could get done only minutes before the hearing.

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