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The Boston Globe is reporting that Phil Kessel has cut off negotiations with the Boston Bruins and plans to sign an offer-sheet with one of the other 29 teams.

Boston does have the ability to match any offer that Kessel signs.

The Bruins though only have $1.7 million in cap space, so they would need to make some moves to accommodate Kessel and the offer-sheet he would sign.

The compensation for Kessel would be somewhere around a first, second and third round pick.

Over the weekend, Toronto re-acquired their third round pick and rumors started swirling that they were in it for Kessel.

The Globe continues to report that the Rangers have called and asked about Phil Kessel.

....The Kessel madness should have some more jump to it in the next few days as training camps start and rosters start to take shape. My guess is that Toronto signs Kessel to an offer-sheet and Boston tries to match but in the end just accepts the picks in return.

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