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In March there were reports of the Rangers bringing back a third jersey for next season that said New York on the front of it.

According to a source, the Rangers will indeed have a third jersey next season and certain stores are already ordering the jerseys from Reebok, however the design of the jersey isn't yet known.

...Until we actually see a sample or a Rangers press release on the matter, this all still needs to have a grain of salt with it. The source says that it will not be the rumored "New York" ones, like at right, but something "completely different".  I wonder what "completely different" could mean. If its not New York, and its not the Liberty, could it be a return to the 70's jerseys they wore and then brought back for a team pre-lockout. But those aren't completely different. I am rattled by the design but now excited that there will be new jerseys.

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