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During a Google Hangout, Henrik Lundqvist said this about what he is doing right now during the lockout.

"I'm practicing in NY 4-5 days a week, skating and doing some off ice stuff. If this drags on I will go to Sweden to see some family and friends, but I haven't planned anything. It's been a long summer and I miss the game. If it can't get done quickly, I may have to go back and play in Gothenberg. My goal is to have a great year and a great season so whatever I can do to improve my game and be ready for when the season starts."

CLICK HERE to see a section just on Lundqvist maybe returning to Sweden.

Lundqvist added, "It is hard to get everybody to understand why we are in this position. I thought for sure we would have a deal by now. I am really disappointed. I miss the game and it's been a long summer. I miss the adrenaline and to play under pressure at the Garden. I really hope things work out soon. There are a few people that know all the details but we will just have to cross our fingers and hope for the best."

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