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Much has been made since the playoffs have started about John Tortorella and the length, or lack of, his meetings with the media.

In the National Post, Bruce Arthur writes that even with a level of secrecy and withholding information that happens in the playoffs, Tortorella takes it to another level, "still, even in hockey’s obfuscatory world of upper- and lower-body injuries, Tortorella comes across as arrogant, as a bully, as a jerk. This is the face, for whatever reason, he chooses to show to the world."

Jay Feaster, who Torts worked with in Tampa Bay, told the National Post that this is all done for a reason,

“He’s the guys trying to take the bullets. I was watching it on TSN the other night, and it’s all about John Tortorella being abrupt with the media, and him being tough, and all this. And it’s not about the New York Rangers. It’s not asking Henrik Lundqvist why that puck got past him, or asking Brad Richards questions, or Brian Boyle, or anything. He did it with us in Tampa. There’s a method to the madness.”
Feaster has mentioned stories of Tortorella doing this kind of thing in the past.

Don Brennan wrote in the Ottawa Sun during the first round that Tortorella was displaying "subhuman behavior."

Tortorella talked about his press conferences earlier in the week.

Tortorella was fined twice this season for comments he made during press conferences and Elliotte Friedman wrote at CBC that the fines are the reasons Tortorella has been short, "Convinced the edgier-than-ever John Tortorella media conferences have to do with his recent $20,000 fine. There were always things he wouldn't discuss, but this is a new level. You could always find something he'd have a (great) opinion about."

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