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On Michael Kay's radio show on ESPN NY he says that the people that he has spoken to seem to think that Pete DeBoer was screaming at John Tortorella about being an American.

Kay said "If the guy who is coaching the Devils is ripping the guy because he is an American, I want to know that and he should have everyone come down hard on him if that is his go to line."

Kay also says that DeBoer said something about Tortorella being "height challenged" but using a different word.

When pressed by Colin Cowherd to see if he was being sarcastic, Kay replied that he was telling the truth.

via Alexxela17 for pointing out what Kay said.

Pierre McGuire said to Richard Sandomir in the NY Times, “DeBoer never chastised a Rangers’ player,” McGuire said. “There were no names. No threats, no ‘I’ll get you.’ It was an American versus a Canadian, two guys venting.”

McGuire noted during the broadcast that "it had something to do with where both guys came from."

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