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One of the most underrated, except in Rangers circles, parts of the post lockout Rangers, Blair Betts, is still an unrestricted free agent.

Betts, 29, potted six goals and four assists last season but was one half of arguably the best penalty-killing tag team in the NHL, along with Freddy Sjostrom.

The Rangers seemingly filled Betts' spot by acquiring 6-7 center Brian Boyle at the draft.

Betts had a cap hit of $615,000 last season.

....It does appear that the Blair Betts era is over in New York, but, why in the world has no one else signed him yet. Yes, unless you have watched Betts, you may only see him as the fourth line center who only scored ten points. But to anyone who watched Blair Betts the last four years, they saw an elite penalty killer and one who was a huge reason that the Rangers were a very good defensive team these past four seasons.

....I mean the Devils or Islanders don't want to sign him, the Penguins wouldn't want to add him at the low price he would cost to take some defensive responsibility off of Sidney Crosby. Why am I giving those teams ideas?

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