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At Blue Notes, Steve Zipay spoke with John Tortorella about how Brad Richards can get his game back on track, saying "Richie can’t think, he’s just gotta play, be creative and allow himself to play. "

Tortorella tells Zipay that Richards is still learning the Rangers defensive concept and that helping the team out at both ends of the ice is always on his mind.

He also says that when it comes to Richards, and other players, he needs to worry about not over coaching and sometimes letting players figure out how to break out on their own.

Tortorella has talked about how Richards is a "thinker" and very hard on himself.

I hope that Richards takes the time off during the all-star break to relax and get everything back in order. The Rangers are going to need him to be "that guy" for them down the stretch. He played well in Boston and set up the plays to get the game winner, but he needs to keep bringing that. I am not sure that it helps him to play with more grinding wingers and not scoring wingers, but that is why they are looking to add another goal scorer.

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