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"I used to say that when Brendan Shanahan would do his one-timer, he had about a 14-inch backswing. I used to call it the 'wow' shot, because when it comes off the stick, you just have to say wow," says Graves. "Christian's shot is more of a drag-snapper, but it's still one of those 'wow' shots, where the puck just rockets off his stick. I couldn't advise him on shooting any better than he already shoots."

Adam Graves on Thomas

Prospect Scott Stajcer says that Thomas' shot is "tremendous," accurate and that "he can really rip the puck."

Thomas scored 54 goals for Oshawa last season. He scored 41 the season before. He had nine goals in ten playoff games last season.

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Thomas will play for the Rangers at the Traverse City tournament.

I can't wait to see Thomas at Traverse City. You can teach a player a lot of things, but you can't teach goal scoring. That is what makes Thomas so exciting.

"His shot is as good a shot as I have seen in a long, long time," said Graves. "Inside the top of the circles, he has a special shot. He knows where it's going and he can move it and he can change the angle on a goalie in a hurry. When the goalie is looking at him, he can change the angle because he drags the puck with equal amount of zip. I used to have to bring the puck in tight to my body where I had all my strength to change the angle like that, but by just movement of his stick and his sense of scoring, Christian is very good at changing the angle on the goalie."
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