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In Newsday, Neil Best spoke with John Collins of the NHL who said that the Winter Classic won't likely come to New York until 2014 at the earliest.

He says that Met Life stadium is an option, but with both the Jets and the Giants playing there, it is doubtful that the stadium will have enough time to accommodate building a rink.

Best says that Yankee Stadium is the preferred venue to hold the Winter Classic which will become available after 2013.

The 2014 Winter Classic will be the Rangers  and the Bruins at Yankee Stadium and if I could put some money on that I would. Best notes that NBC wanted Rangers and Bruins at the old Stadium and that match up makes the most sense, especially at Yankee Stadium. It will be two years for the Rangers and four for the Bruins. I bet Detroit and Washington hold the ones in between and the Rangers return, with brown pants, for the 2014 game and more 24/7.

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