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In a series of posts to twitter last night, former Flyer Chris Therien talked about how he thinks he would do things differently if he was in the league now than he and the players did in 2004-05.

He says that the players should ask Donald Fehr if there is a "plan B" and says "If I'm a player right this very min and I'm about to lose 2-3 million this year, I require an answer to the alternative!"

He adds "Because quite frankly I'm not in the mood to fight the good fight for some kid 10 years from now. Ain't gonna do it again!"

Mike Modano said of the 04-05 lockout, "In hindsight, it wasn't worth it. It was a waste of time. We thought we were stronger than we were. We started falling apart as the months clicked by."

Former Ranger Theo Fleury said that he has no sympathy for the owners.

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