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In a video for the NHLPA and AllState Canada, Rick Nash was asked about his training routine and what he does in the off season to get better.

Nash said that when he hits the gym he does a lot of Olympic lifting, hand cleans, front squats and jerks. He said that it's important to keep that explosiveness and that these exercises really relate to the on ice skating. He added "I always try to get faster and stronger without losing your skill."

Nash says that he does a lot of track work outs, sprints and endurance work outs, "when you get to this level and you play a lot of minutes or back to back games you need to make sure you are in great shape.

The biggest thing, according to Nash is always trying to get better "because you know that everyone else is."

Over the summer Chris Kreider was dead lifting 530lbs and doing single leg squats"

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