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At True Hockey, Andy Strickland writes about the players and some of the tactics they have taken which have been confusing and have ultimately not led to a new CBA.

Strickland, who says that he is "pro hockey" rather than "pro owner" or "pro player" doesn't like how the NHLPA structures their meetings or conference calls.

He writes that the way the meeting is structured, the early part of it is spent galvanizing the players by telling them how badly they are being screwed and how it will only get worse for them and future NHLers.

That kind of tone, he writes, doesn't entirely make it easy for players to express concerns of ask questions, "It truly doesn’t allow for players with an opposing view to speak up. Seriously, who is going to lash out with over 100 other players on the same call? It’s an intimidating setting when you have little support backing you."

Strickland says that a bigger presence of veteran players who went through the 2004 lockout, Martin Brodeur and Jarome Iginla, would go along way in bringing more credibility to the players side.

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