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At CBC, Elliotte Friedman writes that there is no point to the PR war that is still trying to be waged between the players and the owners.

He cites a poll from the Toronto Sun saying that 90% of voters said that the players should stop taking to twitter and whining about Gary Bettman and the owners.

Friedman says that it's time for both sides to go silent with their messages to the public.

[sny-box color=E6F1FF]No more tweets. No more statements. No more nothing. Don't tell us when/if you're going to meet, especially if you're not going to talk about "core economic issues." [/sny-box]

Adam Rotter: I'm with him 100% on this. Information only gets leaked when someone wants it to be leaked so if the two sides want to meet in private, it's pretty easy for them to do so. I hear more and more from people who just want to be "woken up" when the lockout is over. Both sides probably feel they are speaking to the fans when they hold their post meeting press conferences, but they are only talking to reporters as most fans don't care anymore, especially if there is no positive update. Those press conferences keep adding fuel to the fire and enforcing the notion that a deal won't be done and causing more and more fans to start looking the other way.

No one needs all these updates. All anyone wants is for a tweet or a statement to be put out saying that the league and players have been meeting for two days straight and it looks like a new CBA is on the verge of being finished. All anyone wants to know is when training camp starts and how the schedule is being rearranged.

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