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Earlier in the playoffs, Ottawa Sun columnist, Don Brennan wrote that a reporter covering the series said that John Tortorella displayed 'subhuman' behavior with his handling of the media.

Today, Brennan writes a blog post at the Ottawa Sun with the title "Tortorella is a jerk." He writes this in response to how Tortorella handled an on the bench interview with Pierre McGuire where McGuire asked a question about the power play and Tortorella said "I'm not telling you."

McGuire and Tortorella are friends who worked together at TSN when Tortorella was between coaching jobs.

Brennan is not the first member of the media who has had issues with Tortorella.

He writes of Tortorella, "I would love to see him lose to the New Jersey Devils in the Eastern conference final. But I’m not so anxious to see Lou Lamoriello to succeed either. And the Devils bore me, still."

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