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Kevin Allen writes at USA Today that neither the NHLPA or the owners understand the damage they are doing to the game right now

"In its simplest terms, the stalemated negotiations between owners and players are like every heated marital spat you have ever witnessed. Both parties are so busy assigning blame to each other that they are blinded to the truth that neither is doing anything constructive to repair the relationship."

Allen writes that the most important thing is for the two sides to get together before "the button" to cancel the season is pushed.

Allen writes that the owners need to discuss alternative ways to reducing the salary hit on for players in the first two years and the players need to agree to go to a no-strings attached 50-50 split by the middle of the deal.

The key thing Allen says, "At this point, what do you have to lose? If you engage, and no progress is made, you can withdraw your offer."

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