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At CBC, Elliotte Friedman says that the NHL owners can be put into three different groups.

One group is the owners who want to play, another is a group in the middle who Friedman says "want a better collective bargaining agreement but recognize not playing is worse" and the third group is the hard line owners.

Friedman thinks that the final group, the hard line owners, are comprised of the Boston Bruins, the Islanders, the Panthers, Ducks, Blue Jackets, Coyotes, Blues, Capitals and Stars.

In terms of home attendance for those teams listed above, the Bruins ranked 9th, in a tie with the Rangers and six other teams at 100%.

The Islanders ranked 27th (81.3%), the Panthers ranked 23rd (86.6%), the Ducks ranked 24th (86.4%), Columbus ranked 28th (80.8%), Phoenix ranked 30th (72.5%), St. Louis ranked 19th (98.2%), the Capitals ranked 6th (101.3%) and Dallas ranked 29th (76.8%).

Andy Strickland writes at True Hockey that if the players could reach across the table and grab somebody, they would likely pick Jeremy Jacobs, owner of the Bruins, over Gary Bettman.


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