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At TSN, Bob McKenzie talks about how the NHL is hell bent on ending front loaded deals and making it so that players have a much harder time hitting the jackpot in their second contract.

McKenzie says that the NHL has proposed reducing entry-level contracts to two years and pushing salary arbitration back another year.

On second contracts, McKenzie writes "the war against second contracts is one the general managers have asked for because it would assist them, within the salary cap system, in building their teams. Besides, truth be told, some veteran NHL players wouldn't be opposed to the youngsters having to wait to the third contract to hit their home run."

He adds that the compromise to the contract issues would be to keep the rule that contracts can't increase or decrease more than 5% from year to year, eliminate the five-year term limit, keep entry level deals short, arbitration farther away but keep free agency where it is.

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