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In the Toronto Star, Damien Cox writes that it's time to drop the idea that the talks between the NHLPA and the NHL are at a critical point and that the season is on the verge of being cancelled right now.

He notes that the 2004-05 lockout saw the season cancelled on February 16th and the 1994-95 lockout was ended on January 11.

Cox writes, "We're not even in mid-November yet. Given history, how can anyone possibly say we're at a make-or-break point? That's just phony drama, mostly generated by the media, with little basis in fact."

He notes that the meetings between the two sides this week are the kind of talks that should have started in August but didn't because of the power and strength that each side wanted to show.

Michael Grange writes at Sportsnet that people are describing the talks to him as "slow and labored."

Grange adds "This week would have been a good week if it was the second week of September or maybe even the second week of October. But we're in November now, so there's certainly cause for concern."

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