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Yesterday Henrik Lundqvist announced that he was not yet ready to enter into an agreement with Frolunda, his former team in Sweden, on a contract to play during the lockout.

On why, Lundqvist said in a Swedish interview, "There are many factors that come into play. It's not just decide to play. I weigh in many things in such a decision. We'll see where it ends somewhere."

Lundqvist added that the Rangers have not told him that he couldn't play, but knows that they want him to be ready for when the season will start, "I think all clubs see it as it is up to the players to prepare in the best way. The most important thing is that you are ready when it starts. Then are all different and preparing in different ways. We can not have a discussion with them much because of the lockout, but obviously does their opinion very much to me. I've been there for seven years and hope to be there a long time. You will come back, says Lundqvist before jumping into a waiting."

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