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Dan Girardi wailing on Scott Hartnell in the third period last night against the Flyers.

After the jump, more on the Rangers standing up for one another and another picture.

Larry Brooks in the NY Post writes about the Rangers, and players like Girardi and Marc Staal last night, standing up for one another:

"We came to realize that we're the only ones who can take care of each other, so we've developed a team toughness that's been contagious and has brought the room closer," Brandon Dubinsky said. "Guys want to play for each other, whether that means taking a punch, or stepping in, we're going to be there.
...That is a great quote and as Gaborik says in the article, its something that they didn't have for part of the season. Its better late than never and whatever happens tomorrow, its something that the team needs to take into next season and beyond. They need to play for each other and have each others back. It can't be 25 players 25 cabs like the Yankees were, its gotta be a group effort to succeed and the Rangers are doing that now.

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