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  • Kay says that he thinks Tortorella looks like Fonzie and someone who can do know wrong.
  • On his comments, he said that he was too sarcastic and shouldn't have gone where he did with his comments.
  • He emphasizes that it was tongue and cheek and that he didn't mean to bring the integrity of the game in.
  • Torts says "damn right" when asked if he liked that the cameras were out and the Winter Classic was over.
  • Tortorella says that his feelings on 24/7 and people in the locker room couldn't interfere with the organization being in the Winter Classic game. "my stubbornness can't get in the way of that" He says that it was a great experience
  • On the cameras, Torts says the he didn't censor or limit himself. He says that the cameras really blended in and that he always went about his business. Torts says that he always found out who was mic'd during practice and that he stayed away from them so as not to be on camera.
  • Torts says that he hasn't talked to Marc Staal and that he doesn't believe in going to players and relies on the trainers. "If no one comes to me then I assume he is fine"
  • Torts says that Staal won't be in a top four type of situation until he is ready and that it could take a long time, or maybe the year.
  • On Staal, he says that he told the media he wasn't playing because he didn't receive a "yes" on Staal and then at dinner, Jim Ramsey texted him and told him to talk to Staal. Staal was given the okay by the doctors and said that he was mentally ready to play. Torts then said that he was in. "if he told me he was ready to play, he was going to play, and he did"
  • On being a contender, Torts said that the team needs to accept the responsibility of being a top team. "we have a target on us, are we going to be able to handle it"
  • Torts says " I think we can be a better team" and talks about how Sauer has had some good days and that the roles the young players have been put in have been beneficial
  • Torts says that there is no spot for Wolski right now and he will need to wait his turn. On Christensen, Torts says that he hasn't grabbed hold of the opportunities he was given.
  • Tortorella praises the "jam" that Eminger brings to the table.
  • "I feel the organization is growing because of the youth that we have"
  • The coaches in Hartford have done "one hell of a job"
  • Torts has watched the first two episodes of 24/7 and he gets enough updates on it from a lot of people.
  • He is concerned about having a let down now that the cameras are around.
  • "it was pretty lonely in the locker room today, no one was around"
  • Torts loves the Giants chances this weekend and that he is a big Giants fan even though he is from Boston.
  • On his impending fine, Torts says "whatever they give me I need to accept"
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