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Mike Rupp was a guest on The Hockey News Podcast recently. This is a recap of what he had to say:

  • On the work stoppage, "talking is a good thing. It's unfortunate we are at where we are at."
  • On 04-05 comparing to now, "being informed and contributing and staying informed is a lot easier."
  • On the NHLPA, "the meeting we had in NY a few weeks ago, guys are involved. They want to know what is going on. Everyone's ideas are valuable to the process. Last time I was two years into my career and right now there is a feeling of we are all in this together."
  • On former players talking about the 04-05 lockout, "first of all, no one wants to do that. I'm disappointed that games have been cancelled already. Up to this point I feel that this has been a one-sided negotiations. We don't want to miss time or miss games but at the end we need a dancing partner and up to this time we haven't gotten that. Things will start moving along when we have some conversations."
  • "you try not to look at it as us vs them. We know that we have been trying to make contact and get in a room together. I just feel like we never got answers as to why our proposal didn't work. We as players made concessions in our proposal. I don't consider concessions on their side to be what the number is to claw back player salaries."
  • On a rollback, "Most people were pretty surprised by the first offer from the league. We want to negotiate and get a deal done. I don't feel like the other side wants to negotiate in good faith. We need to get to the table and have some traction with what we are talking about. I feel like the NHL is saying 'we will listen to you when you see it our way.'"
  • "we just want to move forward with negotiations and create a solution. It's just unnecessary to have this lockout. There is definitely hockey that should be played this year."
  • "our goal is to not have this happen again in five years."
  • On his future for this season, "right now we are in NY and the kids are going to school. As a family we need to go on with our everyday life. I'm rehabbing an injury from last year and I don't plan on playing anywhere at least for now.
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