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One game, one period  That's what this series has come down to.  For the Rangers, let's turn this around.  Forget the 3-1 series lead that has been blown.  No one thought the Rangers can win this series.  Now it comes down to one game.  Can Henrik Lundqvist steal one more game?

After getting toyed with for two straight games, the Rangers must now go down to Washington and win to advance to the next round of the playoffs.  The one thing this series has had is weirdness.  Both teams are 2-1 on the road.  Henrik Lundqvist has been pulled twice.  He has stolen two games.  Simeon Varlamov has emerged as a starting goalie, before the age of 21.  Now at 21, if the Caps advance, he is the man.

For the Rangers, the key is simple -- get through one period.  They finished Game 6 winning the third period 2-0, maybe something to build off of.

We should know after the first period on Tuesday night whether or not the Rangers will move on.  82 regular season games, 6 playoff games -- and it comes down to the first twenty minutes on Tuesday night.

More to come...

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