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As we told you yesterday, Ravens' LB Ray Lewis is being accused of using a banned substance (Deer Antler Extract)to assist his recovery from a torn tricep muscle, an accusation he is adamantly denying to the world. Below are his comments from his media session today:

On his reaction to Sports Illustrated story: ?I think, honestly, and I am going to say it very clearly again, I think it?s probably one of the most embarrassing things that we can do on this type of stage. I think it takes totally away from ? you give somebody the ability to come into our world. Our world is a very secret society, and we try to protect our world as much as we can. But, when you let cowards come in and do things like that, to try to disturb something. I?ve said it before, I?ve said a million times, the reason why I am smiling is because it is so funny of a story, because I never, ever, took what he says I ? whatever I was supposed to do. It?s just sad, once again, that someone can have this much attention on a stage this big where the dreams are really real. They are really real. I don?t need it, my teammates don?t need it, the 49ers don?t need it, nobody needs it, because it just really shows you how people really plan things and try to attack people from the outside. It?s foolish. It?s very foolish, and the guy has no credibility. He?s been sued four or five times over the same B.S. Just to entertain it, I can?t, I won?t and I just truly believe he doesn?t have the privilege for me to speak about it ever again.?

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Here we go, folks. Ravens LB Ray Lewis is in the news for the wrong reasons today. His recovery form a torn triceps injury may have been aided by a banned substance.....from Pro Football Talk:
According to?Sports Illustrated, Lewis contacted a company owned by a former male stripper toobtain a deer-antler velvet extract?after tearing his triceps in October.

The problem for Lewis is that the extract contains IGF-1, which is on the NFL?s list of banned substances.? For the NFL, the problem is that Lewis will retire after Sunday.? So there?s really nothing that can be done ? unless Lewis admits to it on Tuesday and the league puts the investigative process into the highest gear possible.


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Giants? offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride met the media Thursday, and of course the focus was on the Ravens? defense.

Baltimore?s defensive unit is normally one of the best in the game, but it has been plagued this season by injuries. Still, the Ravens? defense ranks second in the NFL in limiting touchdowns in the red zone ? something the Giants? offense has struggled with all season.

?You see size up front; they?re very powerful, big, difficult to move and displace, so it?s hard to get a consistent running game,? Gilbride said. ?Of course, they had some injuries with their linebackers, so I?m sure they?re feeling inconsistent. But we see the ability level.?

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