The Jets reportedly brought former Patriots linebacker Steve Beauharnais in for a tryout Friday. (NFL.com, Sept. 5).

The Pats cut Beauharnais last week. He played sparingly last season after the Pats took him in the seventh round of the 2013 draft out of Rutgers.

Beauharnais got significant playing time this preseason, and some were surprised he was released. But his size (6 foot 2, 230 pounds) and pass coverage skills were viewed as weaknesses (NESN.com, Aug. 30).

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The tight end spot is shaping up with Kellen Winslow seeking a comeback as the team's top option, but Jeff Cumblerland shouldn't be a forgotten man as the team's second option, who according to the Star-Ledger lost 10 pounds this offseason.

Jeff Cumberland started 12 games last season, catching 29 passes as a replacement for the injured Dustin Keller. Cumberland, however, said he has prepared to catch more passes this season. The Jets' ?power offense? has been scrapped for a sleeker approach.

?This year is a little more pass oriented,? Cumberland said. ?We have more pass routes.?

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We're back home and we already miss being part of the craziness in Cortland, but that doesn't mean we're going to lose track of the goings on at training camp. Here's some of what's emerging today according to the beat reporters in Cortland, click the links to see the original sources.

What issue??-- After Brian Baldinger's comments on Geno Smith, Rex Ryan told reporters he?had no issues?with Smith's conditioning. Smith also refuted the story himself today, the first time he talked to the press since Baldinger's comments. ?Smith passed his physical entering camp, has looked good on the practice field ... this seems like a non-issue.

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Crazy day here in Cortland with the rainstorm. After a long wait, the sky cleared up and the sun was baking the spectators for the afternoon practice as the Jets got back on the field at 3:30 for their full practice period after having an indoor walk-through that was closed to the public and media. On the field of the stadium in Cortland, here's some of the collected thoughts we had while watching the Jets out on the turf.

  • The offensive line and defensive lines broke off and did a drill where the defensive players tries to get past one offensive linemen off a snap in a simulated pass rush scenario, one at a time. After an attempt the defensive player moves down to the next offensive player and so on. Here's some thoughts about that.

  • Watching Nick Mangold take on Muhammad Wilkerson in this drill was like watching Godzilla versus Sharknado as these two just WENT OFF on each other. Wilkerson was the irresistible force, and Mangold was the immovable object. Mangold slowed Wilkerson down nicely, but even up against one of the league's best centers he didn't get turned around.
  • In work against other players, WIlkerson showed a nice bull rush as well as a spin move, something you don't often get to see him do when he works on the inside. It looked pretty damn good to me.
  • Richardson showed his speed and agility coupled with his low pad-level by basically just shooting the gap under one blocker right off the snap.
  • Brian Winters looked solid to me when a defender showed some bad leverage and Winters used a quick one-hand punch to put the defender into the turf.
  • For those concerned about Geno's transition from shotgun to under center, today Mornhinweg said the move was "almost seamless." That has showed on the practice field. While he's clearly still a rookie dropped into an NFL offense, he's treading water ... but not walking on it yet.
  • Zach Rogers is quietly asserting himself among a group of very compelling receivers. He had a very smooth practice and had a number of nice grabs in an opportunity to play with the first team. Braylon Edwards was on the side as was Kellen Winslow, which gave Rogers an opportunity on a few first team snaps in three receiver sets.
  • Chris Ivory was in pads today, but he didn't get in on practice with the team. The Jets had communicated earlier in the week that he might see the field today, but the coaches are still optimistic he will see the field soon. The team is just being preventative.
  • I know he's not flashy, but I really like Bilal Powell in all facets of his game. He came on well at the end of last year running the ball and he's done a few things that have stood out so far in camp. Tonight in practice he had a great pickup in pass protection with the first team which allowed Geno Smith to make a deep completion to Stephen Hill. He also took a short pass to the sideline deep into the secondary. Bilal is making little plays consistently through camp .. that's a good thing for a team looking for answers past Chris Ivory.
  • It is still very early, but one gets the impression that Stephen Hill is in a groove right now with rookie QB Geno Smith. This is totally conjecture, but I have to wonder if it is because of the velocity of Smith's passes. The ball spends less time in the air which allows Hill to use his height and explosiveness to quickly grab the ball over much smaller defenders. Passes with a slower velocity take more time to get downfield, allow the defensive back more time to set up, more time to adjust and defend the ball ... just a thought ...
  • KJ Stroud and Royce Adams got into a short scuffle between them. It was more of the same, players getting a little too physical with each other and someone taking offense ... next ...
  • John Griffin is a tad on the raw side, but he's looks promising on the field -- and this is a Goodson rebound talking here. Today I asked Marty Mornhinweg specifically about Griffin and he said that Griffin "is an NFL caliber running back" but that he certainly has room for improvement.
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    Good morning from day two in Cortland. We'll be back at practice around 10, so stay tuned for updates to the site throughout the day, so look for updates to the blog and on Twitter (@cgriffin415 & @Brian_Bassett). Here's some of the content from yesterday on TJB:


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    Corey and Brian are on site in Cortland to cover the Jets up close through Monday, so stay tuned all day for updates and news. ?Here's some of the buzz so far around the Jets arrival in Central New York:


    • The Jets signed Braylon Edwards and rookie Sheldon Richardson to their deals in the last 24 hours.
    • Braylon Edwards will be on a "pitch count" during training camp, indicating some concern for nagging injuries.
    • Dee Milliner has yet to sign his contract -- how long will this go for?
    • When asked if he wanted to be the best QB ever, Geno Smith said that's his goal.
    • There's trouble in the running back battery. ? Joe McKnight will start camp on the PUP for failing his physical and Mike Goodson isn't yet to camp, but it sounds as if the staff is aware of his reasons for not being here yet and supports it
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    From @nyjets Twitter account

    Here's some notes from today's Jets minicamp practice at Florham Park.

    Rolling Deep -- It sounds as if?many of the players like the style of offensive coordinator Marty Morhinweg's West Coast Offense, but one of the reasons players seem to be taking a shine to it is that there is a vertical attack element to it that seems to be more pronounced than past Jets coordinators. ?While he might be the fourth man on the depth chart. ?QB coach David Lee said that Matt Simms has the best arm in that regard, but it's his accuracy that holds him back.

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    Here's a quick update on what's going on around the AFC East ...

    Buffalo Bills

    Recently the Bills have added depth to their line with the addition of G/C Doug Legursky, which will be good for CJ Spiller, who says he?expects more carries this season. ?Mario Williams might have complained about his first game as a Bill against Austin Howard, but it sounds like he'll be sliding around more in Mike Pettine's defense, and he told the team's website that he doesn't "have a position", per se. ?The Bills were serious about moving on from Ryan Fitzpatrick and now they've moved on from journeyman/pinball?QB Tavaris Jackson. ?Jackson?was released by the Bills which might indicate the work so far of both EJ Manuel and Kevin Kolb, but most likely it's Manuel. ?Could the Jets speculated interest in Jackson heat up now that he's free again?

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    In case you missed it, last week Matt Williamson graded the AFC teams and how they improved via free agency and the draft. There's been a lot of shade cast on the Jets moves, but Williamson didn't see it that way at all.

    Here's a few of the choicer quotes from the ESPN Insider article?(some more info on the AFCE blog), like this one about the overall status of the team's work, giving the team a B- overall.

    Many criticize the Jets and what seems like a circus-like environment around this organization, but I think this front office has done a solid job this offseason. The Jets did lose a lot, but many of these players needed to go.
    And this about the common thread in the moves made at the quarterback position

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    John Idzik has made it clear that the Jets would look to field roster spots in the 2013 through undrafted rookie free agents. ?Former Clemson OC Dalton Freeman might have gone undrafted, but that doesn't mean he might not be a fit for the team. ?We'll take a look at Freeman in this post.

    Height: 6'5" Weight: 291 lbs

    Hands: 10" Arm Length: 31 1/4"40 Yard Dash: 4.97?Bench: 34 reps

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    Here's a quick rundown on what happened yesterday at training camp.

    Race to the Bottom -- The QB competition isn't starting off well,?but it's still early. ?Mark Sanchez the default leader in the quarterback competition went 6-of-11 with three picks in the Wednesday OTAs and Geno went 4-of-10 with a pick as well. Ryan said Sanchez's day was "unacceptable."

    Staying Holmes -- Santonio was not present at the OTAs and it sounds like he won't show up until he has to, which will be training camp. Santonio might still be rehabbing when training camp rolls around, but it's going to be a concern how much he can contribute if he isn't spending much time around the quarterbacks until he has to, and then maybe not until a bit into training camp.

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    John Idzik has made it clear that the Jets would look to field roster spots this season through undrafted rookie free agents. ?Former Tennessee WR Zach Rogers went undrafted and the Jets added to the competition at one of the team's depth-challenged units ... we'll take a look at Rogers in this post.

    Zach Rogers

    Height: 6'0" Weight: 182 lbs

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    This week, John Idzik made it clear that the Jets would look to field roster spots this season through undrafted rookie free agents. ?Former California University safety Rontez Miles went undrafted, we'll take a look at Miles in this post.

    Rontez Miles

    Height: 6'0" Weight: 203 lbs

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    This week, John Idzik made it clear that the Jets would look to field roster spots this season through undrafted rookie free agents. ?Former Virginia Tech WR Marcus Davis went undrafted, and was cut less than a month after signing with the Giants. ?Even so, in putting in a waiver claim the Jets got a physically gifted player to add to the competition at one of the team's depth-challenged units ... we'll take a look at Davis in this post.

    WR Marcus Davis

    Height: 6'3" Weight: 233 LBS

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    Even though the Devils' playoff chances are finished for 2013, we can still look back at some great moments in New Jersey's playoff history.

    On April 25...

    1993- Claude Lemieux scores two goals, and Chris Terreri stopped 30 of 31 shots as New Jersey staved off elimination with a 4-1 win over the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Patrick Division semifinals at Brendan Byrne Arena. The Devils lost 5-3 in game five and were eliminated by the Pens.

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    Here's some of the quotes and rumors from last night. ?Our man Corey killed the red carpet at the ESPN The Magazine event, here's some of what he tweeted out during his time at the IAC Building.



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    Yesterday I had the chance to listen back to the Tony Pauline interview again from the Friday podcast that Corey and I taped. ?In case you haven't listened to it, here's a few things that I learned from Tony on Friday:?

    Like a Boss -- According to Tony, John Idzik is running the show and he's the one in charge and will be the one making the final call come Thursday. ?There's nothing wrong with a head coach wanting specific players for his team and giving that input back to the GM, but at the end of the day it's the GM's job to execute the long-term vision for the football team and that is exactly what seems to be happening in Florham Park. ?To me that's a good thing. ?Rex tends to get over-enthused about things and so I like hearing that Idzik is acting as a speed governor to Ryan's acceleration pedal.

    The Assumed Revis Exam -- Before any trade, it's obvious that the Bucs are going to want to examine Revis, and it might be that it happens (happened?) without the news getting out. ?Could the Jets, Bucs and Team Revis keep a lid on the story? ?They might need to do so if they all want to pull off the trade. ?So while the news might leak, should we not hear anything in the the next three to four days, it doesn't mean that an exam didn't take place, or previously take place.

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    With the Jets hunkering down for the NFL Draft next week, here's a quick review of where the team is at each position. What do they have? What do they need? We'll make note of the spots that the Jets could look to upgrade starting as soon as next Thursday.?Today we'll do the offensive group, tomorrow the defense.

    Safety?-- The Jets lost both their starting safeties from last year when Yeremiah Bell and LaRon Landry signed elsewhere, they also lost their third safety Eric Smith when they cut him leading up to free agency. ?Assuming that the secondary could look drastically different in a week's time, safety is a position that the team can quickly upgrade to shore up the potential loss of a Pro Bowl corner in this draft class. ?Sure,?the Jets signed Dawan Landry and more will be expected from Josh Bush. ?Still, it's fair to say that in a draft class that has a high number of talented coverage safeties deep into the third day, the team might use a pick to find a player to augment their group and push to become a starter in due time.

    Outside Linebacker?-- One way to help improve a pass defense without adding a secondary player is to get a pass rusher. ?The Jets have decided to move away from the Bryan Thomas and Calvin Pace duo, and while they brought back Pace this week, he might share duty with Antwan Barnes situationally. ?The Jets have been holding onto Ricky Sapp for a reason, and we might see it this season but?the Jets have been routinely linked to the DE/OLB spot with their 9th pick in many mock drafts. ?The Jets haven't had a dominant pass-rusher since John Abraham and there are a number of players who might be able to help the group from the edge. ?The Jets have shown some interest in lesser rated prospects, but many think that the Jets very well could draft a solid pass-rusher early on like Jones, Mingo or should they fall to nine, Jordan or even Ansah.

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    Here's a steaming portion of pre-draft rumors and reports NFL team and agent reverse propaganga.

    Saints RB Chris Ivory

    Tickling the Ivory -- In the past week the Jets have brought in and considered making an offer to RFA running back Chris Ivory from the Saints. ?According to LaCanfora, the team is seriously considering the idea of bringing him in -- a move which would cost the team their second rounder. ?Ivory is a player who has seen little time on the field in his career, but whose results are mouth-watering. ?Ivory started college at Washington State but was kicked off the team for infractions and ended up at Tiffin where a former special teams coach had landed. ?Ivory has had a tough road, but has proven himself a valuable player. ?Ivory has routinely shown that he's a battering ram and that he's extremely hard to bring down even when defenses are keying on him as he was used as a "closer back" in New Orleans. ?Earlier this offseason, Khaled Elsayed wrote for ESPN Insider that Ivory might not ?be a great fit for what the Saints do, but could be for someone else and that "he's incredibly hard to bring down. Ivory has forced 57 missed tackles from a running position since entering the league, or one every 4.9 touches. This season,?Adrian Peterson?forced one every 5.4 touches." ?Pairing a player like Ivory with Goodson might be a nice one-two punch; the brusing power back on one hand with the agile rocket powered open space runner on the other. ?Ivory is an interesting player who would fit Rex Ryan's ideal of power runner, but seems to be a departure from the Johnathan Franklins and Christine Michaels they've been linked with, but more in the LeVeon Bell wheelhouse.

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    With the Jets hunkering down for the NFL Draft next week, here's a quick review of where the team is at each position. What do they have? What do they need? We'll make note of the spots that the Jets could look to upgrade starting as soon as next Thursday. Today we'll do the offensive group, tomorrow the defense.

    Wide Receiver -- Assuming that Holmes recovers from his surgeries, Hill makes the leaps that many expect he will in his second year and Kerley continues his pace, the Jets receiving corps might look solid for 2013. The problem is that is planning for the perfect outcome, and that rarely happens in the NFL. Moreover, the Jets are going to need to address the position sooner or later to have a plan at the position for the 2014 season. As we saw from Stephen Hill in 2012, rookies have a tough time making major contributions to the team so a long-term planner would want to draft a player now who would fit the system for 2014. With the large and athletically gifted Hill and the nimble and excellent Kerley, the Jets might consider a well-rounded receiver, or a potential possession receiver to complement and play within Morhinweg's West Coast system.

    Tight End -- One of the biggest problems in the last year and a half with the emergence of Jeremy Kerley is the conundrum of how to use Dustin Keller. Historically Keller was one of the most targeted tight ends out of the slot in the league in 2011 and so the value of playing there with Kerley on the roster seems to me to be less valuable. Jeff Cumberland has been a three-year project for the Jets and he filled in decently in 2012 for the oft-injured Keller. Even so the Jets have been tied to a number of free agent tight ends and Idzik is said to like some of the tight ends in the draft class. The Jets need a tight end who can play in-line yet still be a integral part of the receiving game. Look to see if the Jets don't grab a player by the first part of the third day of the draft.

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    So far through the free agency period, the Jets have shown interest in a few tight ends, which indicates that the team is considering adding some competition to the spot and not just assuming that long-term project Jeff Cumberland will assume the starting role for the 2013 team, or that the team is dead set on drafting a player next month.

    While Cumberland has improved in the passing game, he lacks some of the all-around skills that a tight end in a West Coast system might need, so the team is looking to visit with Fred Davis, as was reported widely yesterday.

    Per the NY Post:

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    The Devils arrived in Winnipeg on Wednesday and held a 1:30 p.m. practice at the arena. As for participants, everyone on the trip took part, including Ryan Carter.

    Carter, who has been sidelined by concussion-like symptoms, skated on the fourth line, rotating in and out with Stefan Matteau, Krys Barch, Bobby Butler and recent callup Tim Sestito. The rejiggered fourth line is part of Pete DeBoer's recent trend of trying new forward combos over the past week in an attempt to wake up the Devils' slumping offense.

    Here are the other line pairings for the day:

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    Greetings from the Prudential Center on this wonderful Thursday morning. The Devils had a morning skate prior to tonight's game against the New York Islanders, which, believe it or not, is a battle for first place in the Atlantic Division. It's only been five games, but who woulda thunk that before the season started? Just goes to show the Devils play in the toughest division in hockey.

    There were a couple of notable participants in the skate this morning: Adam Henrique and Stefan Matteau. Now, as of press time (10:40ish a.m.), neither player is locked in to playing tonight, or in Matteau's case, locked in to staying in the NHL this season. Still, in Henrique's case, it's a clear sign that he's as close to returning as he's been all season. We'll just have to see if he's in the lineup tonight.

    The Devils defensemen worked on taking shots from the point while the forwards ran dump and support drill that saw one man chase a puck into the corner while the other circled back around the faceoff dot and into the slot. The Devils continue to work on different aspects of their forecheck in every practice I've been to, and rightfully so. It's one of the most important parts of their game -- if not the most important.

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    The Darrelle Revis situation is at once the most understandable, ridiculous and thoroughly frustrating scenario the Jets and their fans have had to go through in the past 12 months. That?s saying something.

    But to understand this situation, we have to look back at 12 months? worth of poor decisions and strange fascinations that got the Jets in this spot in the first place and why the man that made those decisions could not have solved the Revis problem.

    From hiring Tony Sparano as the one to take Mark Sanchez to the next level by taking the ball out of his hands (think about that) to then extending Sanchez for millions of guaranteed dollars and trading for Tim Tebow, it was a strange offseason. Made even weirder by Rex Ryan calling the talent-deficient roster possibly the best team he?s had since he came to New York (ego boost, anyone?) and proceeding to watch said team collapse in on itself, betrayed by, guess what ? a lack of talent, particularly at quarterback.

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    The Devils were back at it this morning, preparing for tomorrow's game against old friend Adam Oates, the new coach of the Washington Capitals.

    Here's today's forwards with an interesting swap of LWs. I'll update this thread as we go along today.


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    FLORHAM PARK, N.J. ? The game of football has been compared to many things, most often being called a battle. But never, never in the history of the NFL has anyone compared any part of the game to cellular respiration.

    Eric Smith runs back interception against Rams

    That is, until one talks with Eric Smith.

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    FLORHAM PARK, N.J. ? The affable, somewhat sarcastic, always approachable Nick Bellore is a marked man in the Jets locker room.

    Bellore and his beard

    For 22 days now, the Jets linebacker has been the target of his teammates as part of the ?No Shave November? fad as he has been growing a beard and has refused to touch his burgeoning growth. Now itchy and thick, Bellore needs to endure a little more than a week before he can think about trimming let alone shaving the beard. It is a burden he feels he carries for the Jets team because of the sheer awesomeness of his facial hair.

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    A lot has already been written in recent weeks about Sports Illustrated's awesome new coffee table book, FOOTBALL'S GREATEST and I know that I'm not going to be the one to discover new lands in my review of it.

    Instead, I'll take a different tack. ?With a name like FOOTBALL'S GREATEST, you can imagine that it's full of glossy photos from the SI archives, lists of the best players at particular positions, the best overall teams, the best coaches and the like. ?All of this is interspersed with writing from many of SI's current roster of writers along with snippets from writers of days gone by. ?It's a little bit of time capsule and modern day analysis all rolled into one big book.

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    On Sunday, the Jets are supposed to play the Rams, but it's now Thursday and Saint Louis is a forgotten team in Florham Park while the Jets are falling into petty infighting, anonymous slagging of fellow teammates, recanting public statements and circling around and around and around the Jets now seemingly epic 2012 implosion.

    We all know about the main comments by now. ?Shonn Greene (who is about to clarify what he said) was quoted in Yahoo! as saying that players are starting to wonder about a change. Also, The Daily News put together an article of mostly anonymous players bashing their teammate Tim Tebow as an illegitimate option as quarterback for this team.

    The Daily News article revolved around only one attributed quote to Matt Slauson,?but the centerpiece of the Daily News attack on Tim Tebow has said his comments were used improperly.

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    Here's some comments from a few columnists from Monday about Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum.

    Tara Sullivan - The Record

    [sny-box]This is not what general manager Mike Tannenbaum promised was coming when he made the swap with Denver to bring Tebow to New York. He sold us a football move and not a publicity one, but so far, the football has fallen flat.

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    FLORHAM PARK, N.J. ? It could be a big day this Sunday for Jets running back Jonathan Grimes, who likely will be making his NFL debut against the Patriots.

    Signed several weeks back off the Texans practice squad, the Willingboro, NJ native is ready for his first taste of NFL action. Not many fans knew who Grimes was before he joined the Jets, a product of William & Mary who went undrafted and then found himself buried on the Texans backfield depth chart, arguably the deepest group of running backs in the league. But with running backs Bilal Powell and Joe McKnight having not practiced this week due to injuries, there is precious little depth on the roster behind starter Shonn Greene.

    Enter the always affable, always smiling and always upbeat Grimes.

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    FLORHAM PARK, N.J. ? When the Jets take the field at a hostile Gillette Stadium this Sunday to face the Patriots, they will have a little bit of home blaring in their locker room, with rookie safety Josh Bush?s ?Jet Life Dreams? being the track of choice.

    Bush wrote the rap during training camp, specifically for the talent show that all rookies have to participate in, a rite of passage if you will around NFL circles. Both composer and lyricist of the tune, Bush said he wrote the song about his own life and how he?s fought to get where he?s at right now but in it, he used football as a metaphor. The song is played during pregame warm-ups at MetLife Stadium but rookie linebacker Demario Davis told The Jets Blog that the team often plays it on the road in the locker room to get themselves ready for the game.

    ?I?ve been playing music for a while; I don?t even really know how or when I first fell in love with music,? Bush told The Jets Blog. ?I guess in high school, it started when someone bet me that I couldn?t learn how to play the guitar and I did. Then one day, I started to teach myself the piano. From there it has only grown.?

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    Oh yeah, Game Balls is back with a vengeance. Yesterday's game was one of the sweetest sights these eyes have ever seen, vintage New York Jets football, pounding the ball on the ground and playing more than good but less than great defense. Yes, ok it was against a team in rebuilding mode with a rookie quarterback but it was an impressive wins that gets this Jets team back to .500 and back in first place in the AFC East courtesy of the Seattle Seahawks. Without further ado, lets paint em' up:

    Shonn Greene:

    Umm, where was this all season? This is what Jets fans everywhere envisioned when Rex said that they would get back to their "Ground and Pound" roots, well ground and pound is what Shonne Greene did yesterday, racking up 161 yards on 32 carries with three touchdowns with an average of 5.0 YPC.?He remains an enigma to me but consistency will be the key for Greene in trying to establish himself as a "feature back" capable of carrying the load like he did yesterday. Whether we can expect the same production on a week-by-week basis remains to be seen but let's take this one game at a time and give Shonn his first Game Ball of 2012.

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    The Jets showed some dominance for the first time since the Bills game. ?It's amazing to say that just in their sixth game of the season it was a must-win, but after a tough stretch against some elite adversaries, the Jets needed to get back into the win column and did so in grand style.

    [sny-box]The Rundown

    Shonn Greene was the game's MVP, going for 161 yards on 32 carries and an eye popping three touchdowns. ?Mark Sanchez passed for only 82 yards going 11-18, but did so with two touchdowns and more importantly no interceptions or turnovers. ?

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    FLORHAM PARK, N.J. ? On paper this week, the Jets are probably a much better team than the Colts side they will welcome to MetLife Stadium on Sunday afternoon. The same advantage could probably have been said of the Packers last weekend before they were upset by an emotionally driven Colts team.

    Playing for their head coach Chuck Pagano, currently receiving treatment for leukemia, Indianapolis overcame a halftime deficit for 30-27 win over Green Bay in a game where the Colts were spurred on to play for Pagano. The ?Chuck Strong? movement has spread throughout the NFL and college football and now the Colts are hoping to ride the wave of emotions to a big road win this weekend against the 2-3 Jets.

    For Jets Wildcat quarterback Tim Tebow, emotion is a part of the game. Dating back to his collegiate exploits at Florida, Tebow was known for his primal emotions on the field and a fiery passion that would lift his teammates. He sees the same thing in the Colts win last Sunday.

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    We asked Greg Cowan over at ColtsAuthority.com (formerly 18to88.com) to answer some questions about this weekend's matchup between the Colts and the Jets. ?Here's what Greg thought about his team and their chances this weekend.

    Be sure to read my answers to his questions on ColtsAuthority.com!

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    The thought that the Jets would give the Texans a run for their money seemed preposterous to many pundits heading into the game. ?Still, the Jets showed up in response to their loss against the Niners and fared much better, even in defeat.

    [sny-box]The Rundown

    Arian Foster was too much for the Jets. ?He ran the ball well all night, amassing yards in chunks and running for more than 130 yards on 20+ carries. ?The Jets could not find a way to shut him down in the first and fourth quarters specifically.

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    When the Jets brought in Tony Sparano, the thought was that the Jets were going to be better not necessarily because they would be so revolutionary in what they did offensively, but that Sparano would stress the importance of execution over nuance. ?While the Jets had their ups and downs learning his particular system, that's not to blame for the offense's inability to run the ball effectively through four games.

    Brandon Moore doesn't think that it has anything to do with learning the system, it just comes down to plain old execution. ?"Across the league, everybody?s running the same plays," Moore told Jets Confidential. ?"It?s not a matter of whether Sparano is different than Schottenheimer. It?s the same running plays. I mean, they run them in high school. It?s just a matter of executing the plays the way they?re supposed to be done and being productive at it."

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    The Jets were shut out for the fist time since 2010, in a crucial game at home losing to the Niners by a brutal 34-0 score.

    [sny-box]The Rundown

    Mark Sanchez had his third sub 50% completion percentage game of the season, going 13-29 for 103 yards with one interception. ?

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    FLORHAM PARK, N.J.?After an injury in the first preseason game of the year, Jets fans haven?t seen Eric Smith on the field and contributing at safety. The good news is that the countdown on his return might be coming to an end.

    Head coach Rex Ryan upgraded Smith on Thursday, saying that his safety is ?limited? in practice after having been relegated to working with the trainers the past couple weeks. Smith had knee and hip injuries that kept him from his normal heavy workload on the team and he sighed a bit when asked about his health and a possible return this Sunday in Miami.

    ?I?m tired of being asked that. Feeling better than I was, making progress,? Smith told The Jets Blog.

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    The Jets injury report is starting to fill up as more players have been added to the list in addition to those from last week. ?The most notable addition is Mark Sanchez, who is listed today on the report with back stiffness, but will remain a full participant for the Jets practice in Florham Park.

    "Basically it's just tightness in his back," coach Rex Ryan said in his Wednesday press conference. "It's really not a big deal, but I'm sure it will be listed as a big deal."

    We'll take Ryan's word that it's not a big deal, but it becomes a bigger one once put into the context that there's a number of other players who aren't ready to get back on the field. ?On offense, Dustin Keller (hamstring) is still out, and now John Conner (knee) might not play this weekend either.

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    Bad news for the Jets today. Not only will their star cornerback Darrelle Revis not be cleared to play, starting outside linebacker Bryan Thomas and starting tight end won't make the trip to Pittsburgh as well. Let's address all three?separately.

    CB Darrelle RevisImpact:?Revis is the straw that stirs the defense's drink. ?His ability to effectively lock down one side of the field allows Rex to deploy a safety into other uses - be it run support, pass rush, man coverage on another receiver or to make zone play that much easier. ?Because of his lingering concussion issues, he's not going to be ready to play this weekend and that's a huge blow to the Jets. ?Facing The Young Money Crew the Jets are going to be hard pressed to keep up with their receivers and a QB who can extend plays. ?Unfortunately, the rest of the cornerbacks?aren't fully healthy as Isaiah Trufant (now the 4th corner) is still recovering from an injury as well.

    Remedy: There's no perfect remedy here. ?The Jets would be wise to take their chances with Cromartie on Wallace. ?Cromartie is fast and tall enough to keep with Wallace much of the time and that will leave Wilson on a mix of players, be it Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders and even some Cotchery. ?Ellis Lankster and Josh Bush better be ready to play a lot of snaps as a potential nickel/dime ?players for this team and be solid in coverage. ?The Jets defensive line also better have the game of their life, limiting Roethlisberger's time to throw with their base four and to drop as many bodies into coverage as possible.

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    Here's a list of some of the injuries that Jets players sustained last night or were factors/concerns during the way the game played out ...?

    LB David Harris -- While Harris has a "sprain" of his ankle, he told reporters after the game it wasn't anything serious. ?The Jets will likely rest Harris as much as they can between now and the home opener in two weeks.

    TE Dustin Keller -- While he suffered a non-contact injury, Dustin Keller returned to the sidelines in with a large wrap on his leg and didn't see more time in the game. ?Rex told the media that he didn't think the injury was serious.

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    The New York Jets (0-3 preseason) lost to the Carolina Panthers (2-1 preseason) today by a score of 17-12.

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    Here's the latest reactions from the folks on hand at Jets practice this evening.

    [sny-twitter-list url="https://twitter.com/#!/brian_bassett/jets-journalists" count=15]

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    Travis Zajac had a full practice with the team today. Zajac was recovering from Achillies tendon surgery he had over the summer in an offseason incident. He is suspected to be in the lineup by Christmas but could be back in the lineup as early as next week.

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    Ilya Kovalchuk practiced with the team today in Boston. Kovalchuk was skating as an extra forward in the beginning. He also had worked with both power play units playing the left point. The Devils take on the Boston Bruins tonight and it is still unsure if Kovalchuk will be in the lineup tonight.

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    Again Ilya Kovalchuk missed practice this afternoon. He has been sidelined since November 3rd when he left the game in the 3rd period with what is being called a lower body injury. It was suspected that he may practice today but it did not happen. He is not ruled out for Friday against the Washington Capitals.

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