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Islander County has calmed down considerably in the last 24 plus hours since the whirlwind start to the week that saw the Islanders make a huge trade and then play their first of the year against the rival Rangers.?At practice, Brock Nelson has been bouncing around the lines, spending time as the first line's extra yesterday and now the second line's extra player today. On Tuesday against the Rangers, Nelson took Colin McDonald's spot on the right wing of the fourth line.Thus far, there have been no updates on the injured Brian Strait and the concussed Lubomir Visnovsky.A large portion of Elliotte Friedman's 30 Thoughts column this week focused on the Vanek trade. Here's one of the bullet points, where he speculates that the price for Ryan Miller is north of the price for Vanek. If true, that's kind of frightening to think about what the Islanders would have had to give to get Miller:[sny-box]2. Islanders GM Garth Snow is getting grief for?taking Thomas Vanek?instead of Ryan Miller, but the way Miller is going, do you think Regier is trading him for Matt Moulson's expiring contract, a first-round and second-round draft pick? Me neither. Regier said Monday he has "no offers" for Miller, and really hasn't had any since the summer. When the goalie does get traded, the bet is it's for a price Snow wasn't willing to pay for a rental.[/sny-box]Speaking of Ryan Miller, I think it's also about time win-loss record for goalies stopped being a way to judge how a goalie is performing or even a statistic this is tracked at all. Wins and losses are obviously something the whole team is responsible for, not just the goalie, and Miller is the perfect example.Thus far Miller is 1-9 with the Sabres, which is a horrdenous record and is outside of the Top 30 in the league in wins. But it doesn't match who Miller is as a goalie. Despite playing on an awful team and being 1-9, Miller still has a .914 SVP, which puts him 18th in the NHL -- *cough* better than Nabokov *cough* . He's also?the goalie that every fanbase without a solid starter wants to trade for, including this one. So yeah, 1-9 is not even close to representative of his talents or even how anyone is currently judging his talents. Let's just leave W/L on the curb for the garbage truck.Bridgeport captain Chris Bruton is out a month. The Sound Tigers lost 5-3 in Hartford last night. They gave up another shorthanded goal, which makes six allowed already on the year. They're also 4-for-47 on the year with the man advantage, so they're actually?getting?outscored?on the power play?through their first seven games.In ex-Isle news, Rick DiPietro got his first AHL start yesterday for the Charlotte Checkers. He allowed four on 29 shots and wore a red uniform, which just looks weird.https://twitter.com/Schultz88/status/395694624112508928LHH also debuted the Rick DiPietro owner's manual,?which is hilarious and you should go read it.Defensive prospect Adam Pelech made the OHL Super Series team. Pelech has 13 points in 15 games and is a +10 for Erie so far this season.Also: This insane columnist wants the Caps to trade Alex Ovechkin. Ok...
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As per the lovely new CBA that was handed down after the lockout, teams are allotted two amnesty buyouts to use either this summer or next. They can use them to get under the dropping salary cap and rid themselves of some hideous contracts. These buyouts are also special in that the player's salary will not continue to count against the cap (unlike Alexei Yashin's buyout that continues on through 2014-15) but rather the cap hit will be removed from a team's cap total. Teams can still use a regular buyout as well, which keeps the cap hit intact.

As of 11pm tonight, teams will be able to place players on unconditional waivers. Once they pass those waivers -- and they will, I mean who in the hell wants some of these contracts? -- they can be bought out. Many players have already been confirmed to be heading for a buyout per their teams such as Daniel Briere and Ilya Bryzgalov in Philadelphia and Scott Gomez in Montreal. As for the Islanders, there has been no word on Rick DiPietro. Earlier today, Bob McKenzie said that the team hadn't committed one way or the other to DiPietro.

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The Albany Devils' power play ranks 28th out of 30 American Hockey League teams-- firing at just 11.4 percent. Albany entered Sunday's game in Bridgeport having scored just 1-of-its-last-20 man advantages.

Yet, somehow Albany's power play found a way to be worse.

Albany was 0-for-3, failing to score on a 5-minute first-period major. Plus, when given a third-period man advantage, the Devils surrendered a shorthanded goal-- the game-winner in the Bridgeport Sound Tigers' 2-0 win.

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Tonight in Hartford, Rick DiPietro had a bad start to his Sound Tigers career. DiPietro allowed five goals to the CT Whale on 12 shots and was pulled after the first intermission in favor of Kenny Reiter. Here's the full box score.

Update, 1:43pm: Mike Fornabaio has a full analysis here. Video is here.

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3:51pm: Isles GM Garth Snow: "We are aware of Rick?s comments today and the severity of them. We will handle them internally as we do with all player matters. This is an opportunity for Rick to play lots of games in Bridgeport."

Original Story: Earlier today, Kevin Mathers of News12 tweeted some of Rick DiPietro's candid thoughts on being demoted to the AHL. One of those thoughts mentioned DiPietro contemplating suicide, according to Mathers:


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The Islanders waived Rick DiPietro last week, and he reported to the Bridgeport Sound Tigers yesterday. The first person to get a crack at talking to him was the CT Post's Mike Fornabaio, to whom DiPietro said he was just ready to play hockey. DiPietro sounded at peace with being waived:

[sny-box]"It's going really well," DiPietro said at Webster Bank Arena after his second Bridgeport practice. "It's an unbelievable group of guys here. I'm looking forward to winning a lot of games with them."[/sny-box]

Today? Well, today's a new day and DiPietro has some things on his mind that are just a bit more intense. And by 'more intense' I mean he's talking about getting his heart set on fire.

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The Islanders finally decided to take the significant step of placing Rick DiPietro on waivers yesterday, punching a non-stop ticket for the goaltender to Bridgeport. DiPietro could report to the Sound Tigers as early as today, if Kevin Poulin can make it from Springfield, Massachusetts to Buffalo in time for tonight's Islanders/Sabres game. If not, the two goalies will switch places on Sunday.

Putting a player with a contract like DiPietro's in the minors usually signals that the player will never suit up for the NHL club again. The player generally spends the rest of their contracted playing years in the minors, eventually either being bought out by the team or working their craft in the minors indefinitely.

It's been a long time coming, but the Islanders finally have decided that having DiPietro on the roster was no longer the best thing for the team.

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Boston, MA -- TD Bank Garden -- MSG+

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Update 10:45pm: The seller responded and says the jersey is from Riessersee's friendly against Peinbenberg on November 9th. Riessersee won that game 12-0 with DiPietro in net. So, apparently DiPietro played three games in Europe with one being a shutout, and that made it under the radar here in North America.

Original story:Yes, folks for the low price of $399 Euros (about $533) you can own a piece of NHL lockout history; the Rick DiPietro SC Riessersee jersey.

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As part of the new deal between the League and the Players, teams will have the opportunity to buyout two uninjured players this summer. But for whatever reason, teams couldn't buy anyone out right now. So what's a team with Wade Redden or Scott Gomez on it to do? Why pay them to sit at home and not get injured of course. That's just what the Rangers and Canadiens have been doing with Redden and Gomez. That is, until this weekend.

In a disturbingly fast amount of time (considering how long it took to end the lockout) the League and Players agreed to allow teams to use one of their compliance buyouts this season. As as of Saturday teams can put players making $3 million or more through waivers -- basically a formality -- and then will be free to buy them out after which the player can sign for another team or accept a minor league assignment. There's not much benefit for the team to do this. They'll still be dealing with the player's full cap hit all year. It's more of a way to allow the players to find an employer who wants them.

All that being said, it's not likely that Rick DiPietro would get bought out via this method. The Islanders could use a second goalie on the bench, as sitting Kevin Poulin or Anders Nilsson behind Nabokov for the year does those players no good. Also, in this special buyout period, the player has to agree to it. Rick DiPietro still wants to play and doesn't seem to mind doing it in an Islanders uniform.

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14 players on the Islanders roster skated informally today at IceWorks, with no coaches present. Also skating were Ryan Strome and Radek Martinek. Josh Bailey, Jesse Joensuu, and (of course) Lubomir Visnovsky were not present on the ice. Joensuu was in the building and looked fine, I'm not sure where Bailey was but there was equipment in his locker... Michael Grabner says he "didn't feel anything" from his injured ab today and seems to be ready to go... John Tavares was cut in the face, and dripped some blood onto his jersey. Not sure if it was a puck or stick that got him. He's got a cut near his mouth. Left the ice for a few minutes but returned and is fine... "You can't take anything for granted," said Rick DiPietro. "I've done everything I can throughout this lockout to be ready to go and am looking forward to it." DiPietro and Nabokov played in opposite nets during a scrimmage today...
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With 2012 behind us, it's time to take a look at what's ahead for the Islanders in the upcoming year. We've got seven burning questions that need to be, or are likely to be, addressed in the coming 12 months. First up though is one question about the NHL:

#7 - Will there be a 2012-13 season?The deadline for a new CBA has now been set at a little under two weeks from now on January 11th. Finally, mercifully, we'll have either a resolution one way or another.

The way it seems, with both sides inching ever closer to one another, we'll have a deal by then. Neither side is dumb enough to lose a season at this point (right? right?) and there's too much money out there to be made from a partial season for them to continue to sit on their hands. Whether the league caves or the players do is a tough question to answer -- my hunch is some sort but I think both sides know that not having a season is much worse than having a partial season, although a large amount of damage has already been done.

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Today, Rick DiPietro showed up at the CBA meetings in New York, and a few folks on Twitter and via email were surprised since he's got a team in Germany and all. It went pretty well under the radar and wasn't covered here (oops), but DiPietro came back to North America around the middle of December, when a whole bunch of NHLers were returning home for the holidays or, possibly, "for the holidays" (since the lockout seemed to be nearing a resolution).

The departure of DiPietro as well as fellow NHLer Matt D'Agostini was announced on SC Riessersee's website, with a goodbye postcard (right).

And if you're keeping score, according to EuroHockey.com, DiPietro finishes his European trip with one league game played.

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Or is asking for them to be sane asking too much?The NHL and NHLPA have brought back in government mediators and met separately with the mediators yesterday. More of that is expected today... I'm not holding my breath.

Would amnesty be used on Slick Rick?When it comes to RDP and the Islanders, you never know just how things will work out. While buying him out seems like the obvious choice, well, you just never know. Lighthouse examined the whole situation pretty thoroughly the other day, and had two interesting sticking points that could muddle the relatively easy decision:

It does cause some problems for the Islanders to amnesty DiPietro, however. It would definitely make it harder for the cash-strapped club to make the salary cap floor. $4.5 million is a lot to make up for a club who needed to ride Brian Rolston's undeserved $5 million contract last season for cap purposes.

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Well, we may have messed this one up. DiPietro tells the NY Post he's ok:

@BrettCyrgalis: DiPietro: "I'm great and really enjoying Garmisch! ... I'm feeling good and looking forward to the next game." #Isles

And LHH on their initial mention:

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With Calvin de Haan now out for the season, that frees up a spot on what was originally a very crowded blueline in Bridgeport. There are still 7 defenders on the roster -- de Haan was the eighth -- so there's no immediate worry or need defensively. But of course if there's an injury in the short term or an end to the lockout that sends Travis Hamonic (and another, possibly) to Long Island later on, the Sound Tigers are going to have to fill the void.

The short list of candidates to step in is, well, short. The Sound Tigers were great last year at pulling strings and finding ECHL players to step in and fill spots as many of their players were called up to the NHL. If the team wanted instead to look to its own farm system, there are a few candidates. Excluding the seven defenders drafted in 2012 (we'll leave them out for brevity and the obvious assumption that they need more time), the Islanders top defensive prospects not already in Bridgeport are Robbie Russo, Andrey Pedan, Scott Mayfield, and Brenden Kitchon. All four were draft picks in 2011.

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Saturday night, SC Bern won 4-3 on penalty shots over SCL Tigers. John Tavares had an assist and scored the second of two Bern goals in the penalty shootout at the end of the game. No video has surfaced yet of his shootout attempt (send it in if you find it), but video of Tavares' assist is below. It was a nice cross-crease feed on the power play to Martin Pluss. In the video, Tavares takes the faceoff and then is on the bottom of the screen for most of the play.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u06_sEnCnP4&w=640&h=360]

Also, Rick DiPietro met the media earlier in the week:

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Bringing the total to eight Islanders playing overseas, goalie Rick DiPietro will be taking his talents to Germany. Via Google Translate/Keith:

Of the New York Islanders goalie Rick DiPietro legend comes to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The 31-year-old was drafted in 2000 as the No. 1, which he did as the first goalkeeper ever. DiPietro signed in 2006 a 15 (!) Year contract in New York. This was the longest contract in the history of the NHL.

Rick DiPietro has already arrived with his wife in Munich and arrived in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

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Via NewYorkIslanders.com:

The New York Islanders announced today that goaltender Rick DiPietro has been removed from injured reserve.

DiPietro, 30, had been sidelined since Dec. 3, 2011, first with a groin strain and then with a sports hernia and knee swelling. The Winthrop, MA, native appeared in eight games last season, posting a 3-2-3 record.

As you were.
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10:50 pm: Satisfied with how his surgically-repaired body held up over 60 minutes tonight, Rick DiPietro pronounced himself ready for primetime.


Double-time, actually.

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by B.D. Gallof


Sure it?s my favorite sport. But over the years an Isles season is like waiting for some new Fall TV show. What will it be: A sitcom? A tear jerking drama? Some sort of reality television? Probably all of the above?

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