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According to Rob Ryan, his team's loss to his brother's Jets is still stinging. Apparently, Rex is making it worse, leaving antagonizing voicemails for the Cowboys defensive coordinator. Here's how Rob described them:

"There was no PG thing about them,'' Rob Ryan said. "I think it was R or worse.''
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Tomorrow?s game can?t come soon enough.? As we gear up to watch the Jets take on the Cowboys during a marquee time slot, here are some of the matchups that I (and a couple of other bloggers) will be paying attention to.

Cowboys NT Jay Ratliff vs. Jets C Nick Mangold

This is a battle that?s made the lists of both ESPN?s Byran Boaddus and Ben Stockwell of ProFootballFocus, and for good reason. Nick Mangold, a Pro-Bowler, will be one of the keys in protecting Sanchez, which will be essential to establishing the Jets? passing game. According to Stockwell:

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