Ryan Callahan

During the Eastern Conference Final, former Rangers captain Ryan Callahan spoke with Larry Brooks about his time with the Rangers and what he thinks his legacy may be.

Callahan said that he thought a lot about it in 2014 after he was traded and the Rangers went to the Stanley Cup Final. (NY Post)

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Ryan McDonagh said that "accountability" and "trust" in your teammates are two of the biggest things that he took away from Ryan Callahan 's time as captain of the Rangers. (Daily News)

McDonagh said that Callahan taught him to focus on doing his job and not trying to "extend and do too much." (Daily News)

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5/15/15 | 4:25PM: Ron Duguay said that Callahan had a certain comfort level playing against his friends and the Rangers need to "go after him hard." Duguay said that "someone has to put a glove in the face and let the whole building know how it's going to be." (NY Post)?

12/1/14 | 1:16PM: Alain Vigneault said that he isn't sure there has been a "Cally love fest" during the last two games but the Rangers need to be better against their former captain. (NYR)

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5/15/15 | 1:34PM: Callahan is on the ice and skating in a regular jersey at practice today. (TBL)

5/14/15 | 1:17PM: Callahan said that he is taking his recovery slowly and that he met his goal of doing "more physical activity" on Thursday. (TampaBay.com)

11:45AM: Callahan said that he is feeling good and seeing tremendous improvement each day. (Smith)

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Former Rangers captain Ryan Callahan said that returning to Madison Square Garden for a playoff game as a visiting player will bring up a lot of emotions. (TB.com)

Callahan said that he is excited to return to MSG as a visitor and that no matter who the opponent is, Tampa has an opportunity to move on the Stanley Cup Final. (TB.com)

Brian Boyle said that the Rangers are standing in the Lightning's way of advancing to the Stanley Cup Final. He said that he is sure the Rangers see it the same way. He said that it will be fun to return to MSG and it will be a new experience be at MSG in the playoffs as a visitor. (TB.com)

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5/11/15 | 10:18PM: Ryan Callahan underwent emergency appendectomy surgery today and is out indefinitely. (Erlendsson)

Callahan's timetable for a return is undetermined right now. (LeBrun)

Tampa Bay plays Montreal tomorrow with a chance to clinch a spot in the Eastern Conference Final.

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Marc Staal says that the Rangers need a response against Ryan Callahan and Tampa Bay tonight. (NY Post)

Staal said that the Rangers haven't played a 60 minute game against Tampa Bay and while they were better when the two teams played in Tampa, "it wasn't good enough."

He adds that right from the drop of the puck the Rangers need to make it known that it won't be an easy night for Tampa Bay and Callahan.

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Ryan Callahan told Larry Brooks that his insistence on a no-trade clause is what ultimately led to him being trade to Tampa Bay last season.? (NY Post)

Callahan said that he wanted security for his young family that they wouldn't be bouncing around.

Brooks says that Callahan at first was asking for $6.4 million a year over 7 years, the Rangers were at five-years and $6 million per year and then the Rangers "hemmed, hawed and agreed" to six-years at $6 million per year, but would not agree to the no-trade clause.

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7:18PM: Callahan, along with Boyle and Stralman, had pictures shown on the scoreboard and Callahan had the largest ovation.

7:13PM: Callahan is booed when he first controls the puck.

6:51PM: Marc Staal said, "it's like playing against your brothers. Guys you played with for a long time and put a lot of heart and soul into the organization but it will be fun."

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3:17PM: In speaking with the media today, Callahan said:

  • He loved his time with the Rangers, loved the organization especially the fans. (NY Post)
  • He has no regrets about the situation that led to his trade and he has no ill feelings towards the Rangers/management. (NY Post)
  • He loves the fans, embraced them and "that's all I can say about that." (NY Post)
  • He had to remember not to go into the home locker room. (NYR)
  • He keeps in contact with a lot of his former teammates and was glad to see them. (NYR)
  • The hardest part of leaving the Rangers was leaving behind the close friends he had made during his career. (Ranger Rants)
9:49AM: Callahan said that he always felt like he was going to stay with the Rangers and did everything he could to make it happen. (TampaBay.com)

9:39AM: Ryan Callahan has 6 goals and 7 assists for Tampa Bay this season with 31 hits, 37 shots, 11 blocked shots and an average of 18:26 per game.

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11/16/14 | 7:59PM: Dan Girardi said that it will feel "a little different" playing against Callahan. (Newsday)

9:49PM: Stralman said that the three haven't talked much about it but if there is any game they want to win it's tomorrow. (Newsday)

Callahan said that he doesn't know what kind of reception they will get but he is excited to go back and play at MSG. (Newsday)

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Ryan Callahan was on Brady and Walker this morning (Sportsnet):

Was it difficult going through the process of the trade, "the whole process was tough. You are trying to play and be a captain and you have contract talks going on throughout, that were in the media mostly. Everything that was going on was being broadcast through the media and it's tough to put that out of your head and play. I found that once the trade happened and I was settled in Tampa, things calmed down, Steve Yzerman and the organization was great for me. They said we would talk at the end of the year and it eased my mind."

On Brian Boyle, "Last couple of playoffs in NY, it's when he plays his best hockey and that is the kind of guy you want on your team, someone who plays his best when it matters the most. When it comes to April, May, June, he is a huge addition for us. I was excited to have a familiar face come down this way and I think he will be big for us.

Callahan played a role in Tampa signing both Boyle and Anton Stralman.

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Yesterday, both Brian Boyle and Anton Stralman signed in Tampa Bay and joined their former captain, Ryan Callahan.

Tampa GM Steve Yzerman said that Stralman can play a lot of minutes, is a reliable defender and most importantly a right hand shot. He said that Boyle fills a hole at center, is big and is a good penalty killer and defender. (TBO via PHT)

Yzerman also said that he sought advice from Callahan about his two former teammates and to make sure they would fit into the Tampa locker room. Yzerman said that Callahan provided a "wealth" of information."? (TBO via PHT)

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Ryan Callahan was a guest on NHL Live yesterday and spoke a little about the Rangers:

  • On leaving NY, "It was hard, that was all I knew was New York and I grew up in that organization and it was first time that I had ever been traded so to leave a city that I liked so much and that I knew, it was difficult but how Tampa brought me in and made me feel comfortable ?it made it a lot easier
  • What was it like seeing the Rangers go on that run, ?it was exciting and I was talking to them throughout the run and the trip they had to the Cup. I grew up with a lot of those guys and to see them have that much success it was a lot of fun."
Callahan made similar comments yesterday on TSN Radio.
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Ryan Callahan was a guest on TSN 1050's Leafs Lunch this afternoon:

  • On waiting to test UFA or was Tampa too good, "there was that temptation, it was a long time coming, almost now a year now of negotiating counting New York. I think right from day one when the season ended, everything that I experienced in Tampa from the players to the organization to where the team is going, that is a place that I wanted to be and my main concentration was on getting a deal done with them and it happened to get done before July 1 and I was fine with that."
  • On the tax situation on Florida vs New York, "That played into it, it definitely does and with no state income tax you are making more at the same number than you would in another city. During negotiations and during this process we had that to think about but at the end of the day this was the organization that I want to be with and side with and I was really happy that it got done and at a number that both sides are happy with."
  • On New York vs Tampa Bay and the attention, "I didn't think too much of it, when I was in New York and that lifestyle and spotlight didn't bother me, it was all I knew at that point. I started with New York so that lifestyle and attention didn't really factor in one way or another."
  • On the Tampa organization, "as soon as I got there I was really impressed. We played them before I got traded and the young talent is unbelievable when you are skating with them and playing with them. The direction this organization is going played a big part in this. With one of the top guys in Steven Stamkos and a goalie like Bishop who had an unbelievable year. The direction this team is going in is what I like the most and I am glad to be part of it."
  • On a leadership role, "To an extent, I don't think you need a C or an A on your sweater and if you are a leader you are a leader. When I became captain of the Rangers I said that I wouldn't change who I am or what I do just because I have a C on my chest. In Tampa I won't change what I was doing from New York just because I don't have a C on my sweater or a letter, I will approach the game the same way and lead by example and do what I can to help the young guys."
  • How does Steve Yzerman factor into it, "right from the second I got there he was great with me. I looked up to him when he was playing and he came right up to me and said that he knew I was going through a lot with contract talks in New York and he wanted me to just play and we would worry about that at the end of the season and it meant a lot to me. He is always around and easy to talk to and I think that is what you need in a GM."
  • On Jon Cooper, "very easy to talk to and very easy to approach. He has coached some of the younger guys and he is the type of guy that can convey his point in a good way and one thing about Coop is that when I got to the airport he was there to pick me up, you don't see that everyday and you could tell what kind of coach and guy he is."
  • On the NHL game changing, "You gotta adapt with the game. It's a lot faster and quicker and that doesn't go against my style. I like to get in and go on the forecheck and be a quick player in the zone, take the body and go to the net. It's enjoyable to play that way and the game is growing."
  • On the Rangers going to the Final, "I was really happy for the guys. I grew up with those guys and some of them I played with for eight seasons. To see them have success and go as far as they did and have such a good run with it, it was fun to watch. I was talking to them all during it so it shows how good that organization is and how good that team is."
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10:30AM: The no-trade clause was apparently a big sticking point for Callahan to get the deal done. (Joe Smith)

10:25AM: Callahan has a full no-trade clause the first four years of the deal and will submit a list of teams in the final two years. (Katie Strang)

9:27AM: The official trade between the Rangers and Tampa Bay is:

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6/23/14: 2:27PM: Tampa Bay and Callahan have made progress but are apparently not close on a new deal. (Tampa Bay Times)

Callahan's agent says that he could remain in Tampa even after July 1 but they will get a good feel for interest on Wednesday when teams can start talking to pending free agents. (Tampa Bay Times)

6/21/14: 9:50AM Callahan's agent says that the two sides are trying to narrow the gap on a deal. (Craig Custance)

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Anton Stralman, Benoit Pouliot and former Rangers Ryan Callahan and Brad Richards make Craig Custance's top 25 free agents. (ESPN Insider)

Stralman was ninth on the list and he told Custance that he is comfortable in Alain Vigneault's system. He said that it was an easy transition for him and Dave Maloney has said all season that from start to end Stralman was the Rangers most consistent defenseman.

Richards is 17th and one scout told Custance that Richards still has tremendous qualities with his vision, shot and passing. Custance says that Richards is best suited for a bottom-six role but one that features him on the PP and covers up his defensive issues.

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5:53PM: Dreger said on TSN Drive, "I think it will be fascinating to see what happens with Ryan Callahan. I know that when Tampa Bay was eliminated in the playoffs I had a quick chat with Callahan and he didn't spend a great deal of time in Tampa Bay but he did spend enough time there to want to give them a crack at re-signing him but that will be a challenge because if the numbers are even close to what he wanted to stay as captain of the Rangers, up around that $5+, $6+ range, I can't imagine Tampa would invest that kind of money, not that they wouldn't want to. There is lots of interest in Cally around the league but I think he has to come down and I think that he will. He is a useful player and a character guy and he won't have too much trouble finding a job."

5:26PM: Darren Dreger said on TSN Drive that Callahan will need to come down in his demands but there is a lot of interest in him around the league.

5:14PM: Former Rangers captain Ryan Callahan is still talking with the Tampa Bay Lightning about a new contract but "no one" will be surprised if he goes to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1. (Bob McKenzie)

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On March 17th the Tampa Bay Lightning, with Ryan Callahan, defeated John Tortorella and the Canucks 4-3.

In that game, Ryan Callahan played 21:35 with an assist, 3 shots on goal, 3 shots that missed the net and 1 hit.

John Tortorella said that?with Callahan being his captain and someone he spent a lot of time with, seeing him in a Tampa Bay jersey "didn't look right" and struck him as funny. (Newsday)

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Ryan Callahan joined the Michael Kay Show Yesterday and chatted with Don La Greca

Callahan, in his interview with La Greca, said:

  • Did you ever think you would be traded, "it's not something that you are thinking about or think will happen but I knew as my contract negotiations went on and we got close to the deadline I knew it was a possibility."
  • Do you have any regrets with how things were handled, "I thought we handled it the way we wanted to. We wanted to get a deal done but we couldn't find one that worked for both sides and now I find myself in Tampa and I couldn't find myself happier with how the organization is treating me and my teammates down here."
  • On his linemates in Tampa, "It seems like me and?Filppula have been together a lot and we were with Palat for a few games here and it seems like we are finding some chemistry right away. There is an adjustment period getting used to playing with guys but through two games it seems like it has been clicking a bit for us.
  • Did you understand how much you meant to this fan base, "yea, I did. It's hard to grasp totally what you meant but in talking to fans at different events or on the streets and how I was treated at MSG it was a pretty good feeling and that feeling was mutual. I loved the fans in NY they embraced me right from the start and I couldn't say anything better about the fans there, it's an amazing place to play and I thank them for the 7/8 years that I had there."
  • On the sense of the locker room after his trade, "it's tough. A lot of those guys I kind of grew up with and we have gone through the organization together. It's hard to leave guys like that. Even management, I have been there so long that you become good friends with those people and it's tough to leave a situation like that."
  • Are bridges burned/would you come back to the Rangers, "You keep all doors open during the negotiation and how I left I have no bad feelings towards the Rangers or how they treated me. I have nothing but respect for them but right now I am not too worried about that and just concentrating on Tampa and trying to get a playoff spot here and if things don't work out here and I got to UFA then we will worry about it then."
  • Is there a blow to your ego when the team says that they don't think you are worth the money you are asking for, "it's hard, it's definitely a tough pill to swallow. Our intention was to get something done with New York and that was ultimately where I wanted to be and wanted to stay and you have toe realize that it's part of the business and nothing personal and everything they have said to me since leaving there is that they thought everything of me as a player and a person and that is what I have to take out of it."
  • Did you feel welcomed in the Tampa locker room, "I definitely did. It's a tough place to go into knowing everything Marty has done for this organization and being captain here. The team was great to me, the players were great to me and by no means was I coming in here trying to replace Marty and what he did for this team. I was just coming in to do what I can do on and off the ice to help them win and if you go in with that understanding you will be okay."
  • Do you think Tampa has as good a chance to win as the Rangers, "I don't see why not. We are right there in the standings with NY and the rest of the East and from the few games I have played here it's a talented group with good goaltending and it's gonna be a tight playoff race and I think that is very similar to what is going on in NY."
  • Did your value go down because of the coaching change, "I didn't feel that way, that my value went done. From speaking with the coaches and management they still valued me the same but this is part of the business and sometimes both sides can't agree on a contract and this is what happens."
  • What stands out about playing in NY, "Too many, I loved my time in NY and playing in front of those fans at the Garden. The biggest thing that I will take out of NY is the friendships I made and working with the staff and playing with the players there."
  • Was there anybody that you were close to, "Me and Girardi are pretty close, we played in Guelph together, we grew up in the organization. Our wives are pretty good friends. It's tough to leave him. Staal is the same thing, we kind of grew up together but this is something that happens in our sport and it's unfortunate."
  • Are you confident that the money you are seeking will be out there, "we will have to wait and see. Right now I am not worrying about that, I am worrying about playing and that is something that my agent handles and if you start letting that stuff creep into your head then you won't be able to perform on the ice."
  • What happened in Sochi, "It was a tough rebound especially coming at it the next day. Against Finland I thought we had a good first period and were all over them early on and they end up scoring 2 quick in the second and we couldn't respond to it."
  • Do you have a thought on whether the NHL will send players to South Korea, "I don't to be honest with you. I haven't thought either way about it but as a player it's a pretty special to represent your country in the Olympics and even if I am not there I would be pretty disappointed if the NHL players aren't there."
  • Did you play as if it would be your last chance, "no, the first time I played I thought maybe it would be the last chance. You don't know when you will get the opportunity or with injuries and guys playing or if you are going to go or not as an NHL player and it's something that you don't take for granted."
  • "New York Ranger fans, thanks for all your support and it was a pleasure playing in front of you."
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Former Rangers captain Ryan Callahan joined Mike Francesa on WFAN earlier this afternoon:

  • Mike: "When I was away the trade went down and Ryan Callahan left, the very popular Ranger who really has...this is a guy who overcomes things that people thought he couldn't do and becomes a star with his toughness and gritty play and now he joins us to say hello, Mike Francesa on the Fan, who are ?"
  • How are you feeling about things, "at first there was that inital shock and moving to another team but now that I am here in Tampa the organization has been great in welcoming me, the team and after a couple of games under my belt I am really happy here."
  • Any bad feelings or things he would do different, "no, I don't think so. We knew this was a possibility if both sides didn't agree and at the end of the day we couldn't find something that both sides liked. We knew that this could happen and I have no bad feelings towards the Rangers organization or people there, it's an unfortunate part of the business and you have to move on now."
  • Were you surprised or expecting it at the end, "no, I was surprised. I knew that there was that chance, we were talking the last couple of days and I really felt that something would get done but at the end of the day we couldn't find something mutual and the Rangers had to move on."
  • Are you expecting to sign a deal in Tampa or play things out, "I am coming into this with an open mind and like I said the team has been great to me and they said you get used to us, we will get used to you and we could talk at a later date. I'm just worried? about right now and trying to play and it's kind of like a breath or fresh air with the trade talks and contract talks being all done now. Just to get a chance to play and help this organization compete."
  • How have you fit in with TB, "it's been good, it's a talented group,? good goaltending. We struggled a bit here with our start but we are in the playoff hunt and it will be close coming down and it's an exciting group to play with."
  • What did you think of the Rangers this year, "I thought we had a good chance to do something special. We started off the year kind of tough and we started to find our stride there as of late and it's so tight in the east that we were in that playoff battle. I was excited about going on a run with them but things change and now I am doing it with Tampa."
  • What will you remember most about your time with the Rangers, "there is a lot of things, I spent almost 8 years there. Playing at the Garden, the fans are unbelievable. How they treated me and accepted me. The big thing is the friends I have made, the life long friends in the organization and teammates that I have played with. There are a lot of good memories in New York and something that I will miss."
  • Was it tough on your family when it happened, "It is tough. I have a young daughter and another one on the way and it's hard on the family but my wife has been great and stayed in NY for a couple of days to get things organized there and just got in to Tampa yesterday. The family is good and Tampa and the Rangers have helped with the move and I couldn't ask for any more from either side."
  • Was it tough during the negotiation time, "it was tough, it's hard and something that wore on you and thought about but when I got to the rink I tried to push it aside and just think about playing and I think I did a good job with that and to the best of my ability put it in the back of my head when I was at the rink because I had a job to do."
  • On being under AV vs Torts, "the philosophy and coaching style has changed, everyone has seen that, a little bit more offensively minded game and like I said we had a tough start and that was an adjustment getting used to everyone and the new coaches and new system and as of late before I got traded I felt that the past couple of months we were playing good hockey."
  • Did you think, because of your role, you would be staying here, "I wanted to stay there and thought I was going to, the whole time in my head I never thought of being traded or leaving? as a free agent. My goal was to get something done with NY and unfortunately this is part of the business that is not fun and we couldn't find anything that both sides could agree upon and so this is where it ends up."
  • Did you ever think you were close enough to get something done, "I was optimistic right on through, I know that this is the way that negotiations go and there will be differences in opinions and numbers but as I said, I truly felt that something was going to get done and I was trying to get something done."
  • ?Do you think this Rangers team has a good shot this year, "Yea, I don't see why not. Like I said they are a good team and having Hank in net and when you have goaltending you have a shot. They are right there in the playoffs and anyone who is right there has a good shot."
  • How long will it take to get acclimated, "a little bit. That first game is a little strange, putting on the new? sweater and new locker room but the last game was my third game here and I was more comfortable and started to play the way that I have to to be successful and I am excited about my journey in Tampa."
  • On hockey in Tampa/Florida, "they have passionate fans here and like you said there is a stigma that comes with hockey and Florida but coming here and playing my first couple of games here and visiting with the Rangers it's a passionate fan base and an exciting group to play in front of."
  • Is the contract still on your mind because it's unresolved, "I think at this point I am happy that the rumors and negotiation are behind me and that I can focus on playing, that is what I am focusing on now. Making the playoffs and seeing what happens after that."
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On Coaches Corner on Saturday night, Don Cherry said this about Marty St. Louis being traded to the Rangers, "he is really getting ripped...you don't understand. He has pride and that is why he is so good....he and your buddy Richards have something going good over there." (CBC)

Chery added that he was worried about how Steven Stamkos would be impacted now that St. Louis is gone and cited how Brett Hull, while he was still good, was never the same after the Blues got rid of Adam Oates.

On Callahan, Cherry said "one guy that I have to give heck to is Callahan, Ryan Callahan an Irish guy from Rochester, NY. My buddy Sather gives you $6 million, 6 years and you score 11 goals and turn it down because of no-trade...that was a big mistake, you will never get $6 million in Tampa.

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In his debut for the Tampa Bay Lightning last night, Ryan Callahan was a minus one, played 16:33, had four shots, one missed shot and 4 hits.

Callahan played 4:08 in the first period, 5:08 in the second period and 7:17 in the third period. He played 1:39 on the PP and 58 seconds on the PK.

He was on the ice for 22 shot attempts for, 8 against and 12 shots on goal for and 6 against.

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During a pre game chat with John Giannone, Brad Richards described the day by saying "it's different because Cally has been unbelievable to me here and has become a good friend and teammate...everyone knows my relationship with Marty so...I just hope it works out for both of them. I know Cally is going to a great spot and he will love it down there."

After the game, Richards said on MSG "It was the first time I had a good friend coming and a good friend leaving which is very bizarre. It's a weird feeling. You aren't happy or sad and just sitting there wondering how to react and what to say to Cally. It's a tough day for him and as an organization we got a great human being, a great leader and a great player so we move on and he will add to this group nicely.

Henrik Lundqvist said after the game, "It was a little bit shocking though there was a lot of talk about Cally. It's tough to see him leave. He has been a great teammate, friend and player for this team for so many years. In the end this is the way we decided to go as a team. I am really excited about having Marty here, such a skilled player and a great guy too. It's such a mixed feeling right now, to get to play with a player like that and then see a good friend and teammate leave so...I'm not really sure how to feel right now."

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8:56PM:? Carl Hagelin spoke with Al Trautwig in the second period and said:

  • What are you talking about with MSL and Richards, ?just small things, give and gos. They are two smart player who have played the game for a long time so they are giving me advice but they are also telling each other where to go and what to do as well.

What do you feel playing with MSL, ?he is so easy to play with, he is quick, makes a lot of plays and gets pucks as well.7:53PM: Ryan McDonagh spoke with Al Trautwig and said:

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4:02PM: San Jose and the Rangers were "pretty far down the road" on a trade for Ryan Callahan. (Pierre LeBrun)

The Sharks and Blue Jackets were both considered plan B options for the Rangers if the deal with Tampa Bay couldn't get done. (Darren Dreger)

2:19PM: Ryan Callahan joined James Duthie on TSN to talk about the trade:

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1:46PM: "Callahan and Rangers were really close at the end, just $200,000 apart a year or so... lack of NTC in deal apparently big issue though..." (LeBrun)

1:08PM: "End of the day, Rangers stood firm at $6 mil x 6 yrs.? Callahan dropped to $6.25, but, NYR essentially ended negotiations on Tues." (Darren Dreger)

1:03PM: Callahan asked for EIGHT-YEARS and $7.5 million late in the summer, "should be marked as the starting point for his New York departure." (Darren Dreger)

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6:54PM: The Rangers and Ryan Callahan have been talking all day but there is no deal imminent for Callahan. (ESPN NY)

3:29PM: The Rangers and Callahan are trying to get a six-year deal done today and continue to exchange proposals. (Nick Kypreos)

3:24PM: It's getting close to make or break time with Callahan, "close gap and get contract done...or failing that, move him." (Bob McKenzie)

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9:18AM: While it was reported yesterday that Ryan Callahan has lowered his demands from seven years to six years and from $7 million plus per season to a number south of $6.5 million, the sense, according to Katie Strang, is that there is still a lot of work to be done before the Rangers and Callahan come to terms on a contract extension.

The Rangers have offered Callahan six years and $6 million per season and are reportedly not going to budge off of that.

Bob McKenzie said on NHL Live last night that there are two ways to look at the contract situation:

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10:33PM Callahan's latest offer was $6.3 per year and the Rangers rejected it. ( TFP)

9:07PM: "the Ryan Callahan camp has moved and they have been doing the moving as of late. He has gone from seven years to six years, which was a major sticking point, they have reduced their asking price to south of $6.5 million. Really, there is less than half a million a year difference between the Rangers offer of $6 million a year times six vs Callahan's latest offer. As far as Callahan is concerned it is up to the Rangers to respond to the offer that was made on Friday. The clock is ticking, most people around the Rangers feel that they will not budge from 6 times 6, Callahan feels he has just made his move." (Pierre LeBrun on Insider Trading)

7:55PM: Callahan's agent has presented the Rangers with their latest proposal and is awaiting a response. (NY Post)

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If the Rangers are to sign Ryan Callahan to a contract extension it is believed that it will be SIX-YEARS and AT LEAST $6 million per year.

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5:15PM: "I don't usually use twitter as a public opinion tool but I can tell you that when we tweeted out the info of? less than $6.5 and a $500,000 difference per year to bridge the gap, the response from New York Rangers fans was off the charts....$6 is too much, six years is too much and it was really vehement." (Bob McKenzie on TSN 1050)

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On 98.7 ESPN Radio last night, Dave Maloney gave his thoughts on what he thought would happen by the trade deadline and whether the Rangers lineup would look different on Wednesday night.

Maloney said, "I don't think there will be a major difference. I don't think it makes sense to trade Ryan Callahan unless you can get a body that you can put in the lineup and play the 18-20 minutes that Callahan will give you on the PP, PK and let alone his influence. You can't replace that. You let it ride out because if you lose him now you won't get anything back for him, you will have to replace him in the FA market. You ride it out, give yourself a chance, maybe cooler heads prevail and things go on otherwise you will need to replace him in the FA market. I don't think, and the Rangers are not in position to make a multi-player deal. You can't panic because of these two games, there is a good chemistry going, a good locker room going, the coaches have an even-keel look."

Larry Brooks writes that the Rangers can't get rid of Callahan for "50 cents on the dollar" and if he is moved the Rangers must get a legit NHL player and either a "prime prospect" or a high draft pick. (NY Post)

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10:26AM: Callahan' side showed a willingness to drop the seven-year request before the Olympic break and he is looking for between $6.25 and $6.5 million per season. People on both sides sound "no more optimistic now" than they were before. (ESPN NY)

9:54AM: Callahan's latest offer to the Rangers is six-years and and just south of $6.5 million, which is still too much money per year for the Rangers. (ESPN.com)

The Rangers are holding the line at six-years and $6 million per season. (Bob McKenzie)

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On TSN 1200, Bruce Garrioch said that many teams around the league think that the Rangers will end up signing Ryan Callahan because the Rangers operate like this all the time.

"One thing that other teams have told me is that if you watch the Rangers historically, they do it all the time. They sit there and say they will trade this guy and that guy and then they spend the money to sign them. A lot of teams think that at some point or another Sather will get that deal done." (TSN 1200)

Garrioch said that he spoke with one GM and asked "aren't you afriad with those guys that they break down and when they break down they break down real quick, and when you pay them that money the minute the break down they aren't worth it. He said, 'yea, but they are worth every dime when they are still playing that way. His feeling was that at the end of the day the Rangers will find a way to keep Ryan Callahan. It was an opinion but I thought it was an interesting take. (TSN 1200)

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3/2/14: 8:20PM: On Hockey Night in Canada's Hot Stove Segment, former Rangers goalie Glenn Healy discussed Martin St. Louis and Ryan Callahan.

  • On NYR and Marty St. Louis: "He got two more goals today, I don't think he is going anywhere. He has been lights out since coming back from the Olympics. He is staying, there is no question."
  • On Ryan Callahan: "Callahan is the interesting one, he started off looking for $7 million times seven years..ha ha, nice trick, next joke. He is not going to get that, now there is this big standoff on whether they re-sign him at a more reasonable number and a more reasonable term or they make a trade. Rumblings today that I have heard, if they do make a trade an interesting landing spot for him would be Buffalo. He is from Rochester, Buffalo just made a trade for Chris Stewart. Could these two work out something with one another. My heart believes that the Rangers will work hard to get him signed."
Buffalo is reportedly willing to pay Callahan whatever he wants.

Sabres GM Tim Murray worked for the Rangers from 2005-2007 and was Assistant Director of Player Personnel when Callahan was in Hartford and made his Rangers debut.

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3/2/14: 7:34AM: Callahan is searching for $6.75 million per seaosn because "he knows" he can get that as a UFA. The Sabres are expected to make a push for Callahan. (Ottawa Sun)Many think that Callahan will be signed by the Rangers and if Callahan isn't signed by the deadline it's doubtful he will be traded. (Ottawa Sun)3/1/14: 9:45PM: The Rangers may be willing to add one more-year to their offer to Ryan Callahan, making is six-years and $36 million. This is as far as the team will go for Callahan, "there?s nothing more within the realm of reason that can be done to entice the captain to remain on Broadway." (NY Post)

This was first mentioned as a possibility last night.

Callahan is reportedly seeking seven years and close to $7 million per season.

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6:53PM: Glenn Healy said on Hotstove that he believes Callahan will re-sign with the Rangers and that there will be a standoff on what he will get since he won't get $7 million a year for seven-years. He adds that the Sabres are believed to have interest in Callahan. (George Malik)

1:59PM: Vigneault said, "I gotta tell you that I am impressed. The three names that started this season, Hank, Ryan and Dan, that is a big part of our team and not just how we play but the chemistry and accountability within that group. All of those guys have handled it well. Hank has found his rhythm but in Hank's case and Dan's case, it never seems to impact them. They didn't bring it here, they focused on waht is important which is our games and practice and I am impressed with how they handled it. We won't have much more time to wonder how our team is going to be, come Wednesday." (98.7 ESPNNY)

12:57PM: "Dan is a New York Ranger, has been one all his life and he's a big part of our team. I'm very confident the other half will get done. (Vigneault on MSG)

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11:05AM: Alain Vigneault says that he is confident Ryan Callahan will sign. (Steve Zipay)

3/1/14: 10:27AM: "I can?t imagine unless Ryan Callahan absolutely caves that they don?t move Ryan Callahan. Where he ends up will be sketchy.... Tampa Bay makes sense because of the ongoing dialogue with Tampa Bay about Martin St. Louis. But it doesn't matter what team, whether it's the Rangers, Tampa or any team in free agency, Wwho is going to want to pay Ryan Callahan, as good of a player as he is,? close to $7 million per. I will watch that pretty closely." (Darren Dreger on ESPN Denver)

2/28/14 6:26PM: I don't think it changes much with Ryan Callahan unless he softens his stance. Last I checked today he wanted upwards of $7 million. He won't get that from the Rangers, won't get that from TB and I would be shocked if he got that on the open market. (Darren Dreger on TSN Drive)

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5:46PM: "Callahan talks don't appear to be going anywhere. He is looking for way more money and years than the Rangers are prepared to give" (Bob McKenzie on TSN 1200)

2:29PM: "Ryan Callahan is an excellent hockey player, he just isn?t one that should command $7 million per year. Maybe he gets that on the open market, I would be absolutely jaw drop shocked if that were the case but we have seen some crazy signings in free agency in the past." (Darren Dreger on TSN 1260)

He adds "the numbers don't add up, they don't make sense from a Rangers perspective. The info I have been getting and it remains consistent is that Callahan is 99% gone, you always hold that small percentage that he caves and says he wants to stay with the Rangers."

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1:32PM: The Rangers and Callahan's agent have spoken in the past day and there is nothing new to report with it. (Pat Leonard)

2/27/14: 8:08AM: "You don?t think Ryan Callahan is sick and tired of talking about being a primary trade target and the fact he has been vilified for asking for nearly $7 million per year. Dan Girardi hasn?t agreed to a contract yet though most still believe that he will to stay with the Rangers.? (Darren Dreger on Leafs Breakfast)

2/26/14: 9:24PM: Boomer Esiason just tweeted "Sami Vatanen." Vatanen has been a player linked to the Rangers for Girardi.?

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On TSN Drive, Darren Dreger was asked about teams that could be potential landing spots for Ryan Callahan.

Dreger said, St. Louis still makes a lot of sense to me because in starting the research that we do here for deadline day which was around six weeks ago, the message I got from the coaching staff was that their concern was the depth of their forwards, not the high end guys and Ryan Callahan would fit into that as a top-nine player. If you can acquire Ryan Callahan for Chris Stewart and a draft pick, that is a pretty good add going into the playoffs as long as you are not focused soley on what it will take to pull Ryan Miller out of the Buffalo Sabres....I think St. Louis is a primary contender."

He added, "some want to link the Penguins to Ryan Callahan and that is a tough move. I'm not saying it's impossible, we know Ray Shero has worked that type of magic before... the Martin St. Louis trade scenario won't go away and it won't go away until the bell of the trade deadline on March 5th. We know or at least we are told that the Lightning did reach out to the Rangers before the Olympics to see what kind of fit St. Louis might have in New York and return there would be. There wasn't a fit then and it wouldn't make any sense for Callahan and Marty St. Louis in a one for one but if the Rangers were able to beef it up to the point where it did make some sense and they threw in the assets necessary, maybe that is something Tampa would consider."

Dave Hodge then said, "here is the trouble in my mind with trading for Ryan Callahan. 1) if you have intentions to sign him long term, the concern is what you are going to have to pay. The concern is that if you get him as a rental he might block a shot and then doesn't play much for you."

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Ryan Callahan spoke to the media today following practice (Rangers Report)
  • On getting back on track right away, "It's important for us to pick it up right away. We only have 20 something games left here. To pick up where we left off will be a big thing for us."
  • What is the coaches message to the team, "come ready to work tomorrow. We are playing a great team in Chicago and try to play like we were before and keep building on it."
  • On who needs to step up with Zuccarello out, "it's tough, you never want to see someone banged up like that but it gives a chance for someone to step up into a role and try to fill it. It's tough losing a guy like that with how he was playing but injuries occur and you need to overcome it."
  • Has anything changed about your desire to stay here, "no, everything is the same as it was."
  • Are you prepared for the possibility that you get traded, "I'm not going to talk about that, the contract stuff, trade talks, I just want to concentrate on the ice and I am not going to talk about that stuff in the media."
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1:09PM: Ray Ferraro said on Leafs Lunch that his agent for his whole career was Steve Bartlett and that he has always been a calming presence in all situations.

10:53AM: Bartlett confirmed that he hasn't spoken with the Rangers since before the Olympics and he is a little "disappointed" that there hasn't been more dialogue.? He expects to touch base with the Rangers this week and that should set the direction for what will happen with Callahan before next Wednesday's deadline.(ESPN NY)

He adds that his job is to "help Callahan decide what fair market value is and help him make the best decision." (ESPN NY)

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2/26/14: 8:02AM: (Darren Dreger on NHL Live)

On Ryan Callahan, "Ryan Callahan seems unlikely even though he is the captain to agree to a contract to stay with the Blueshirts. 99% chance that he is gone. There are many teams in play. Glen Sather is asking a lot for Ryan Callahan.:

On Dan Girardi, "Dan Girardi, the Rangers are still pushing to get him re-signed to keep him away from UFA. My sense is that the Rangers love him and want to keep him. Dan Girardi very much wants to stay with the Rangers so they are just haggling over term and a little bit of money that represents the gap in this negotiation. That being said, Glen Sather is still considering the interest and their remains considerable interest in Dan Girardi. If Girardi isn't signed by the deadline I am told that there is no chance that the Rangers let him go beyond that without a deal."

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Ryan Callahan was at the Rangers practice facility today and was asked about his status and where he is mentally right now. (Rangers)

Callahan said, "I think I am in a good spot. My mind coming back to here is just trying to do what I can to help the team win. It's the same as when I left. This is where I want to be and I am going to control what I can control and that is mainly on the ice so that isn't going to change."


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