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Rangers Director, Player Personnel Gordie Clark spoke with the media after the Rangers finished the 2014 NHL Draft (Rangers):
  • On taking goalies,"it was one of the first years, we don't want to take anybody if we feel that they are just going to be a back up someday, it has to be a number one and it's really been the first year where we felt that there were 4-5 of them so in the end it was the best player available. They are 4-5-6 years away from being at the NHL level and that fits in pretty good for us."
  • Are any picks close, "for the NHL, no. We have a couple of 94 kids, Nejezchleb is a very skilled Czech kid who has been playing in Brandon and playing a very gritty game out there, was one of the leading scorers on their team and he is closer to, lets say, turning pro. Walcott is older and an offensive D but he would be looking at an overage year in Junior but this was actually his first year in junior, he came out of nowhere."
  • On Walcott, "he played longer in high school. It was up and down for him but our guys stayed on him and at that point we were looking for some skill. We get a left shot and a right shot and some high skill. Nanne is a high skill right shot defenseman."
  • On Keegan Iverson, "I know that we come here every year and I say that I didn't expect him to be there. With the way the game is going you hear every new GM say that they want to get bigger and faster and play that heavy style and that is the game that he plays. A real thick kid. They had a good team, like five highly skilled players that got most of the ice time and I think that with more ice time this year his numbers will go up."
  • Any surprises, "it was surprising because it was all over the place. That is what we predicted, it was why in the end, there were probably other players to take there but we felt that the best player to take was Shestyorkin, a very high end goalie. That is why we did it as early as the fifth."
  • "Mantha is a big right handed, has a bomb from the point, can move it really well and all those guys, we had him ahead of other guys and that is how it flies. It was all over the place until we stopped there in the fifth, I was ready, I started with five and ended up with seven and I didn't think I would go that far but it was the right time because it was going that way and getting an extra pick to get guys that we didn't think we would get.
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With the 104th selection, the Rangers select right handed defemsean Ryan Mantha of USHL.

He is 6-5, 225. He was ranked 149 by Central Scouting in their Final rankings.

Mantha is ranked 206th by Future Considerations and they say:

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