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David Carr, who has backed up Eli Manning for four of the last five seasons, will likely leave the New York Giants and seek a back-up opportunity elsewhere.

Apparently, he wants a backup gig with more opportunities for playing time.

Carr, 33, will be a free agent on March 12, and reports have surfaced connecting the quarterback to a handful of destinations. Among them: the Cardinals, who are desperate for depth at the position, and the Buccaneers, where former Giants assistant Mike Sullivan is the offensive coordinator.

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First of all, happy July!

Over the next few work days, I will be grading each of the Giants' units on both offense (QB, WR/TE, RB, OL) and defense (DL, LB, DB) and maybe special teams if I can stomach it. ?The grades are based on statistics mixed with my gut feeling. If you don't like it, feel free to tell me off in the comments section.

And now without further freddy adu, grading the Giants' QBs:

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