According to the NFL Players League Cap Report published this morning, the Giants officially have 89 players under contract and have $2,036,009.00 in available cap space.

They have signed six of their seven draft choices. Only 3rd rounder DT Jay Bromley remains unsigned.

The players with the five highest cap hits in 2014 (in millions):

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After years of banging up agains the salary cap, the Giants are finally flush going into the season as per Jordan Raanan of the Star-Ledger.?
Despite all the transactions, the Giants have enough money to get all their draft picks under contract, a person familiar with the situation told NJ.com. They will then get another $5 million to spend come the beginning of next month thanks to a post-June 1 designation on the release of center David Baas back in March.

The NFL Players Association had the Giants $3.9 million under the salary cap with 82 players under contract as of late last week. That didn't include any of their seven draft picks (RB Andre Williams and S Nat Berhe signed on Friday) and the late additions of undrafted free agent tight end Xavier Grimble.....Apparently, that is enough money for the front office to get the job done.

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We reported last week that the NFL Salary Cap would take a significant jump this season, perhaps to $130 million. TV revenues are starting to roll in and now the cap is expected to be even higher beginning this season.

From Mike Florio of PFT:

"Reports have put the salary cap as high as $132 million for 2014, the same source has said, once again, it will be higher.

Per the source, the cap could be a ?few million? higher than $132 million. If this means $3 million more than reported, the cap could be as high as $135 million. That would amount to an 9.75 percent increase over last year, the biggest spike by far since the 2011 labor deal was negotiated."

That would help the Giants greatly, who are not only looking to score several big name UFAs bus are also trying to re-sign several of their own free agents (i.e. Linval Joseph) this spring.
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Getting and staying under the salary cap has been an annual struggle for the Giants. It has kept them from becoming major players in free agency in recent years and has also prevented them from retaining some of their own players.

Today, we get some good news on that front. First, Pat Kirwan of CBS Sports.com reported that the Giants were approximately $10.2 million under the cap with 51 players under contract.

Now comes the news that the NFL may be raising the salary cap by around $7 million. That will will be a godsend for a team such as the Giants, who wish to retain the likes of Justin Tuck and Linval Joseph.

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For the New York Jets, 2013 wasn't pretty from a salary cap perspective. The team had over $20 million in dead money for just five players. But after some austerity measures in the first year under John Idzik's direction, the outlook for the team's cap outlook seems much improved. After just one season under Idzik, the team was able to eke out?a small amount of cap carryover from 2013 despite taking a $13 million dead money hit for Darrelle Revis.

As we enter 2014, the Jets enter the new league year with what is (for now) the lowest value of "dead money" in the entire league according to Kevin Seifert and ESPN's Roster Management System.

According to the RMS, the Jets have just $48,958 in dead money as of the start of this week. Compare that to the Panthers who have a $17 million dead money charge, mostly due to trading Jon Beason.

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We continue our salary cap Q&A with Jason Fitzgerald (read Part One from yesterday) from OverTheCap.com. ?We asked Jason some questions about how the team is faring under John Idzik and what lies ahead in this two part article. Today, overall thoughts on John Idzik and?will the Jets get that third rounder from Tampa?

TJB: Revis is getting his $16 million in Tampa and that ship is sinking quickly. ?We don't expect that Revis will be back with the Jets in 2014, but how likely is it that the Bucs would cut and then re-sign Revis to save themselves a round on the 2014 draft pick they owe the Jets?

Jason Fitzgerald (OverTheCap.com):?I think the Bucs could cut Revis but it will not be to re-sign him. If they release him its them admitting he is way overpriced and isn?t bringing enough value to the team. I think it will be an interesting situation there because I can almost guarantee that by late December or early January Revis? side is going to the Tampa front office and asking them to prorate some of his salary to give him more job security. Tampa did this with two players last year, including Vincent Jackson who is repped by the same guys who represent Revis. However that was done in preparation to make a run at Revis in 2013. I?m not sure how they would take that kind of request now when their team is in shambles.

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With the Jets on the bye, we thought it would be a good time to look ahead at the Jets upcoming offseason and get an early look at what we can expect in terms of direction and plans. ?In the NFL, the salary cap drives those plans and there's no better person to talk to than Jason Fitzgerald from OverTheCap.com. ?Jason started tracking the Jets cap in 2008 and turned NYJetsCap.com into a respected portrayal of the Jets cap. ?Eventually Jason decided to cover the entire AFC East and then the entire NFL last year under the banner of Over The Cap.

We asked Jason some questions about how the team is faring under John Idzik and what lies ahead in this two part article. First up, how do we grade the 2013 offseason and how much space can the Jets expect to spend on free agents?

TJB: Since there's not much left to do when it comes to the Jets current cap year, how do you think new GM John Idzik did in navigating his first offseason?

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Not much to talk about, but finances are always in fashion. According to spotrac.com, the Giants are $3,824,382 under the salary cap.?That calculation is based on the below from spotrac:

The dead money consists of prorated bonuses paid to: Ahmad Bradshaw (2.5 mil), Chris Canty (1.7 mil), Michael Boley (1.4 mil), Osi Umenyiora (1 mil), Greg Jones (100,132), Matt McCants (66,174), Marcus Davis (15,000), Martin Parker (5,000)

The injured reserve balance (405k) is allocated to CB Antonio Dennard, who was waived/injured on May 16th but is not listed on Injured Reserve on the team's website.

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From SNY Contributor Matthew Cohen:

There have been a lot of articles about the salary cap by team. Unfortunately, reports can be misleading mostly because at this point in time, teams have way more players on their rosters than they can keep after final cuts. Many players will not ultimately count against the salary cap as they will be cut.

Let's look at my current Giants' salary cap numbers. I only keep players on my list if they have a pretty good chance of making the roster.

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The Giants have the second most cap in the NFC East and are a team that usually uses up the entire cap by the time the season begins. Lets take a look at a few way the Giants can manipulate the cap entering Free Agency:

Scenario 1

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Here we are, the final dead day of the offseason. Teams can start pursuing players beginning midnight tonight but are restricted to talking with agents. Players are off limits until Tuesday at 4pm. No contact with or visits to/from are allowed until then.

Over this 88-hour period, the Giants will put on a final push to re-sign some of their own UFAs (specifically OL Kevin Boothe and TE Martellus Bennett) and look into a few players from other teams due to hit the market on Tuesday.

You can basically use your imagination on who they could bring in from the outside. SNYGiants insider Ralph Vacchiano believes the Giants are around $10.5 million under the salary cap and states that won't be enough to get much more than the basics done this winter....

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From Matthew Cohen SNYGiants contributor

Jerry Reese has had to wield the axe (Boley, Bradshaw and Canty) and will have to cut some more (Webster and Diehl) but he will have some maneuvering room.

Let's make some assumptions about some signings of former Giants:

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The NFL announced the 2013 salary cap limit will be set at $123 million, a $2.4 million increase from the 2012 cap of $120.6.

This helps the teams that are constantly banging on the cap ceiling (like the Giants) to retain some of their in-house talent. The additional escarole will certainly help the Blue in terms of re-signing some of their UFAs and/or extending some of the stars they currently have under contract.

The Giants are approx $2.5 million under according to NFL.com. They need all the financial help they can get if they have any designs on bringing back TE Martellus Bennett and placating WRs Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz.

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Michael Boley was a productive outside linebacker for the Giants the past four seasons, especially down the stretch in 2011 ? the Giants? most recent Super Bowl winning season.

But football is a business, and with the imminent salary cap issues the Giants will face, Boley, who was due to earn $4.25 million in 2013, was released.

The move was not a total shock, but it now opens the door for the 25-year-old Jacquian Williams to slide into a starting role.

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The Giants are a better team today than they were when they rode up Broadway in February. You many not think so, but they are.

One reason is they answered the immediate questions by signing back many of their own free agents and adding three others: TE Martellus Bennett, OT Sean Lockhart and DB Antwaun Molden. They also traded for veteran LB help in Keith Rivers. These players will provide much needed depth to the Giants' rank and file.

Another reason, is they managed the cap well. By signing several key players at - or close to - the veteran minimum, they are in a good position going into the draft. They have 65 players under contract with an approximate cap figure of $123 million.

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The NFL levied heavy sanctions against the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins today for front-loading contracts during the uncapped year of 2010. The Cowboys will lose $10 million in cap space over the next two years and the Redskins will lose a whopping $36 million.

According to Rich Tandler of CSNWashington:

The team?s front office restructured some contracts to take advantage of the fact that there was no limit on spending, despite some warnings by the league that this could result in future penalties. The two biggest moves they made were to restructure the contracts of Albert Haynesworth and DeAngelo Hall so that $21 million and $15 million of charges scheduled to go into future years were charged to 2010.

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As suspected, with one day remaining before teams can begin negotiating with UFAs, the NFL stated the 2012 salary cap will be $120.6 million, a slight increase ($ 225k) over last season.

We reported the Giants are approximately $8 million under that number after redoing Eli's contract and releasing Brandon Jacobs. According to the website spotrac.com, the Giants have 43 players under contracts totaling $112.3 million.

Some newspapers and websites are reporting different numbers. From Bart Hubbuch of the Post:

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We finally got off our duffs and did a little research in regards to the salary cap. Although we can't hang our hats on these figures, we believe them to be fairly close if not completely accurate.

According to the sports finance website spotrac.com, the Giants currently have 43 players under contract and a 2012 current cap figure of $111,681,603. That includes all of the activity over the past week. RB Brandon Jacobs, who was released yesterday, is still hitting the cap figure with a buy-out number of $1,962,500.

The salary cap number is scheduled to be released on Monday according to our friends at Pro Football Talk:

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Put yourself in Giants' GM Jerry Reese's shoes. Your team just won the Super Bowl, but the immediate future is in jeopardy. Nearly half your roster is eligible for free agency, while others under contract look for pay increases.

You have several players that appear to be a tad bit overpaid. Some of of them will simply have to restructure...but how can you go to your stars and ask for money back after a championship season...?

Here are the Giants top nine paid players according to spotrac.com...

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In the next few weeks we will learn who the Giants value and who they feel they can do without. The past few days, myself and one of our astute readers - Matt Cohen - have been discussing the Giants' options in forging their 2012 roster under what looks to be a flat cap ($120 million). The below is from Matt, with a few comments from myself....

On franchise tags.....None of the free agents are franchise-worthy.

Will Eli restructure to help out?

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Last year, the Giants had to rely on players to take pay cuts and others to move on to new teams in order for them to fit all of their championship-level talent under the roof at TIMEX.

This year, they may just have to do it again. According to our friends at Pro Football Talk, ?the Giants are only $1.06 million under the cap right now. This does not include any free agents who are coming off the books on March 13.

The Giants have 22 (yes, twenty-two) players who will become UFAs next month. That's quite a high number for a team that just won the Super Bowl. ?Many are backup players, but some are key contributors: OT Kareem McKenzie, WR Mario Manningham, CB Aaron Ross, ?P Steve Weatherford, CB Terrell Thomas, S Deon Grant, TE Bear Pascoe and DE Dave Tollefson.

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I'm not sure what Jason's calculations are after the Mason pick-up, but it sounds like the Jets are close to hitting the cap. Rex Ryan said this earlier today:

?I think sometimes you look at it you only have so much,? Ryan said. ?You have a piece of that pie and then once it gets down to it ? we?re pretty much down to it. Bringing in Derrick, it?s hard for me to see that we?ll be bringing in too many more players, if any.?
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The Giants will need to make some tough decisions this summer if they want to get under the salary cap. The cap will be lower than it was last year. Considerably lower.

That means there may not be enough dough to ink some of their internal free agents such as Kevin Boss, Steve Smith or Mathias Kiwanuka.


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Few Have Faith That 2011 Will Be Biz As Usual

While draftniks and bloggers sit around toying with mock drafts and potential free agent signings, the football world braces for a long, painful work stoppage.

A work stoppage means a news stoppage. Once the Super Bowl is over, the only news football fans are going to hear - that has any basis in fact - will be regarding the negotiations.

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Not much going on right now in Giants country -- there are a couple of? charity golf outings coming up, one on May 20th (Shaun O'Hara's charity event) and the team's annual Giants Foundation Outing on May 26.

So while we have some downtime, I thought I'd go back into my blog archives to see if I had anything that might be of interest to you. I actually have loads of topics that can do the trick -- more than 500 pieces since I started the blog last June. So in choosing a topic, I thought I'd pick one that's near and dear to my heart: The NFL Salary cap.

I have done a lot of research on the cap both on my own and by picking the brains of current and former NFL front office people who gave me a great overview of how it works.I compiled a breakdown of every Giants' player's contract.? While I might be off by a few bucks here and there, I'm fairly certain I'm in the right zip code with my data.

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The Giants have signed nearly every player they've been reported to meet with since the trade season began. The signing of LB Mike Boley, DT Rocky Bernard, and DL Chris Canty added $14.5mm to their cap. That leaves them with only $500,000 left to spend on free agency unless they restructure or make cuts.

One of the free agents the Giants are looking at is safety C.C. Brown, who came in to visit yesterday and according to his agent, is expected to discuss a contract today. Former Giants safety James Butler is reportedly close to a deal with the St. Louis Rams.

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