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Yesterday morning, Crain's broke down the race for the Nassau Coliseum between the Madison Square Garden/Rechler bid and the Forest City proposal. It's a good read but doesn't delve deeply into the bids; it focuses more on the people and businesses behind the bids.

One interesting note that is new from the article is that Scott Rechler doesn't want to look at the Coliseum. So much so, that he re-designed his office in the RXR Plaza across Hempstead turnpike to face away from the arena. Rechler was once a partner on the Lighthouse Project, and now joins James Dolan and MSG's bid to revamp the property. From Crain's:

[sny-box]Despite their myriad differences, both contenders readily agree on one thing: The Coliseum is an eyesore. It is so bad, in fact, that Mr. Rechler, whose development company, RXR, is headquartered directly across Hempstead Turnpike from the arena, went to great lengths to avoid having to look at the thing. When he was moving into his office, he had the original plans ripped up so that his own office faced out the opposite side of the building. The switch added two months to the build-out process, but now it is the company's cafeteria that has the view of the Coliseum.

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Thanks to Newsday's Randi Marshall, we now have the names of four developers who have submitted RFQs to the County for development of the Coliseum property (and you should really follow her on Twitter if you want to keep up with this sort of news). I'm going to preface all this with the following; that this doesn't mean things are any closer to getting a new Coliseum built. Not only that, but the developers have not been asked even to submit plans yet. It's essentially a show of hands for who wants to kick tires on this political football that's on its last bit of air. Another key point here is that this process hasn't involved the Islanders yet, another important step before we really have an idea of how this impacts the team. Nonetheless, here are the details on the four developers who submitted RFQs to the County:

Donald Monti CEO of Renaissance DowntownsMonti's Plainview based company Renaissance Downtowns is probably the most promising candidate in the field for keeping the Islanders on the Coliseum property in that he's the only one of these four developers who has specifically said that he wants to help retain the Islanders. Renaissance has redeveloped many downtown areas in the northeast, most recently in Glen Cove with the Glen Isle Project. That project has an interesting connection as Monti's group worked with Rexcorp Realty, Scott Rechler's real estate company. Rechler was Charles Wang's former partner on the Lighthouse Project. How this would affect the Islanders and Wang positively or negatively remains to be seen.

One further note here is that despite the similarities of the two companies the rumors that Wang's Plainview based Renaissance Property Associates is related to Monti's Renaissance Downtowns are so far unfounded. A spokesman for Renaissance Downtowns confirmed to IPB that "there is no relationship between the two entities - but certainly a notable coincidence."

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