Sean Landeta

Giants' rookie punter Matt Dodge has been drawing fire from just about everyone from the day day he got here.

His recent performances are not prompting his critics to back off anytime soon, either.? The fans are booing him and chanting the names of punters past.

His inconsistency is the rub, and many feel his booms are not enough to compensate for his busts.

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Shaun O' Hara Back From Iraq

The Giants' center is as tireless off the field as he is on.? O'Hara has just returned from a goodwill trip to Iraq with the USO to support the troops.? He is also gearing up for several charity events to benefit his foundation. I've been attending quite a few charity events myself these days, and O'Hara always seems to be there when I walk in....

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Blackout Frenzy Hits New York

Don't know why Jets fans are fretting the possibility of Jets games being blacked out.? Currently, the general public does not know how many non-premium seats the Jets have open so this may simply be a ploy to sell some tickets.

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