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The Green Bay Packers are arguably one of the best franchises in the history of football, and Business Week points out that this may be partly due to their unorthodox ownership structure:

When you talk to Packer management, you start to realize that success is a tribute to the careful, constant maintenance of two things: the product on the field and the community?s warm feelings about that product. ?It starts with football,? says Murphy. ?We structure the organization in a way that we can be successful on the field. But a big part of it is also remembering that this team has a special place in this community. We?re owned by this community. We can?t be perceived as gouging the fans.?

The Packers must constantly walk that fine line between profitability and community. Every other NFL franchise is controlled or entirely owned by one majority shareholder, and NFL rules prohibit otherwise. (The Packers? ownership structure predates current NFL rules.) Ticket prices, concessions, parking, stadium naming rights?all of that is dictated at most NFL stadiums by whatever the owner feels the market will bear, and every additional dollar is profit into the owner?s pockets.

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