Super Bowl XVLIII

The Super Bowl has landed right on top of the NY/NJ area, and even though we've been preparing for it for the past three years or so, it still promises to be an overwhelming event. Yesterday, the teams landed at Newark Liberty Airport right into the arms of the loving media. Here are some quotes that may interest you...

Broncos QB Peyton Manning on how much he has talked to brother Eli about playing in MetLife Stadium, and on playing the Seahawks:

?He told me he couldn?t help me much with Seattle. It wasn?t one of the Giants? better days. So he said to not ask him for a whole lot of help there. Eli and I have talked about playing in this stadium. I feel it was helpful to play in this stadium this season. It was the first time I had the chance to play in that stadium. So, it?s nice when you?ve played in it before, at least you kind of know the surroundings a little bit. Eli has been always helpful to me for many reasons. I?ve talked to him a number of times these past couple of weeks, and he is excited for me. I?ve always appreciated his help and support.?

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As the deep freeze continues here and across the country, the NFL is getting nervous about the weather for next week's Super Bowl. Although they feel confident they can handle anything thrown their way, the cold weather here in the NYC Metro Area - and around the country - ?is reaching historic proportions.

In the world of the Giants, they are preparing to host the NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks next week at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center. QB Eli Manning is more concerned with assisting brother Peyton, who with the rest of the Denver Broncos will be out at the Jets' facility in Florham Park.

?I?m rooting for him,? Manning said on a conference call yesterday, per the Giants. ?It?s not like watching any other football game. If I?m watching two other teams, I?m kind of casually watching and don?t really care who wins or loses. Here, it?s a little bit more nerve-wracking. I don?t get nervous playing football games, I get nervous watching my brother play.?

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