The Super Bowl is rapidly descending upon us and, sadly, the Giants won't be participating. But that doesn't prevent us from having a little fun with trivia from the games the Giants have played in.

We all know that QB Phil Simms had a day to remember in Super Bowl XXI:

  • Highest passer rating, game, 150.92 - Phil Simms - New York Giants vs. Denver, XXI
  • Highest completion percentage, game, (20 attempts), 88% - Phil Simms - N.Y. Giants vs. Denver, XXI (25-22)
In Super Bowl XLVI, QB Eli Manning set a record when he completed his first nine passes to start the game.

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As far as Super Bowls go, last Sunday's Seattle-Denver was one of the least entertaining of the 48 that have been played. Many are still shocked it turned out to be so one-sided.

Sports Illustrated recently released their list of the Top 10 Super Bowl games, and the Giants appear twice on the list. ?Their upset win over the undefeated Patriots in XLII was voted No. 1 and the 20-19 victory over Buffalo in XXV was voted No. 8. (See list/slideshow)

From an objective standpoint, this list is fairly accurate. I agree with the selections for the most part. For Giant fans, XLII is not their greatest moment, at least in my mind.

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Some vital information coming out of last night's Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium. The Seattle Seahawks defeated the Denver Broncos, 43-8, in one of the most lopsided Super Bowl in over 20 years.

LINK: Super Bowl 48 Gamebook

[sny-accordion title="Super Bowl XLVIII Postgame Notes"] SUPER BOWL XLVIII POSTGAME NOTES

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Well, now I can openly say I was not surprised at all the Seahawks won this one. Sunday morning, I predicted them to win, 26-23, in deference to the outpouring of love for Peyton Manning, but I knew the Seahawks were loaded for bear.

The Broncos underestimated the Seahawks' speed (or could not match it). Seattle plays on FieldTurf, which is the same surface as MetLife. The Broncos play on grass. Footing and speed are everything in football and the Seahawks had the edge. No one talks about that kind of stuff, but it's very important. Percy Harvin just blew by them.

The other factor was they took away the long pass from Manning, forcing his receivers into a 20-yard box. The Seattle DBs pounded them, a la the Giants vs Buffalo in SB XXV. After awhile, those body blows led to apprehension and turnovers ensued. Ballgame.

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Today's the big day. Super Bowl XLVII is here and SNY.tv has you covered.

Matchup: The AFC Champion Denver Broncos (15-3) vs the NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks (15-3).

Site: MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford NJ

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The Giants have been to the Super Bowl five times, winning four, and in the process have wedged themselves among the top franchises in the NFL.

Winning the Super Bowl is greatest accomplishment an NFL player can experience, and it can never be taken away. That being said, it is very difficult to repeat, or even get back to the game the following year (the last team to do it was the Patriots in 2004). To illustrate how difficult it is, just look at the Giants, who have experienced disappointment in each season following a trip to the Super Bowl.

Here's how the Giants fared the seasons after their four championships:

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LoudMouths: Adam Schein and Chris Carlin discuss whether New York has proven worthy of hosting a Super Bowl.


Covino and Rich discuss some possible prop bets to take on Super Bowl Sunday.

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Jets' Hall-of-Fame QB Joe Namath, the hero of Super Bowl III and Giants legendary QB Phil Simms, the MVP of SB XXI, will be the participants in Sunday's ceremonial coin toss at Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium.

These two storied QBs are two of the most-loved icons in New York sports history.

Both players have had their uniform numbers retired by their respective teams are members of their clubs' rings of honor. Namath was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1985. Through his victory in SB III, he is widely credited for facilitating the merger between the AFL and the NFL.

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Each week during the regular season, I took at look at the Giants' media notes for the upcoming opponent.

With one week of footbal to go, here is a look at the Super Bowl media notes for both the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks,

The Broncos were hand down the best offense in the NFL this year, and the Seahawks were hands down the best defense. That should make for a great game Sunday.

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Super Bowl Media Day was held out at the Prudential Center in Newark today. Lots of questions were asked and most of the answers were predictable and safe ones.

The closest thing to controversy was the short interview given by Seattle RB Marshawn Lynch.

?A little bit," Lynch said when asked if he has been able to enjoy the moment. "I won?t be satisfied with this until it?s all over. When we win, that?s when I?ll be satisfied. Until then, I?ve got work, but I appreciate all this. Y?all have a good day.?

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Giants CEO John Mara spoke to the media yesterday as Super Bowl Week opned here in New York. He still is feeling the sting of the Giants losing season. As per Conor Orr of the Star-Ledger, Mara plans to sit in the family's box at MetLife Stadium Sunday. That is, if his mother will permit.

"She wasn?t all that happy with me the way the season went," he said.

GEICO SportsNite has the latest from the Jets and the Giants as the owners from both teams help kick off Super Bowl week.

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The Super Bowl has landed right on top of the NY/NJ area, and even though we've been preparing for it for the past three years or so, it still promises to be an overwhelming event. Yesterday, the teams landed at Newark Liberty Airport right into the arms of the loving media. Here are some quotes that may interest you...

Broncos QB Peyton Manning on how much he has talked to brother Eli about playing in MetLife Stadium, and on playing the Seahawks:

?He told me he couldn?t help me much with Seattle. It wasn?t one of the Giants? better days. So he said to not ask him for a whole lot of help there. Eli and I have talked about playing in this stadium. I feel it was helpful to play in this stadium this season. It was the first time I had the chance to play in that stadium. So, it?s nice when you?ve played in it before, at least you kind of know the surroundings a little bit. Eli has been always helpful to me for many reasons. I?ve talked to him a number of times these past couple of weeks, and he is excited for me. I?ve always appreciated his help and support.?

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Yesterday marked the 27th anniversary of the Giants' first Super Bowl victory, a 39-20 romp over John Elway and the Broncos in Super Bowl XXI. It was the Giants' first NFL Championship in 30 years.

Grown men were reduced to tears. I myself was misty-eyed as I witnessed Bill Parcells being carried off the field. After twenty years of fandom, I never thought I'd ever see that moment. The Giants had been traditionally bad until the early 80's and then lost several years in the playoffs before reaching the summit.

[sny-accordion title="Giants Defeat Broncos in SB XXI"]

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As the deep freeze continues here and across the country, the NFL is getting nervous about the weather for next week's Super Bowl. Although they feel confident they can handle anything thrown their way, the cold weather here in the NYC Metro Area - and around the country - ?is reaching historic proportions.

In the world of the Giants, they are preparing to host the NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks next week at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center. QB Eli Manning is more concerned with assisting brother Peyton, who with the rest of the Denver Broncos will be out at the Jets' facility in Florham Park.

?I?m rooting for him,? Manning said on a conference call yesterday, per the Giants. ?It?s not like watching any other football game. If I?m watching two other teams, I?m kind of casually watching and don?t really care who wins or loses. Here, it?s a little bit more nerve-wracking. I don?t get nervous playing football games, I get nervous watching my brother play.?

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So here we go. Seattle vs Denver in the Super Bowl. Okay, we can deal with that. Two teams we know very little about in person, but both have played games at MetLife this season, so there's that.

In Week 2, Denver came in for the latest edition of the Manning Bowl and took advantage of the leaky Giants, 41-23. The Seahawks whitewashed the overmatched Giants here in Week 15, 23-0.

The Super Bowl will feature a Manning brother for the fifth time in eight years. This is Peyton's third trip. Eli has gone twice. They are 3-1 in Super Bowls.

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Now that the Super Bowl tournament is down to four teams, the New York Metropolitan area is bracing for fans of four cities: Seattle, San Francisco, Denver and Boston.

Jet fans are praying the Patriots lose in Denver next Sunday. There is no way they want a New England invasion/celebration at MetLife in three weeks.

Giant fans have no real axe to grind with either the Seahawks or the Niners. Some favor Seattle because they feel San Fran engages in what one would call classless or less-than-desirable behavior. WR Antwan Boldin and head coach Jim Harbaugh are both becoming hated across the league.

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The Giants defense knew it would be a tough test today against the Seattle Seahawks, the NFC's top team that bolsters not only a strong running game, but also an offense that effectively utilizes the passing game. ?However, they had no idea that stepping onto the field at MetLife Stadium, they would have to battle not only a team predicted to make it to the Super Bowl, but also their own offense.

With five turnovers on the day, all interceptions by Eli Manning, the Giants defense was put in difficult situations on the field, countless times and although the final score was a blowout, 23-0, the blame cannot be on the defense. a unit that showed the only sign of life in a game that was just painful to watch.

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The long-awaited, controversial NY/NJ Super Bowl is just 59 days away. Both local teams are 5-7 and are going to need tickets to get in, it appears. But that doesn't mean their won't be any excitement in the city come Super Bowl season.

Visit host city website here

Pop star Bruno Mars will be providing the halftime entertainment. Hope he likes cold weather. The main concern for all who are fortunate enough to attend will be the elements. This will be the first Super Bowl held in the Northeast - and it will be outdoors.

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Greg Hanlon, a frequent contributor to the site, has written a new book about the 2011 New York Giants' Super Bowl Championship season. The book is titled "Our Town: The Giants Who Won a Super Bowl and a Battle for New York."?

Greg has always lined his Giants' essays with wit, wisdom, depth and passion and this latest effort does not disappoint:

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Due to a scheduling conflict, the NFL Draft is being moved to mid-May next year. Radio City Music Hall is instituting a spring show featuring the Rockettes, therefore bumping the draft back a few weeks.

Commissioner Roger Goodell stated today at the league meetings in Boston that the league may eventually look to move the draft out of the Big Apple if the RCMH conflict goes on past next year:

"We haven't found the location in New York that meets our requirements and where we think we can continue to grow the event. If we do, that will be one of the alternatives. I think one of the things we have to do at some point is start looking at other cities."

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As NFL cities across the country anxiously await the announcement for future Super Bowl destinatiosn, Giants co-owner Steve Tisch remains focuses on XLVIII.

Super Bowl XLVIII, which will be played in the New York-New Jersey area, is just more than eight months. It will mark the first ever cold-weather Super Bowl, which of course, could alter the landscape for selecting host cities going forward.

The biggest concern, in skeptic's eyes, is the weather.

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(Photo courtesy St. Francis College)

Giants' defensive end Justin Tuck addressed the Class of 2013 at the St. Francis College (Brooklyn Heights) graduation ceremony.

He spoke about his journey from Kellyton, Ala., to the University of Notre Dame to becoming a two-time Super Bowl champion with the Giants.

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Former Giants? center and Super Bowl champion Shaun O?Hara ? currently an analyst for NFL Network ? recently shared his thoughts on the how the NFC East teams graded out in this year?s draft.

He gave the Giants a ?B,? which is a solid assessment. The Giants addressed a need along the offensive line by drafting Justin Pugh from Syracuse and also selected some other talented players, like defensive tackle Johnathan Hankins from Ohio State and defensive end Damontre Moore from Florida State, who could have an immediate impact.

On Pugh, O?Hara said, ?I thought it was a great pick-up for the Giants. The reason why I say that is because Pugh represents versatility for them. He can play all the positions.

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With parts of Long Island still unplowed, one has to wonder if the NFL and the Super Bowl host committee is altering their plans if a weather event hits the area next February.

From Curtis Crabtree of PFT...

The winter storm that hit the northeast last week highlighted the concerns that have previously kept the Super Bowl from being played in outdoor stadiums in cold weather environments.

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One week after the Super Bowl, the New York Metro Area has been blanketed with a foot of snow. Surrounding areas such as Long Island, upstate NY and New England got two and three times that.

Manhattan is basically clear and open. In the outer boroughs, most streets are plowed. But....many major highways have been shut down with abandoned cars still trying to navigate them. Mass transit is running at about 60% capacity.

The snow has stopped and the cleanup is underway, but the airports are still closed. Airlines have cancelled thousands of flights. Travel into and from the area is at a standstill.

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Super Bowl XLVI set an American television viewing record with a total of 164.1 million viewers Sunday night. Last year's Super Bowl featuring the Giants and Patriots maintained their record for average viewers at 111.3 million.

The 2012 NFL season concluded with another television milestone as Super Bowl XLVII on CBS reached a total audience of 164.1 million viewers (6:32-8:41 and 9:11-10:47 PM, ET), making it the most-viewed show in U.S. television history according to The Nielsen Company.

The 49ers-Ravens championship game topped the previous record of 162.9 million total viewers for Super Bowl XLV (Packers-Steelers) and marks the fifth consecutive Super Bowl to reach a total audience of more than 150 million viewers. Super Bowls account for the 22 most-watched programs in history in terms of total audience.

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Of all the commercials during last night's game, I think this one was the best....


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Yesterday, I published my prediction and it was mildly received. I took the Ravens and the four points based on the general consensus that the Super Bowl would be a very close game.

It turned out to be a close one, score-wise, but keep in mind, the Ravens were up five and took the safety to get out of their own end in the final seconds.

In games such as these, I'd rather have the points in?my pocket?than in the bookie's...

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Jim Harbaugh can get emotional during games. We know that. But last night he acted like a spoiled child in front of the whole world when calls (especially on the final play from scrimmage) didn't go in his favor.

Sometimes, he has a point. On the 49ers' final play from scrimmage, there was a non-call on an incompletion that resulted in San Francisco turning the ball over on downs. Looked like a fairly clean exchange to me. Harbaugh didn't think so, but then again, he didn't have my angle.

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From Jon Wagner SNYGiants columnist

It?s not often that opposing head coaches in a Super Bowl are as much of a focus as they are right now.

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I know what you're going to say. I am letting my distaste for the 49ers get in the way of being objective. Uh...no. I really like the Ravens and the four points tonight.

In a game this close, I look for several things: continuity, experience and cleanliness. The Ravens have simply been a contender longer than San Francisco has. They have qualified for the postseason six of the past seven seasons. That's experience, too.

Ravens' QB Joe Flacco has taken the Ravens to the playoffs n each of his five seasons as a pro. Tonight will be his 13th postseason start at QB. San Francisco 's Colin Kaepernick has only nine NFL starts under his belt. Even though Kaepernick is red-hot, this is the Big One, and I'll take experience and familiarity every time.

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The AFC Champion Baltimore Ravens (13-6) face the NFC Champion San Francisco 49ers (13-4-1) in Super Bowl XLVII.

Kickoff: 6:30pm Eastern

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John Elway refused to play for the Colts, who drafted him first overall in 1983. He was traded to Denver for a package of players and picks. The rest, as they say, is history

From Jon Wagner SNYGiants columnist

Back in 1983, Baltimore football fans wanted John Elway, but Elway did want Baltimore and its lousy Colts, or their taskmaster head coach Frank Kush.

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Our man at capitalnewyork.com, Greg Hanlon sent us another great feature this week. This time Greg cross-examines Phil Simms, who will be providing the color for this Sunday's Super Bowl. Here's a snippet of the much-larger article:

?I?m not the type of guy that?s looking forward to sitting on the beach,? he told me on the phone two weeks ago.

Simms has been the lead analyst for CBS football games since 1998. Sunday?s Super Bowl, between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers, will be his seventh as an announcer.

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This year's two Super Bowl coaches - the Brothers Harbaugh - held a joint press conference this morning in New Orleans....

Opening Statements:

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Prop, or proposition bets, have become the fad for casual sports wagerers. Not only can you bet on actual events in the game, you can wager on anything related to the game such as the coin toss, who scores first and how many times Jim Nance says "Phil" during the broadcast.

Click HERE for the latest Vegas-worthy list of props?

Here are our personal favorites, play along with us, will you.......

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Last year at this time we were bracing for another showdown with the Patriots in the Super Bowl. This year, we're scratching for crumbs loathing the upcoming matchup between the hated 49ers and the not-so-liked Ravens. Here's some reading material to keep your mind lucid.....

A reporter asked 49ers' WR Mario Manningham if he was going to repeat his famous catch from last year's Super Bowl in this this year's game.....Art Stapleton of the Record reports:

A reporter sidled up to former Giant Super Bowl hero Mario Manningham with what he figured was an easy question during Thursday morning?s 49ers media session.

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If you haven't seen it yet, New Orleans-based rappers, Freestyle Love Supreme, jammed to the tune of their beloved hometown hero, Eli Manning, on ESPN's?Sports Nation.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HooxE8E7la4]

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Here is is the latest injury/practice report for the participants of Super Bowl XLVII:

Baltimore Ravens Wednesday Practice Report

Practiced in full: WR Tandon Doss (ankle), LB Dannell Ellerbe (toe, back), CB Asa Jackson (thigh), FB Vonta Leach (knee, ankle), LB Ray Lewis (triceps), DE Albert McClellan (shoulder), DE Pernell McPhee (thigh), DT Haloti Ngata (knee), RB Bernard Pierce (knee, thigh), TE Dennis Pitta (thigh), WR David Reed (thigh), S Ed Reed (shoulder), CB Jimmy Smith (abdomen), LB Terrell Suggs (achilles, biceps)

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Randy Moss was back on the podium today in New Orleans justifying his claim that he is the best WR in the history of the NFL.....

On Jerry Rice disagreeing that Moss is the greatest receiver of all-time: ?Everybody is going to have their opinion. I do not live on numbers. I really do not. If you sit here and just said who is the greatest running back? Statistically it is Emmitt Smith. People would say Barry Sanders, Gale Sayers or Jim Brown. Their numbers do not match Emmitt Smith, but people would say Emmitt Smith is the best running back.?

On how to judge the best receiver: ?You make your own judgment. You really do. I know what I think. I am not going to sit up here and tell you how to look at it and how to judge it. I think when it comes to going out there, making plays and helping the team do the things that they are able to do to win the game?I think I am the greatest receiver ever, point blank. Next question.?

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As we told you yesterday, Ravens' LB Ray Lewis is being accused of using a banned substance (Deer Antler Extract)to assist his recovery from a torn tricep muscle, an accusation he is adamantly denying to the world. Below are his comments from his media session today:

On his reaction to Sports Illustrated story: ?I think, honestly, and I am going to say it very clearly again, I think it?s probably one of the most embarrassing things that we can do on this type of stage. I think it takes totally away from ? you give somebody the ability to come into our world. Our world is a very secret society, and we try to protect our world as much as we can. But, when you let cowards come in and do things like that, to try to disturb something. I?ve said it before, I?ve said a million times, the reason why I am smiling is because it is so funny of a story, because I never, ever, took what he says I ? whatever I was supposed to do. It?s just sad, once again, that someone can have this much attention on a stage this big where the dreams are really real. They are really real. I don?t need it, my teammates don?t need it, the 49ers don?t need it, nobody needs it, because it just really shows you how people really plan things and try to attack people from the outside. It?s foolish. It?s very foolish, and the guy has no credibility. He?s been sued four or five times over the same B.S. Just to entertain it, I can?t, I won?t and I just truly believe he doesn?t have the privilege for me to speak about it ever again.?

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Despite the huge worldwide stage, the teams in the Super Bowl have to simply stick to what got them there rather than try to change their whole game plan at the last minute.

For the San Francisco 49ers, relying on a dynamic rushing attack has led them to this point, and that rushing game could lead the 49ers to a Super Bowl win.

San Francisco averaged 155.7 rushing yards per game, which ranked the team fourth in the NFL. This rushing attack kept the 49ers on the field, allowing its top-notch defense to be well-rested whenever it took the field.

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To get the best coverage of Super Bowl XLVII, visit our Comcast sister sites in Baltimore and the Bay Area.

For 49ers news and notes go to CSNBaltimore.

For Ravens news and insight go to CSNBayArea.

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Here we go, folks. Ravens LB Ray Lewis is in the news for the wrong reasons today. His recovery form a torn triceps injury may have been aided by a banned substance.....from Pro Football Talk:
According to?Sports Illustrated, Lewis contacted a company owned by a former male stripper toobtain a deer-antler velvet extract?after tearing his triceps in October.

The problem for Lewis is that the extract contains IGF-1, which is on the NFL?s list of banned substances.? For the NFL, the problem is that Lewis will retire after Sunday.? So there?s really nothing that can be done ? unless Lewis admits to it on Tuesday and the league puts the investigative process into the highest gear possible.


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Some more Giants SB nuggets you may or may not care about....

The Giants have played the most Super Bowls (5) without ever having to travel to New Orleans.

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