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Via Michael Salfino
But the biggest reason why it's the best basketball decision for James to come to New York is Curry -- the secret weapon. He comes off the books after this year. So he can be traded at any point to a team seeking future cap relief or let go in June to create more cap room for next year's free-agent class. New York would have almost enough for another max contract. Most importantly, he protects James from a change in the collective bargaining agreement that creates a hard cap. James knows that the Knicks will go over the cap if nothing changes. But only the Knicks from among all his suitors can also stay within the cap to get a third big player (or fourth if you count Danilo Gallinari).

Bottom line: The teams that say they have a better team than the Knicks may not necessarily have the better team with James, especially in 2011. James should want the high likelihood of winning 50 games in his first season and then being able to fill a known need in either the second half of Year 1 or next summer.

Anyone who writes for the Wall Street Journal and uses logic is cool with me...and Michael is a fantastic writer.

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Via Yahoo-
"...The Los Angeles Lakers coach addressed two reports by ESPN that the Bulls and Nets have worked through back channels to gauge his interest, saying those channels haven?t reached him.

Jackson, who has coached teams to 10 NBA titles, is on the final year of his contract with the Lakers and has said there was ?a 90 percent? chance he would either return to the team for an 11th season or would retire.

His comment on the Nets referred to the billionaire new owner of the franchise, Russian Mikhail Prokhorov.

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So for those who follow me on Twitter, yesterday was? a really fun day concluding in an awesome night at Madison Square Garden. First and foremost, you can't underestimate how awesome memorable moments are in that building. Yes, that's cliche, but it's really true.

Evan Roberts is a Nets fan. We go back and forth a lot in terms of the Lebron James sweepstakes. He gives the advantage to the Knicks, but thinks the Nets will be seriously in play. I don't think that is the case so much.

So we made a wager.

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