Tom Quinn

Tom Quinn's tenure here as the Giants' special teams coordinator has been like a Baja jeep run: Never dull, up one minute and down the next with a lot of jolts and thrills, with some complete wipeouts thrown in. Through it all, however, he's been able to keep his job, his composure and his focus.

This year, Quinn had a slew of new talent and options in house, practically securing a big season for his units. The Giants were poised to have an explosive return game. Trindon Holliday was signed to return punts. The team's top draft pick, Odell Beckham, Jr., was in line to challenge him. Quintin Demps, a very accomplished KR, was brought in to be paired with David Wilson, who was coming back from neck surgery, to return kickoffs.

John Brown beat out upstart Brandon McManus for the PK job. P Steve Weatherford and LS Zak DeOssie were coming back in better shape than ever. Zack Bowman, Jayron Hosley, Jerrel Jernigan, Marcus Harris, Cooper Taylor and Will Hill were all scheduled to make major contributions as gunners, returners and blockers.

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Like most things with the Giants, this season, the special teams have taken a long time to get their act together. In this wasted season, the Giants have allowed four TDs on special teams while only scoring one. It's been an up-and-down year for ST coordinator Tom Quinn, who told reporters yesterday that his units might be turning the corner...

What have you seen from your group in the last couple of weeks? Are you seeing the progress you?ve been looking for?Yeah. We?re finally starting to come together, gel together, led by (Mark Herzlich), Ryan Mundy and Spencer (Paysinger), so it?s finally been nice to see them? The specials have been more accurate, the punter and kicker have been putting the ball where we want them to. We?ll keep going forward.

Are you happy with what you?ve seen from Michael Cox the last couple of games?I?m not happy with the blocking. I?m happy with him. He?s done a good job of running hard. Against Green Bay we started to get that blocking. That was a good kickoff group last week. We had good field position, but not great returns.

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The Giants suddenly have a lot of moving parts on specials. Some things are working, while others are not. Special teams coach Tom Quinn met with the media yesterday to discuss the latest ongoings....

Punting: Steve Weatherford was having issues with the wind and also had a punt tipped for only a seven-yard attempt. Quinn was asked if Weatherford was ok:

"Not last Sunday. He overthought it. I try to impress on these guys that we?ve got to be the best wind kickers because you guys have been out on our practice field and it?s windy almost every day and so for us not to perform is disappointing. I told him and he is disappointed and he is frustrated. I think he overthought it and tried to make too many adjustments instead of just doing what we do in practice because we had wind last week and he had a good week of practice. He was frustrated with it and we are because he?s got to perform."

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Special teams coach Tom Quinn met the media yesterday at Quest to discuss the state of his units. Last year, his groups fared well. Kickoff returns were stellar with rookie David Wilson leading the league in return yardage. ?The overall coverage on kickoffs and punts was good and K Lawrence Tynes was second in the league in scoring.

The only area that needed improvement was the punt returner position. Quinn said yesterday the position is still open:

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WR Rueben Randle is in the mix for both kick and punt returns.

For the first time in several years, the Giants are facing multiple changes on special teams. The constants they will carry into this season are the punter (Steve Weatherford) and the long snapper (Zak DeOssie). Weatherford also serves as the team's holder on PATs and FGs.

The openings lie at the kick and punt returner positions and at placekicker, where either Josh Brown or David Buehler will attempt to replace Lawrence Tynes.

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I know this part of the series will stoke a lot of readers' fires. In the previous post, I cited that Tom Coughlin values loyalty, and sometimes that value clouds his judgement. Such is the case in his choice of coordinators.

Teams usually change up their coordinators every few years, either by choice or attrition. The Giants have made changes. OC Kevin Gilbride took over for John Hufnagel in 2006, after Hufnagel was fired. ST coordinator Tom Quinn was elevated to the position after Mike Sweatman retired in 2006. Perry Fewell is the fifth DC in the Coughlin era, preceded by Johnny Lynn, Tim Lewis, Steve Spagnuolo and Bill Sheridan, all of whom have had peaks and valleys during their time with the Giants.

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The Giants seemed to have solved their special teams woes over time. Special teams coach Tom Quinn has taken the wide array of talent afforded him and made the units respectable - even formidable - again. With the offense drying up and the defense falling apart, the specials have become the club's most consistent part of the team this season.

The Meltdown at the Meadowlands against the Eagles in 2010 is a distant memory these days. They are covering kickoffs and punts better, making fewer mistakes not allowing a punt to be returned to the house since that fateful game. The Giants have not allowed a KO to be returned for a TD since 2007.

These days have an explosive returner of their own in rookie David Wilson, who has had numerous long KO returns including a 97-yarder several weeks ago vs the Saints.

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Not only have the Giants' offense and defense tailed off the past few weeks, the special teams have as well. The kickoff returns have been less than average and the coverage on both kickoffs and punts has not been as tight. Special Teams coach Tom Quinn discussed some of those issues as the team heads into its bye week.

What happened to the punt return coverage with Adam Jones?The number one thing is we can?t take a penalty and have to re-punt after we had a 61-yard punt that went out of bounds and then when we do punt we?ve got to kick it exactly where we want it. We?ve got to cover a lot better. We had a couple of missed tackles. I?ve got to do a better job of getting those guys in position, getting them off the blocks so we don?t do that to our team, which was a very negative play in the game.

Would it be fair to say that guys are leaving their feet and that?s what?s causing them to miss tackles?It?s usually something else that contributes to that and it?s usually poor release and a poor angle into the tackle, so it puts you out of position and then you have to leave your feet and it becomes an arm tackle, which these returners will all run through.

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It was not too long ago that the Giants' special teams were a running joke. Their entire 2010 season was blown up by a punt return.

Since then, they signed a professional punter in Steve Weatherford and their placekicker is setting team records. Even though Lawrence Tynes failed on what would have been a game-winning 54-yard FG last Sunday, he can't be held accountable for the miss. It was way out of his range...

The return game has been revitalized by rookie RB David Wilson, who has three kickoff returns of 40 or more yards. He is averaging 30.2 yards per attempt, the highest of any NFL player with 10 or more returns.

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The Giants' special teams coordinator is looking for his unit be more physical and dynamic vs Tampa Bat this Sunday:

How?d you feel about your performance in Week 1?We did some good things, but not enough good things, not enough momentum-changing plays.? We had some opportunities.? I thought we could?ve gotten more out of the kickoff return right before the half, could?ve had a plus-10 down, could?ve had a tackle inside the 15, but we weren?t physical enough.? It was solid, but it wasn?t real good.

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Last season, the Giants - as a team ? only returned 28 punts in the regular season. That was good (or bad) enough for 29th overall in that category in the NFL. When they did return a punt, they only gained 6.1 yards per attempt, ranking them 29th is that category as well.

A lot could be blamed on the fact that their primary punt returner ? Domenik Hixon ? went down for the season with a knee injury after only two games. Hixon returned 3 punts in those two games for a total of 31 yards with a long of 18.

In Hixon?s absence, several players fielded punts: Victor Cruz, Antrel Rolle, Will Blackmon and Aaron Ross. None did anything of significance. Ross actually had only one more return (14) that he had fair catches (13).

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Thursday is the day the media gets a shot at the Giants three coordinators: OC Kevin Gilbride, DC Perry Fewell and STC Tom Quinn. Each unit will be under the gun to keep up with the NFL's most prolific team of 2011 - the Green Bay Packers.

Fewell on what changed to improve communication on defense?

"It was just a combination of, some of our young players started to grow up. We did have a number of young players on the field at the same time. Chase Blackburn has been a tremendous welcome coming back to our squad and being able to communicate with our guys and get on the same page with our guys. I think it?s just the work throughout the whole season, guys are listening to each other, talking to each other, and never stop communicating with each other, and believing in each other."?

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Every Thursday, the Giants three coordinators - Tom Quinn (special teams) Perry Fewell (defense) and Kevin Gilbride (offense) meet with the media. This week, the three have a lot on their plate as the Giants' roster keeps shifting shape due to injuries, inexperience and underperformance.

19 yards rushing, just a bad game all around?Gilbride: It was a bad game all around. There?s no question. You hope that it was an aberration, that it?s not a downward spiral. We actually thought we were making some headway, not as fast or as much as you?d like, but we thought it would get better and improve. But last week is not what you were looking for.

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Field position and turnovers are always the key to winning games in the NFL. So what happened to the New York Giants special teams?

To say they are bad would be an understatement. If you are a pint glass "half full" type of guy, then you would say the special teams are consistent. I hope that makes you feel better. One could also say that the special teams plays haven't hurt us so far in the 2011 season.

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The Giants made the coordinators available tot he media media yesterday, and for once none of them were under fire. Defensive coordinator Perry Fewell's defense has been stonewalling teams on big third and fourth down situations.

Special teams have settled down for Tom Quinn. The new kickoff rules have helped minimize exposure, but the influx of speed and the changing faces have also assisted in righting the ship.

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Last year, the Giants' special teams were a rag-tag bunch that ended up costing the team dearly. That was due to the pre-season injury to the units' everyman - Domenik Hixon - and the inconsistency of rookie punter Matt Dodge.

Those two faults have been resolved. Hixon is back and ready to roll. Dodge is in danger of being replaced by the steadier Steve Weatherford. In addition, the league voted to move up the kickoff line five yards, virtually eliminating the kickoff return as a threat. The Giants have always given up more big plays on special teams than they've made, so the club sees this rule change as one that favors them.

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Greener Pastures in College Ranks?

Giants' assistant special teams coach Thomas McGaughey is leaving the Giants to take a job on Les Myles' staff at LSU.

From ESPN....."New York Giants special teams coach Tom Quinn will need to find a new assistant to help improve his unit after a very difficult season.

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The Giants' Rookie punter, Matt Dodge has a big time leg. He can boom the ball with the best of them. Unfortunately, he kicks it too far sometimes. He "outkicks the coverage", giving the returner plenty of room to make a big return.

Special teams coach Tom Quinn was asked last week about what he would like to see from Dodge going forward...

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Giants' special team coach Tom Quinn knows his feet are to the fire these days even if Tom Coughlin continues to endorse him through this rough patch....

Q: How do you get the return stuff going? Coverage has improved:

A: Just have to keep pressing, keep working. The kickoff return has been a lot better than punt return. Punt return is not doing much of anything there. Have to keep working on it and hope we get one. Just keep doing what we're doing on kickoff return.

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You don't have to remind Giants' special teams coach Tom Quinn that #23 on the Chicago Bears just might be the best kick returner anyone has ever seen. ?He knows.

"He's electric. He's dangerous when he touches the ball, so you have to do your best to try and claw at it. You have to try and keep the ball out of his hands, and there is not a lot you can do. It was tough to do last time we played him, he touched it three times. We are prepared to get down there, cover, and tackle."

That is, if they decide to kick it to him.....

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Giants' special teams coach Tom Quinn is normally in control. For years, he had the luxury of having special teams aces such as punter Jeff Feagles and gunner/returner Domenik Hixon.

Ho no longer has either. Feagles retired after last season and Hixon's season was ended after he tore his knee up practicing in the new stadium.

Players have come in to assume those positions, but they are hardly filling the bill.

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