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The round of expansion keeps going at a dizzying pace.

In reaction to losing Rutgers to the Big Ten last week, and with likely defections soon to the ACC, the  Big East added Tulane out of New Orleans and East Carolina to the Big East on Tuesday. East Carolina will be football only.

Only two weeks ago the conference had released its divisional alignments with a host of schools coming in next year. Those will have to be readjusted again.

Tulane is a terrific university in a big market in New Orleans and the Big East is desperate for eye balls after losing Rutgers. East Carolina has about 50,000 fans in attendance for a game and is a rising program.

Its impact on the University of Connecticut remains to be seen. UConn has made little secret about its want to go to the ACC and publicly lobbied for an invite last year. UConn has been conspicuously silent on this latest round of expansion.

UConn president Susan Herbst didn't reveal much in an interview to the Associated Press today.

"‘I don’t know when the realignment ends or how it settles,’’Herbst told the AP.  ‘‘But I think we really just have to focus on students and then everything will be OK.’’

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