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It was inevitable, wasn't it?

The moment that the ACC started this nearly decade long cash grab by taking Virgina Tech, Boston College and Miami from the Big East the league was destined to collapse.

After living nearly a decade longer than many have foretold, the conference looks like it will finally meet its end in the coming days as the 7 basketball only Catholic schools have reportedly elected to separate from the league. is reporting that the Big East Catholic schools in Villanova, Georgetown, Marquette, St John's, DePaul and Providence have elected to leave the league.

If that happens, the league that was founded as a basketball league in 1979 will come to an end. Over 17 members of the conference have come and gone since the original ACC  raid in 2003 -- and the league which has reinvented itself over the course of a decade to become the best college basketball league on the planet will seize because of football.

According to reports, the loss of Louisville and Notre Dame to the ACC and Rutgers to the Big Ten, followed by Tulane's inclusion in all sports was the last straw. It was a long time coming as the basketball schools have been batted around like a pinata for much of the last decade.

In their wake, if the split does occur after legal wrangling, will leave UConn devastated above everyone. UConn, the last charter member of the conference, has risen to a national power in basketball in the Big East and used that to expand its football program to the highest level of the sport. But, three national titles, countless Big east and tournament titles, will mean nothing as the Huskies look to find a place for a football program that doesn't have a home, and a basketball program that doesn't ave opponents to play.

The Huskies have been passed over by the ACC three times and now have an uncertain conference future in all sports come 2014.

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