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Connecticut quarterback Chandler Whitmer (10) fires a pass during the first half of an NCAA college football game against the South Florida, Saturday, Nov. 3, 2012, in Tampa, Fla. (AP Photo/Chris O'Meara)

There comes a point when a football team is resigned to its fate.

The University of Connecticut may be at that point after a 13-6 loss to South Florida. In one sense, the Huskies played hard, tried hard and showed focus and energy. The defense, even against a depleted South Florida team,  was terrific save for one drive that went 8 plays in 80 yards.

The offense?

Well, I like what Chandler Whitmer did, 284 yards passing, but he threw two interceptions and they Huskies didn't run the ball well.

We've seen this game before, it's been the same every game this season, and in the end this is who the Huskies are. UConn had a devastating three straight turnovers to end the game. None of it was on the coaching, none of it was really on the talent. Bad things happens to bad teams.

At 3-6, 0-4 in the Big East, is there any arguing that?

Some years teams don't click and I haven't seen a good four quarters out of the Huskies this season. Considering they've been out-sc0red 59-3 in the second half since the Buffalo game. The three turnovers at the end of the game are exactly what's wrong with the Huskies. They can't get anything positive going this season. I would think Whitmer's passing ability would make the offense more dangerous, but it looks as pedestrian as ever. Six points?

"It's crazy to put up numbers like that and put up six points and no touchdowns and lose the game," Whitmer said. "That's why it's hard to look at stats. The biggest stat that matters we didn't get. It's tough."

Those final three turnovers were the game. What happened on each is simple.

On the Lyle McOCmbs fumble at the UConn 38, it was a bad exchange with Whitmer. The snap was high, it threw the timing of the play off, McCombs fumbled it.

On the first interception, Whitmer was taking a shot over the top to Geremy Davis on a post route. the safety was out of position, but, Whitmer -- who was sacked four times -- was hit while he threw essentially gifting the ball to USF.

Then there is the final interception. Whitmer goes for an easy slant for about 5 yards to Davis. A defender tips it, it hits tyler Bullock's helmet, and it gets intercepted.

That's shooting yourself in the foot. Turnovers happen, but those turnovers were more unforced than the other variety.

"If we hadn't stubbed ourselves in the fourth quarter; you just can't have that many bad things happen in a tight game like this and a lose game and be successful," Paul Pasqualoni said. " Too many bad things, crazy things. You can't turn it over like that and expect to come out with a win."

"The fumbles seemed (like flukes) the handoff hit Lyle a little high, the ball ended up on the ground and that' s a freaky thing and the ball slipped out of his hand (after Whitmer got hit) and the last one, a lineman intercepts it. I put them in the category of bad things happen. "
Bad things seem to happen an awful lot to UConn.
"Nobody wants t be 3-6," Sio Moore said. "Especially how we play with a lot of games being close. Except for Syracuse, we are that close we are falling that short. We have three games left and we have to let it out.
Postgame there weren't a lot of answers from Pasqualoni.
"It's very frustrating, somewhere along the line you get knocked down, the wind taken out of your sails, you get the win knocked out of you and the things don't go your way, what do you do? You come back and fight? At some point there is value, educational value in getting off the ground and continuing with a tremendous attitude . There are points in life things don't go your way."
What about winning and losing?
"You come back and fight again next week and do whatever you do to get a win. The kids are trying to do that."
The Huskies have a problem on the offensive line. Once again it wasn't good against USF and until that's rectified nothing will work. That won't be this season. The Huskies lose Adam Masters, Steve Greene and potentially Jimmy Bennett of that line. That's a problem going forward and recruiting sites have reported UConn's interest in several JUCO offensive linemen. I think that's a way the Huskies have to go for the future.
As far as the next three games? I just don't think how next week will be any different than this week. the Huskies will have a shot against Pittsburgh if they don't turn the ball over, but, they can ill afford to get into a shootout and 21 points in a football game has never looked so difficult.
"I want to see them coming in (Sunday) with the same way we came in this week, worked hard, make the corrections and move forward and get ready to play Pitt on Friday night.  We still have one more chance with this thing and we are going to take one more shot. "
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