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The long awaited announcement to divisional makeup was released by the Big East on Tuesday with the University of Connecticut slated to play in the Eastern Division.

The Huskies will join Rutgers, South Florida, Cincinnati, Louisville, Central Florida in the division and will play every year. The West division will consist of the newcomers with Boise State, San Diego State, Southern Methodist, Houston and Memphis and Temple. There will be three cross over games a year from each division as the Big East moves to an 8 game conference schedule and a championship game next season.

Navy will come in the league in 2015 and the Big East has actively said it is going to pursue one more football member, with BYU and Air Force the names most mentioned. 

What the divisions do to UConn is insure it will play rivals Rutgers while also separating the leagues two marquee teams in Louisville and Boise State.

“This new alignment gives the Conference and its fans the best of both worlds – national exposure that is a result of the Big East being in six of the top 10 U.S. media markets – with a schedule that focuses on spirited regional rivalries,” said Aresco said in a statement.

The Big East will also have access to major bowl games if it isn't selected to the BCS if its champion is ranked as the highest of the Group of Five conferences with the competitors the Mountain West, MAC, CUSA and Sun Belt. That would insure a highly ranked Big East team likely headed to one of the traditional major bowl games if it is not among the top four selected for the national championship playoff.

Now that the divisional makeup is clear, the Huskies have to go about finding a schedule as UConn doesn't have any non-conference games scheduled in 2014.

East Division








West Division

Boise State



San Diego State



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